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A Carnival Date

Comic Strip Panel- A Day out by BezaiTheNut, visual art

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My Bio

Hello, It is me, random person on DeviantArt. I don't post on Instagram anymore, you can find me posting regularly on my Instagram under the name Bezai_Illustrations, you can also find me on Tumblr under the name Bezai as well.

Favourite Visual Artist
Kasey Golden, Fresh_Bobatae, Meppity, PricklyAlpaca, Sara Tepes, Glucagonn, Chroma Moma
Favourite Movies
Tarzan, Twelve Angry Men, Edge of tomorrow, The Freedom Writers, The Impossible, The Incredibles
Favourite TV Shows
The Office, Parks and Rec, Justice League(nostalgia), The Clone Wars, Impractical Jokers, The Mandalorian, Tough as Nails(surprisingly good even if staged) and Voltron
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Declan Mckenna, Alt-J, Billie Eilish(Don't judge me, her voice is pretty)
Favourite Books
"Hello Emily, Goodbye", "Batman and Psychology," "Brave," and do Webtoons count?
Favourite Writers
Webtoon writers basically, how do they write so good!?
Favourite Games
Battlefront 2(2005), and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Favourite Gaming Platform
I dunno, I guess Wii because it's the best thing I own.
Other Interests
Singing, Writing, and observing people's personalities.
Important Update! Hello everyone, I've recently started an Instagram account and have had trouble keeping up publishing my art on Insta, Tumblr, and DeviantArt. I've come to the conclusion to stop uploading to DeviantArt seeing as I barely get any
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Hello again! Unfortunately I have to make another announcement like this again, It's been a while since I've uploaded and that's because at the moment I've been flooded with schoolwork and other responsibilities, but I'm happy to say I've also been
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So I guess you've maybe noticed by now, I'm not as frequent with my posts, I just started school again and I'm really ,well, busy. I've also taken some time from art because I've been getting really frustrated with my style and the lack of fluidity
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your welcome!!!!!Pointing Emoticon of a Cute Little Dinosaur 
thank you so much for watching me!! i really appreciate it! <333 ;D 
Every night , someone thinks about you before they go to sleep,

At least fifteen people in this world love you.

The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you

There are at least two people in this world that would die for you

You mean the world to someone.

Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.

When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.

When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look.

Always remember the compliments you've received.
Forget the rude remarks.

So if you are a loving friend, send this to 15 on your list including the person that sent it to you, if you care.

Tonight, at midnight your true love will realize they like you. :0
Something good will happen to you between 12 in the morning and four o'clock pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere.
Get ready for the biggest shock of your life

Try to send this to fifteen people in fifteen minutes!! >: D

Make Someone else's day!
Help get a smile on someone's face! Help someone out! remember that you're loved. :) (Smile) (Smile) (Smile)


=Fight for you 

=Respect you

=Involve you

=Encourage you

=Need you 

= Deserve you 

=Save you

Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one... :3
If you get 4 back you're loved, but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.
Omg thank you so much for this comment it really is heartwarming! I am so thankful that I have a compassionate watcher who is so thoughtful and kind! I wish I could have seen this earlier and sent this back to you as well but I missed it! But thank you so much for making my day not boring and uplifting!