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Angel Protection


Little Mr. Pudge is praying for me! <3

I actually started on this image about a year ago but didn't get around to finishing it until just now. It's a very strange looking image, but I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. :D
Hope you all like it too!

Characters belong to me, Caylee. Please no takey. Thnx
(kuretake brushpen, prismacolor markers/pencils, photoshop)
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© 2018 - 2021 bezzalair
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wooah, I love the lineart!
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Thank you! ^__^
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wooow I love this!
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This is hella trippy, but I love it. All of those hands would absolutely kill me if I had to draw it, though XD Lots of lovely details, as always. Nice job, yo. I really dig it. 
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Thank you GothicCheshire! <3
The hands weren't so bad to draw. In fact I think they were the funnest part to tackle. >w>
GothicCheshire's avatar
Man, with how many you threw in there I am the opposite of surprised XD XD 
Very nice; love the way the wave of hands/arms flow. Great job :D 
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The flow is hypnotic-like, no? :D Thank you!
Yep, but not in a traditional spiral waySpiral Eye  (maybe like a mobius strip sort of way). You're welcome Hypno Pumpkie 
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haaannds so many hands!Hand spaz plz Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3]
for me drawing hands it's really hard!
but you did great job! this work is amazing!
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Well drawing a picture like this would give you lots of hand practice! Thank you again~ ^__^
Goat13's avatar
I really like how you draw gasmasks and great job on all the hands
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Thank you Goat13! :hug:
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This image is so surreal, it's amazing! Also the hands remind me of a passage from the Bible,"On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone". Maybe Mr. Pudge praying aided in this interpretation, I don't know, but it looks so very cool <3
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It's possible something like that passage could have been in the back of my mind when coming up with this.
I actually plan to get more biblical stuff invloved in my work. -And I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^__^ Thanks!
ResidentRockso's avatar
As someone who enjoys biblical references I look forward to it! Also you're welcome ;)
GraphRicks's avatar
Really like the shades of the grey that show a noir steampunk look to this
plus the mask is really cool
bezzalair's avatar
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
Wow, I thought this was all a digital image. So it surprised me when I read in the type line that its traditional mixed media. Now I'm really curious as where the traditional elements stop and the digital stuff starts.

Either way, this is a pretty trippy image. I feel like there's some kind of sociopolitical underpinnings to this. Maybe something about industrialization? That's what great about an image like this, the viewer can interpret how they want, and maybe see something that was never intended to be there, or maybe there's something there you intended to be there, and we're completely missing out on it. Its certainly a thought provoking piece. Congrats :clap:
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I pretty much inked and shaded everything by hand using a brush pen and prismacolored markers/pencils. Everything that's in color is done in photoshop.

And thank you! I'm glad you enjoy this piece. :) The movement in it is kind of hypnotic.
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
Ah okay. So like her hair and skin color are photoshopped? I'm not a 2D artist, so this stuff is all out of my depth of field. :P

Oh yeah it really is. Really rewards repeated viewings. :D
bezzalair's avatar
Nah-nah, I'll just show ya. I Inked and shaded it. Everything else is done in photoshop: AngelProtectionWIP
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
Oh I see. :nod: So just the black and white values. That's cool. Do you do a lot of your artwork this way, where' its inked then colored in photoshop?
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