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Evergreen Purrs

Another watercolor painting involving my persona and some cat sprouts. :)
The original vision was supposed to be a pure birch tree behind the character, but when I was drawing it up, I forgot. So it kind of turned into a hybrid of the trees I usually draw and a birch. :shrug: Oh well, it still looks nice! :)

Anyway, I hope you like it!

Persona belongs to me, no takey plz.
(ink, pencil, various watercolors, white colored pencil and presto white out for high lights)
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© 2021 bezzalair
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The cats feel like they belong in the same species as the korok from Zelda :D

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Hey, yeah! They'd be perfect there! ^__^

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Hopefully you don't mind large otaku snakes borrowing said personas to hug them senseless.. I understand it's a risk. Or at least it is with Gil!

It's not 'taking' it's 'borrowing'... Haha.

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LOL, hugs are ok! :D:thumbsup:

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If hugs are okay, hugs you will get. :)

Snakes Can Be Kitties Too! (Commission)
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Hopefully you don't regret that.... You know large snake ladies subscribe to a moderately more eager form of hugs than humans do.

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I believe it! They squeeze so hard, the victim dies! XD

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Well... Persona won't be dying quick around Gil. That'd be no fun. XD

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