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2017 'Improvement' of Art by Bezrail 2017 'Improvement' of Art by Bezrail

January, sort of the time where I was terrible at proportions (especially with the ears, eyes and legs), but I tried to cover that up with shading and affects. Tbh I tried to take pride in every piece, and worked at my best.
February, No comment here, basically the same as above. Yet slightly improved proportions.
March, Trying to paint for the first few times, art was slow and so were my motivations to do much slower painting.
April, With the icon, (7) I honestly don't know what happened there. It's funny because it's the worst proportioned image within that month. I was very dependent on references by other artists (so, so much). I wasn't very confident on drawing humanoids, since I had to look up references. 
May, I grew less secluded, going outside of my tiny home group. After being away from DA for about 2 years, I was rather shy. TBH I had stupid opinions back then and made terrible 'well thought out' stamps. Yay
June, Around here I got more into ARPG's. A few months back I joined tokotas, but I didn't really understand how things worked until I started my first rolls and AoA's. I took more pride in my Valkyries, etching it out more along with struggling with lines, over confidence with shading, and awful backgrounds
July, Proportions are still out of this world, heads are better, while the ears are basically detached from the skull itself. I tried to do a comic. That failed, at least people aren't tryna push me to revive it >_>'
August, Improvement here on the shading, dynamics, and proportions. The backgrounds haven't changed much, but they are getting better with content and detail.
September & October, Getting into the 'AR' buisness of ARPG, my art qaulity seemed to grow less from all the mistakes I made of picking up too many deals in one go.
November, I discovered the "art" of painting, and how easy it was to layer such details. At that time my art style still varied so much it was free for all. Shaky, and quite hard to replicate. My backgrounds have improved loads, and actually have dimension to them.
December, I've adopted 2 main styles at this point, a very sketchy, soft realistic approach and a hard lined cell shaded theme. Progress is still as fast as ever and I'm usually drawing every day, even if I don't submit most of the drawings to my gallery.

Okay that's finished. It doesn't feel like a mandatory thing, but I guess I just wanted to jump onto the band wagon and see improvement of my digital art. At least I'm not showing art from years back lol My art improvement basically went on a roller coaster. Crap, not as crap, alright, crap, alright, crap, really crap, good, alright, alright, good, great 
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December 24, 2017
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