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Let Us Be Glad

I finally drew something for myself and it was nice! (-UwU-)

In my sketchbooks, every once in a while I’d draw a character speaking a quote from the bible or something related to it.
I wanted to draw a bigger more "serious" picture doing the same thing.

Artwork belongs to me, Caylee. No takey plz.
(pentel brush pen, ballpoint pen, Dr. Ph. Martins Radiant Concentrated watercolors, white prismacolored pencil, mechanical pencil, presto white out)
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© 2021 bezzalair
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That verse has unironically become my go-to philosophy going into my 20's. Turning 30 next year so I think it's been doing just fine by me c:

Beautiful work on the colors and flowers! ^^

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You be an old person turning 30! ...But I beat you by 4 years. =P I win.

And thank you very much!

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Great work on the sunflowers

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Thank you, Goat13! :)

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you now, i've stepped away from my Christian upbringing and organized religion in general, but this a verse that, even with my current philosophies on life and existence, find myself in agreement with. This day is awesome, i'm glad it exists, and imma enjoy it ^^

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Amen! It's good to see you drawing more often. Your stuff always manages to be very uplifting.

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Thank you, Merkavah12! It's nice to see you're still around! :)

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Just the kind of well executed wholesomeness I needed today! Thank you!
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Amen, and lovely work!

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