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I went a little crazy with Froakie I think...

Who are you gonna start with?!
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Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, and Froakie. These are my starters, and they always will be. Nothing can keep me from this path I have chosen. 

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FroginatorArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. Me too xD They always look the best.
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childofaeolus3Hobbyist Writer
That's it, i'm choosing froakie!
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ChiibiiCecilStudent Filmographer
Froakie is just AWESOME ! *Ribbit*
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The Froakie one has been my phone's lockscreen for months.
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AlfredosPhotographyStudent Photographer
Wow! You have one of the smoothest/cutest looking art styles. I seriously wish i could draw, but sadly I'm only good at pushing buttons on a camera :P
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MangoTangoFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Honestly, I must say, that your art style is incredible. You seem to be able to draw anything, and make it incredibly adorable. ^-^

Do you use Illustrator for these? Also, what sort of texture are you using to get that watercolored paper look?
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beyxHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww pfpfpfpf thank you so much! :)

I use Illustrator and the textures I used: [link] and one from [link] !
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MangoTangoFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
You're Welcome! :3

Also, soon after looking through your gallery, I stumbled upon "Can't Go Fast" on /r/Gaming, and I directed them your way. [link]
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beyxHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh cool! Thank you so much! <3
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Oh my God... Fennekin's expression is just... PFFFFFFFFT! XD
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I like the fire one, but you did do a fantastic job on Froakie too...
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Warriorcats600Hobbyist General Artist
XD this is cute!
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Jason-McQueenHobbyist General Artist
You made Froakie look so adorable :D
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syrcaid Digital Artist
You mean Froakie's eyes DON'T do that? 8V LoL I'm a Grass lover.
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UnusualHeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work! and hey...featured on too! Congrats.
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beyxHobbyist Digital Artist
oh whoa! so cool!

and thank you :)
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utilitylambHobbyist General Artist
hmmm .... Froakie is very precious and all, but I am going to get the Fennekin and name him/her Renaud or Vixen o3o
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bojangle387Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh this is so cute! :333
I'm planning on starting with Fennekin
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MidnightTCStudent Artist
I always pick the fire type on my first walkthrough of a region, so I'm going to choose Fennekin. On the other game, I'm going to pick Froakie.
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Skull-EHobbyist General Artist
Anyone up for the grass type I am. :D
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supermanwich23Professional General Artist
hehe... he.. i'was a AXE-ident. o-o
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Chespin for me! I just love his goofy yet daring looks
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TopJoshDragonProfessional Digital Artist
I've been going grass lately, but I might go back to fire.

Fennekin looks the coolest and might have a fire-psychic evolution telling by the trailer.
Also the Deutsch name for Fennekin is Fynx (Fire+Lynx).

Froakie looks pretty cool too though, especially your version :lmao:
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