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Daredevil in yellow costume. If it looks a little different in some details, that's because I didn't use reference and made it from memory.
I've recently read the first Daredevil comics. I like Stan Lee's narrative style. He usually shows the attitudes of the characters, their conflicts and the message of the stories very clearly, which makes his comics very dynamic. This style is evident in all of his comics, even the ones made many years later, like the Silver Surfer graphic novel. I think that comics writers could learn a lot reading Stan Lee's comics.


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Booya! Nice, I love this version of him.
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Awesome, love the Yellow Costume.
 I didn't start reading back when his costume was yellow, 
but the first Daredevil I ever read was "Daredevil: Yellow" 
so it kinda holds a special place in my heart.
 Thanks for sharing this!
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I have a special admiration for the original and classic versions of super heroes.
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Yeah, his yellow look is pretty awesome
hoping they showcase it for the first season 
on the netflix show
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That suit of his... xD Just... Matt, I know you're blind, but damn...
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You're welcome. :D

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Lene, tá muito massa, cara! Não vejo a hora de ver seu Capitão Rapadura nesse estilo!
BezerroBizarro's avatar
Obrigado, mestre!! :D
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Ei bicho, um classicão, hein!
BezerroBizarro's avatar
Pois é! nada supera os clássicos! hehehe
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love this. great stuff.
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Awesome. I'm really digging your more comic bookish cartoon style.
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Wow! Amazing Job!!!
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