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Delightfully Creepy, Vol. 2

This is the front cover illustration for my second art book! It contains artworks that have been produced from 2013 to 2017, 104 pages!


You can get the second volume here:…
Book Flip-Through Tour:…

First volume is still available too:…

Cover Process Video:…


Thanks for looking! :)

Artwork belongs to me, please no takey!
(ink, prismamarkers, photoshop)
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© 2021 bezzalair
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eheheh can't wait to order this one too to go with the first one!

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You got the first one? I didn't know that! Thanks Michie! I am flattered! :)

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I like how you draw hair curling up. This cover is great. I'll make sure to buy your artbook for sure

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Aw, thank you Goat13! ///^__^///

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This is beautiful

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Thank you soulSmith! :)

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I got the notification of your art, but I was off-guard that this art-style is different, well, to me it is. I can't get it off my fingertip, but it's noticeable, and a Great Job.

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Yeah, it's probably because I was playing around with the atmosphere a bit more on this one.

Thank you MonsterKing! :D

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Can't tell if creepy or cute, kind of a mixed bag I suppose ^^

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It's just a random illustration of a conglomeration of "things" to sort of match the first one's randomness. =P

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