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Commissions / 2018 Open by Bezrail Commissions / 2018 Open by Bezrail

Note me for commission requests! Commission requests on this deviation will be hidden.

Seeing as my other... Commission... list was a complete train wreck I made a new one.

  • Take this information before you commission me please
-  These prices are in Points, I sadly do not take realy money commissions at the moment.
-  Extra characters will be +75% of the origional price for each one. Say painted 4,870, add 3652 for another character.
-  You MUST pay before hand. If I can't finish the commission, I will refund all points.
-  You can just pay through the donation pool on my profile. if there are complications, I will open a commission widget for you to pay in.
-  I ask for you to be patient. Commissions may take 1-2 days if I've got a load of free time, or even a few weeks depending on the que!
- I struggle slightly with human anatomy. But I like risks!
- I won't do NSFW besides blood and gore.
- I may refuse commissions. IF you have already paid, I will refund.

  • Forms 'n' Stuff
Commission type:
Background/extras/position: (Pose is highly appreciated!)
Total in Points: 

You can see screens of the commission coming together, just ask and I'll change anything!
I'll note you with a full res file of the image
You can use the commission for anything non-commercial! Just keep the mark on it.

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