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Alex The Kidd

Hey kids!

I wonder if I'm the only videogame player of my generation that never finished Alex Kidd in Miracle World myself. XD
I've already seen the ending of the game and it's very disappointing. Just a black screen with a lot of text in it. The only reason for me to play a game until the end is for seeing the final artworks. Maybe that's why I never played it hard enough.
Wanna know what's another disappointing game ending? Rampage, for NES. More than 300 stages, if I remember well, and just a "congratulations" in a black screen.
If you know any other fail game ending, please share with us! :)

Hope you like the drawing!


Alex Kidd (c) Sega
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Noticed you did the artwork for the fan-made "Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2" game.  Pretty sweet!
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This picture you've done of Alex Kidd in such a cartoony style, and it's kind of a shame that he never got as much recognition as Mario and Sonic over the year, but who could really blame him? ;)
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I like his outfit, I think it is cute!
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Heya, i like your Alex Kidd fan art and would like to share / feature it on my website about video game characters in an article like this one… where i write about game characters and share official art, screenshots as well as selected fan art.

Of course with full credit and a backlink to your dA gallery or any other website you prefer.

Please reply to this comment if that is okay with you

Greets and a good start into 2014!

Reinhhold Hoffmann
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oh god, remember the derpy box art of him in enchanted castle? anywho i'm lovin' the art style and color techniques used here! (le fave button)
Will always be my Mario. Awesome work.
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very cool work, I like his charming face and that vintage look you've given the whole thing, the lettering looks sweet as well.
I'm the same, I've not completed it either, I can get all the way to the end of the last level without losing a life, and then I lose all of them trying to swim through that wall of spikes... I think there must be a knack to it =p
Have you ever played 'Alex Kidd in High Tech World'? It really is the most appallingly dreadful thing I've played ever...
You mean you beat Miracle World without cheats or savestates? You're a braver gamer than I.
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It is too cute!
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Dat face!
Excellent job! :D
This is adorable! <3

I heard rumors that Sega was gonna make a new Alex Kidd for the Ps3.
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It would be great to play a new Alex Kidd game :)
You're welcome! ^w^

I also heard Sony is coming out with a Ps4... But that's just a rumor. ^^;

I'm addicted to Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle. XD

(Sorry for all my talking. XD)
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Amazing! I'm backing to play sega old roms ;w;
We miss you Alex!
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There should be more Alex Kidd games :)
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You forgot the subtitle "The Forgotten."
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Alex Kidd é um marco de uma geração, e essa sua versão ficou ótima, muito bem feita e bacana! Parabéns!
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Obrigado! Como mascote do bom e velho Master System, ele marcou a infancia de muitos de nós! :)
Homem... saiba que não está sozinho! Eu também não.

Quanto ao final... :XD: sabe que até deram nome pra isso no site "TV Tropes", conhece? Se não conhece, vale a pena conferir (é sobre convenções de ficção em geral): [link] sim, é em inglês... sem desculpa, sei que sabe inglês :evileye: :B!

Sobre finais fueliros de videogames? Devidamente catalogados como: [link]

Um outro exemplo que consigo pensar é Strider... e a pior parte é que usaram esse mesmo final pro Strider Hiryu no Marvel vs Capcom, AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! O ninja viaja em cima duma baleia... e I-ISSO É T-TU-TUDO, PE-PESSOAL! AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Agora, quanto ao Alex Kidd... poxa, eu me amarrava nesse jogo... nem fazia idéia do final tosco :XD: eu gostava era de quebrar bloco e reduzir bichinhos a pó com meu Super Soco Arrasa-Quarteirão do Campeão *aperta botão 1... ou seria o 2? Ê memória* ...mas, enfim, era bacaninha. Pena que a Sega o dispensou como mascote, em favor do Sonic (que, a propósito, tem recebido um tratamento ainda menos caridoso, em minha humilde opinião).

Enfim, né... arte bacana :), gostei à beça do efeito "dos velhos tempos". Mas será que esses cílios não o deixam parecendo uma menina :lol:? Melhor ir embora antes que leve um Super Soco Arrasa... ah, cê entendeu!
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