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I dislike drama in general. But this must be heard. Warning, this is a very disorganized journal with the D word. DRAMA. Be careful guys. I suggest to start at the groaning lizard image.

EDIT 14/Aug (later)

It seems I have the uphand in this situation, I have nothing to lose. Brighty seems tired of the situation and has given up. So for now hopefully it'll rest.

EDIT 14/Aug

Transparency journalEDIT: 15/08/18
The situation is now closed. I was forced to remove Bez from the group until such time as they can prove they have changed their attitudes. 
ALSO in response to the accusation of me 'cherry-picking' parts of the story: whats posted below is the entirety of what transpired. I have posted no opinions about it, just the facts and evidence (the screenshots). There is no 'just one side of the story', what's posted below IS the story. I posted ONLY the screenshots with no personal opinions attached so that nobody was 'indoctrinated' to see things my way. However emotionally distressing the situation has been, I will not let my emotions get the better of me and so stoop to a level where I slander someone.
Right so I had hoped this situation would've resolved by now, but it hasn't, and quite frankly I am sick and tired of it.
Here are the screenshots. You all can decide for yourself who is in the wrong and who is in the right.

Screenshots of all the situation taken by Brighty herself. If you look closely, you can see my arguments I made in my large note (at the bottom) of the screenshot wall. I have sent a note to Brighty recalling over her actions and yet she has made the best choice and had it publicly available. If you're too lazy (like me) to go down to the bottom of that for my big roast, here you are: (the image is not the full chain, I cut it down to save space and for what is relevant).

Oh it's on. by Bezrail

__ This is where the context starts __

What a nice day to spend on your birthday! Wait-

oh crap. I forgot.

Groan by Bezrail

Alright, so there has been very quick to bait recent ""drama"". I am not attacking anyone, but instead attacking and criticizing their actions in this ARPG. 
If it's going down hill, I might as well make it burn BRIGHT... with a y009. I will keep a mellow tone throughout this essay in how to not rule over a developing arpg. Hopefully it will shed light on the people who have only seen one side of the story. I am not going to play victim with this, but instead show how bad it really is.


I joined this arpg as an admin around early January. I was a major admin in art and the imports. I tried to make the arpg as friendly and as welcoming as possible. I wanted there to be a free world to roam your characters in. I and brighty went along well, some debates here and there about that thing in the corner but nothing too bad.

Until... The first build event.

Now there's nothing wrong with it, it's great. It was the first and it wasn't too shabby. It had some cleaning up to do but it worked. Problem is, we were worried about the activity of the members. So worried in fact Brighty was close to shutting the thing down. This turned around and we were back in track with the next chapter. She held back the release of the chapter for one person, exclaiming "one more!" 

In the admin chat I gave a major suggestion (which included not keeping people behind, and clearly stating that I was being as non-aggressive as possible. Brighty, if you want to counteract this and said I did act aggressive, please reply with a screenshot because I couldn't take one when I removed myself from the admin chat! Love you.) 

I then was removed from the normal member chat for no apparent reason, including her talking behind my back with false accusations. ON THE MEMBER'S DISCORD, talking to the members how I am a very bad person and how I should be put down for the good of humanity because I had an opinion and suggested and posted the 2nd chapter because I didn't want to hold members back.

Oh my! by Bezrail

She threatened in the admin chat before I kicked myself off that she'd just kick me off if I did such a thing again. Yet she banned me from the member's chat anyways "just in case".

Playing victim by Bezrail

Wait a minute...
Oh no! Let's see what it says. by Bezrail
Oh god no! Let's see what my note says in full flesh. I actually have a screen shot. She hasn't replied yet.
If you are skeptical of the time in the note, simply click to the link of the stash image. It's posted on the same day this all happened.
Hmm by Bezrail

Hell yea, she's cherry picking the part at the bottom! And at present, if this journal is posted, I've hit rock bottom with the management over at Bioformia-ARPG .
In the end, she is ruining my reputation without giving any evidence to her arguments. She indoctrinated the discord members into believing I'm the bad guy without any evidence, besides me leaving the admin team. I'm not a bad guy. I'm a chaotic nuetral. I just do what's best in my intentions and do it in any way possible. Even if in the end I throw myself off the admin chat to prove a point that Brighty009 @ CANNOT run this arpg without burning it to the ground in a plane crash. Brighty has acted solely on her problems and have not thought of the consequences of her actions. I intend to only be a member from now on until she comes up with a way to make an apology to me for talking behind my back, banning me from the server for no reason, and pinning me to the wall for apparently being a bad person.

