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Black Princess

This is my Black Princess, Twilight. She's my humanized kitty. I chose to draw her in a bathtub because she likes to roll around in it sometimes. She's very, very cute when she does. :heart:
I miss her. ;o; I haven't been around her much because I'm in a new house. I think she misses me too. I can tell. :( We'll be together again someday.

I totally guessed some of the wrinkles on that dress. >w>;; Hopefully my mistakes aren't too noticeable... ^^;

Artwork and character(s) are mine. No takey plz.
(ink, watercolors, prisma colored pencils, white acrylic paint, photoshop touch-ups)
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Well, I can certainly tell her humanized version looks unimaginably cute in this tub ^^
pastelmonstaa's avatar
I just love how you humanize your fur babies. ;;____;; JUST WAY TOO ADORABLE.

bezzalair's avatar
Thank you, Chise~ :heart:
BandanaBlue's avatar
Those folds are insane! They look so soft and fluid!
bezzalair's avatar
Yay! Then I didn't mess up too much on them! Thanks~
spartan-3x13's avatar
XD awww look at those little dreadlocks
nightstar999's avatar
It almost looks as if the shower curtains part of her dress, great job :) Do you have a youtube account, it'd be amazing if you wouldnt mind doing tutorials. If its too much, I understand. Just be great to know some tips or something like that :)
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No, I don't have a youtube. I'm not much of a tutorial kind of person, but I'd probably do step by steps (the way I put step by steps together don't seem like tutorials to me). I'm attempting to put art books together sometime with that kind of stuff in it. Perhaps it would be helpful to some people...
nightstar999's avatar
That'd be incredible, Im sure many people would love it and be interested. :)
Darkflame728's avatar
This is so beautiful! And the girl is so cute!Love
I wish I had your talent! Clap
Paa-H's avatar
Your technique, coloring and composition is wonderful :) I envy your talent and always enjoy seeing more from you! Good job!!!
bezzalair's avatar
///>w</// Thank you~
Ledolicious's avatar
great use of few colors, I like this a lot
GothicCheshire's avatar
Oh good Lord that cat with it's little bow XD That is hilarious XD Also adorable, but then again, the entire thing is adorable, so I suppose it doesn't count :P
KogataNani's avatar
aww, that's so cute and amazing *-* great work :3
kyns's avatar
Is it wrong for me to say that I REALLY LOVE those tiles? >.>;;
autumn-heart-pony's avatar
Wow! Very beautiful!
HikisakuYoso's avatar
wow it's amazing.
DeadCobra's avatar
Very nice
Very pretty Love
EmpressKaiju's avatar
I looove the texture on the tiles <3 and  I so wanna fluffy fluff kitty Twilight's fur.
Josh-Man's avatar
Amazing job on the ruffles!
Ekuneshiel's avatar
You've always done such a great job with ruffly fabrics! Your kittycat girls are always adorable as heck, too. Such poofy hair! :D
Viveltya-Main's avatar
I missed seeing your deviations in my inbox!
You her big huggles X3 She's such a cute kitteh!
TwistedDisaster's avatar
Did you use a differnt kind of paint for this one> or paper? It seems smoother then your normal paintings not that its a bad thing 8D seeing your works always inspire me and put a huge smile on my face ouo
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