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more comic strip

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Hey folks!

Another comics strip. The translation from portuguese to english is not so accurate. I did it to avoid using a term that is too offensive in english, although it has a lighter meaning in my language.

Hope you like it!



A versão em portugues desta tira está neste [link] .

Espero que gostem!
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Van-the-man's avatar
I love this! Pretty funny and your art style is awesome.
DuskaDoesArt's avatar
I like the art style!
Dylanio21's avatar
I love the yelling guy, my favourite character design by you, ever.
Obrigado pela versão em português Clap +fav :happybounce:+fav La la la la 
Violet-heart13's avatar
I bet 10 bucks that he dies first.
GDSmithy's avatar
Russian roulette the mans game
yo24man's avatar
lol a real man's game!!
DavidPaul1970's avatar
Have you ever considered making one of your titles an ongoing strip?

Recently Jay Katz CEO of InvestComics put me in charge of finding and recruiting new artists for a new section of web comics to be featured on the site. My own strip "Joseph!" will be launching there next month. Yay!

I'm free to recruit whom I want as long as the work is high quality and safe for work. Naturally, I thought of you! ... Interested?
BezerroBizarro's avatar

Thank you! Seems like a good oportunity.
Will I be paid for featuring my strips on the site? Will the strips be daily, weekly or monthly? You may answer those questions via note, if you want. Then I'll tell you if I'm interested or not. :)

xXMadyXx's avatar
xXMadyXx's avatar
You're very welcome !! :hug:
acla13's avatar
Bom, ele perguntou, e obteve a resposta. :lol:
BezerroBizarro's avatar
Ele gosta de jogos perigosos! XD hehe!
Panda-chan164's avatar
I'm kind of curious what that "very offensive english term" os :XD: Mind telling?
BezerroBizarro's avatar
It would be "fag". The Portuguese word for that is openly used for humour purposes here, so it doesn´t have so much emotional impact. I was affraid it could sound extremely homophobic in English so I changed it for a lighter term.
Panda-chan164's avatar
ahh yes I see what you mean. Here the tersm either extremly light and has no meaning or extremly sensative and pisses people off, it really depends who your talking to haha
estivador's avatar
\o/ negocio é que, na russian roulette tu toma bala, e no chat roulette toma pinto na cara. toda roleta é perigosa =o
BezerroBizarro's avatar
Ah, com certeza! hehehe!
QwertyChris's avatar
:XD: :XD: It's artwork like this that deserves to infect every other young artist - very bright and cartoony-like!
BezerroBizarro's avatar
Thank you very much my friend! =]
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