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Rogue Class - OverDrive Gear

Yay, Drawing Girls and Armor! This makes me happy (=
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technillogically badass ,,,,
(dont know if that is a word)
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this is incredibly amazing and its changing my attitude
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Yeah she's tuff, but with a real nice butt!
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Glad you like (:
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awesome character
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Incredible work.
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I appreciate all the detailing that went into this. Wish there was a costume company that could build accurate, hard suites like this, for comic-con. They'd sell millions of costumes going off all the detail. Great job.
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dat ass.... also the rest of the picture is fantastic :)
Nice, very nice.
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The mechanical design of this piece is really good.  I especially like the helmet.  I find it interesting how the suit is not entirely symmetrical.  The right and left arms appear to have different armor and again a similar display for the left and right shoulders.  Yet the armor doesn't appear asymmetrical in any kind of jarring way; it all flows into a cohesive motif.  A lot of that may have to do with the color scheme, which does a great job of unifying the entire design.  I'm undecided if the female subject crosses the line into exploitative, but have to admit the result is easy on the eyes.  Interesting, stylish and sexy.  Well done!
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Ha thank you! Im a sucker for legs.. i could not resist :b
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This chick is far from exploited. If you're going to be some kind of cyber ninja you're going to have to be in fantastic shape with sleek armor and a tight suit that won't snag on cyber branches and cyber barb wire rofl

I'm sure when we get suits like these in the future the suit designers will find ways to make the user look as muscular/intimidating/sexy as possible, with strategic butt padding for example lol
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Now THIS is what Wilma Deering should have looked like in Buck Rogers.
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Excellent piece of work, one of the best hard suit / armour concepts I've seen. great colour style and detail
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Thank you muchos!
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Just perfection... I love everything about this...
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