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Police Pony (WIP) by BeyondySupreme
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Police Pony (WIP)
Don't worry. I'll find another art sharing website where I'll upload a finished clean version
Hi. Of course, the note you're just reading is not a thing that is popular. Still roleplaying as ponies is something I've tried and felt happy doing.

Life is a sad place sometimes but ponies somehow make it seem nicer. 

My OC Ticklish Wubsy is interested in hanging out with ponies, cheering them up etc.

contact me via PM if interested or use this thread to express the same thoughts.
This topic is closed and moved to another place. I... I don't know how to delete started forums yet.
Beyondy Supreme OC
I'm Beyondy Supreme. What makes me me? Noting. I'm nothing. I live in a middle of nowhere, have a friend that I've just made up, got banishd from places.

I know that DeviantArt is a good place but I have a deep concern my passion will not be compromised.

I have a lynks desiese. Got it from... a coulpe of weeks.

Or have I?

Anyway, I'm reference pony and my purpose is to just exist. That's it.
It makes you sad, doesnít it?
That thereís so much hatred in the world.
I hope you donít mind if I ask you a question.

Have you ever wondered why weíre here?
What itís all about Youíve no idea.
And everywhere you look
All you see is hatred
And darkness, death and fear.
But you know it doesnít have to be
that I hate you,
And you hate me.
Coz even though it different, it doesnít make a difference!
And we can live in harmony!

And though you donít know who I am.
But maybe I can hold your hand.
And together we can understand about love.

Perhaps you're wondering,

What is love? Is it in the skies?

No, he-he. The distinction of love does vary. It depends on your views, really. Though for me love is a way of caring. Along with that, it is a biological persuasion to multiply. Something uncontrollable.

I can't imagine a world without love. Without it everything looses a spark, stops making sense. Even having money, exotic possessions don't feel the same way as loving something deep in the heart. Therefore everyone is searching for a way to express love.

Apart from a majority of people who try to find a girlfriend, I'm feeling happy to love ponies. No, not a real life little horses but a cute little ponies from an MLP FiM series. The interesting thing though is that I don't really like a show that much. I like its style.

Also, I don't find a way to love people the same way I love ponies. No, My orientation is straight natural but still... I feel like ponies are easier to love.

The world is filled with bad things. It's not a mankind's fault that life can be harsh for anyone. When bad thoughts are making me a company I keep thinking about ponies. It makes a day just a little bit brighter.

Imagining that a pony, despite it's small size, could be bigger than me. Sharing a hug, waving its hooves around me. That sure is a silly, yet honest feeling of love towards a little pony.

...lewd stuff aside.

Cartoon ponies don't get angry and jealous. They can always express love because they were made that way.

I'm still 18 years old. I wonder how much years will pass by with me feeling this kind of love...
I'm Beyondy supreme. I draw ponies because I love them. And when I say that, I mean it literally.

You might want to check my derpibooru profile to get to know me better. Just find me there.

I'm a sad lonely individual, have some socializing problems. Though loving ponies is something that keeps me happy. I wish Deviantart would become something more than an art storage to me one day.




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