Yes, I did half intentionally aggravate her to get her talking. But for that to go from 1 to 100 very quickly? My other intention with releasing the 2nd chapter was to move the event forward.

This is all coming from the same person who is trying to run a stable and active ARPG but is slowly killing it with her spilling information everywhere.

Intend Huh by Bezrail
Clarifying. Just because I have all of the concept art, imports, backgrounds, and events that will come in 2+ years doesn't mean I will release them to the public. I'm not here to put the group to shame. I'm here to do what's right and call out immaturity within the admin team.

Not sure if I properly introduced this group. I might have but I'm forgetful most of the time.

Bioformia is a very open world ARPG! I'm an admin there but we're very friendly contrary to our scariness LOL
The main RP canon is that humans created a new specie of animal that is able to do all the hard work for them. However after some time and conflicts a virus was released- killing off most- if not all humans and bioforms. However the survivors in an unnamed city banded together, created a camp over the years, and most of the action revolves around there! Because there is no humans or opportunities to put in a handler or rider, you need to RP and play out your own character! Currently there is an event, and we are trying to put in more RP aspects slowly.

We just need more players who want to RP!…

Join the MYO event and raffle! 

MYO Event!
Because of the current build release event (There's Something in the Grass), we're holding a MYO Terrid event!
It is completely free!
(unless you want to buy marking slots)
The only stipulations are
- You cannot submit/design your geno until the event has finished
- You must be a member of the Bioformia-ARPG group
- All genes will be heterozygous - no dominant genes!
All released markings, bases, modifiers, fur types and physical traits are available! (This includes anything being released with the event)
Drumroll please...
We also have the introduction of 3 new markings, 1 new mutation, 1 new phys trait and 1 new modifier!
For your convenience, Brighty has put everything in a nice Excel doc!
Click HE

LF: Dom Jay, Unders, Flight, Osprey, Hood on Nox

Paying in: A crap ton of art, AP, AR's. No usd!

I don't mind the builds, but I prefer them to be "flighted"! I don't care about the bio or the gender either! ^^ 

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Okay so I've been more depressed and anxious than usual. Anxiety often feels like there's a herd of angry bulls about to attack you at any moment but there's no proof it's a herd of angry bulls and there's no chance it'll happen- oh but the bulls will get you. Somehow. Maybe smother you with a pillow at night. I often scorn against people lying about self-diagnosed mental illnesses- especially when they are doing it for attention. At the rate I am going with this though, I'll be to hell and back. I probably will stop posting art for a while because of my anxiety screaming in one ear:


I feel helpless. I'm not sure if there's true coping mechanisms but it's harsher often after times where I can show my best. I mean, I'm good at making lists and pointing out what I'm bad at, so that's a start. It doesn't feel like I'm getting enough help as is, nor does it feel like I'll get anywhere in life because of where I'm at.

Maybe it's just me.

I'll be back and when I am I'll post something for you all to know.
Tryna get my dirty mitts on 3 month core, problem is I only have 90 points left till it! I'm happy to do some quick pixel comms. No set price. The more you pay in points, the more you get from it.
:D Pixel art GIF practice (NOT f2U!) by Bezrail

9980 by BezrailGift for Galian by Bezrail Pink boi by Bezrail


Kind of searching for 7+ marking dragons. Any breed, and bio, any gender. Preferably with colour mods and/or something in this list of markings; Cloud, Unders, Scorch, Faded, Sunrise, Tabby, barring, Midnight, flecking.

Offering a large amount of AP (up to 75+ AP if the genos are pretty good) and/or 1-14 rolls included.
Note: I will give him a visual reference when I have time



- [ ASHA MRIN ] -

Nickname/s: Ash, Burbur
Age: 36
Gender: male

Race: Halfling-Elf mixture
Height / Weight: 152cm (4'10'') / 48kg (105.8 lb)
Build: Skinny, underweight, underfed. Tends to struggle with hauling weights greater than his own.
AppearanceMany scars are laid upon his back from floggings. He sports small, shallow scars over his face, especially on his cheeks. Grey eyes, included with light brown-grey hair, the most elf-ish feature to him is slightly long, pointed ears.
Other / Niches: He hates eating salt meats

Magic: not magic sensitive
Rank: Baron
Primary village: Osma

◇ Friendly   
Aside from his shocking appearance, Asha reserves himself to try socialize- even if it doesn't turn out so well when talking to members outside of the Vile.  

◇ Logical   
Tending to think ahead, Asha adopted strategic thinking when he left the kingdoms. At first it was for survival; kill or be killed. He had no raw strength to attack or defend against enemies, instead branching into bureaucracy, leadership, and overall slithering into the cracks unnoticed by his peers.

◇ Cynical / Distrustful   
Seemingly friendly and open, Asha cannot trust anyone behind their backs. Delusional about unknown faces, other parties; he views them as potential threats until they prove themselves for no harm. Asha has gone so far into this pathway he doesn't trust the lower members of the Vile, often taking their words with a pinch of salt. A historical reason was due to the child packs he lived in whilst he was 5-12 years old. He often got caught, set up, and jumped. This could also be where his skinnyness originated from.

◇ Hardened, sarcastic, sour mouthed.   

History: wip
Short sword (1 ft), "Eregr."
Other: n/a


 - [ STRYXES ] -
In-game, not in lore yet.


I'm making a Flock and we need one more member before we can send in an application XD The lore goes the flock is set in high reaches of the mountains (rarely comes down to lower grounds). The flock is spread out between several villages in those alps, and hold several meetings every week or so. They're sort of protectors in the villages, but some may differ otherwise.

Comment below if you're interested! We really need just one more person.
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My jimmies are violently rustled.

Not so called "art" but I'll call it that. I just noticed it. And this person has been inactive for 33 weeks. So maybe they've been called out, or they've made a new account, anything.… has been a ""friend"", they were just there. But really, the ""drawings"" they do are just black and white photographs. It's a warning, that's for sure.

Their deviation;

Google's reply

Now, I wouldn't try go call them out now, because their account is ded. But i'd keep an eye out for this again. This simply isn't a really good copied drawing. Because their latest deviations are of lesser quality.

I don't even know how I've survived all this lol. Commissions, 4 ARPGS, animal husbandry, also on top of an art trade comin up.

So I've decided to help out :iconbioformia-arpg: , if you haven't noticed nor seen. But they need attention, active admins in fact. The species is going through a possible over haul. The lore is going through a second time. We just need people that can help with everything (mostly the mechanics!) and being extremely vocal and active! :D We have a discord, so just note me and ask to be an admin~
Closed / killed off for now

Handler/Rider/Companion: Cota

Admin links

-- HP --

Submissive to Average
Average to Dominant
Dominant to Alpha

-- RoF --



-- Items --


-- Slots --


- Other info -

If you want to commission Pixel art, go to my Profile.

I'll only do two commissions a month... Sorry. I don't want to put that much stress on myself, even with school and other things on top.

1. -
2. -

Rules are as followed;
- Note me about commissions, with the form filled out below. I will ignore if there's no form filled out.
- I can do anthropomorphics.
- I won't do commercial work
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- You may not take off the credit of the image, or do crap like that.


Type of commission;
Description (Detailed);

If the character has a reference, put a link in. Don't say "Oh look in my gallery hue hue" cuz I'm too lazy.


Shit Sketch
(Imagine crappy scribbles)

Flat lined
200-300 Points 

Axie by BezrailFleshpotato by Bezrail

Shaded Headshot

Pretty boey by Bezrail

Shaded Full body

Anxious by Bezrail


Don't worry! by BezrailMini me by Bezrail

By hour drawings

For every hour, 500Points
I may add a few more minutes to finish up the drawing.

Don't ever talk to me or my kids again by Bezrail
When people comment on your ARPG animals more than your actual art ;o;

Handler/Rider/Companion: N/a

Admin links

-- HP --

Average to Dominant
Dominant to Alpha

-- RoF --



-- Items --


-- Slots --


- Other info -

Bullet; Red = Postponed
tick  = Finished 

  1. Airaki Species Ref sheet (Closed species) Bullet; Red  
  2. Finish off Toko activites (Sketches) Bullet; Red 
  3. Redo existing comic pages 1-5 tick 1/2 

For those who are concerned with my little crap comic, I'm slowly getting a few pages done at a time. Here's a snip of a page DX
Eergedcgdfsafhafds by Bezrail

Happy now? pf
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