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:iconbeyondthehorizon: SENDS HIS LOVE...

2006 is coming to an end, and another dA year is fading. In 1 hour I will enter 2007, and 6 hours ago, Sarah entered 2007. We crossed the cutover to 2007 in Manila together in spirit, but seperated in body. We were on MSN and webcams, and I am grateful for that because communication in and out of Asia hasn't been easy the last few days due to the eartquake. There is nothing else on this earth that would make me happier, than being with her tonight, but I cant...

Sarah is alone, as our kids went on Christmas holiday in the province. So my New Years wish is, that you go by Sarah's page and send her a greeting. Thanks!


Now...to sum up 2006, Sarah obviously springs to mind. Mine at least. She is my wife, and the most wonderful woman who ever set her feet on this planet. To you baby, I send my loving wishes for 2007. Know that you are loved by me, and that I am yours beyond eternity. Beyond the last sunset. Beyond the ticking of time...beyond the horizon...

2007 will be our YOA :heart:

I have so many wonderful friends here on dA, and I send you all my warmest love and New Year wishes on this beautiful evening of change. May you prosper and grow in 2007, and may you be blessed by a good health and a caring, loving family.

A special mention goes to my brother William. I love our exchange of sighs, cries and cheers, and I wish for you that 2007 will bring you companionship, love, joy...and finally the ultimate kiss. I love you bro - moo the sh*t out of those authorities. May God travel with you, and may you travel with God. And remember that love always wins.

Happy New Year my wonderful friends :love:


Dads present by Keeran

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revrendwilliam's avatar
thought i would drop in to say hello from one deviant to another, have a great day :sun:
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Thanks for the visit! :wave:
revrendwilliam's avatar
so many of us thought getting out to say hello is a cool thing
SPICYTUNAstudios's avatar
What a lovely journal entry, it makes me sigh with love~ :heart:

By the way, YOA?
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Thanks a lot - I'm glad you liked it =)

...and YOA means: Year Of Awesome
bluewave's avatar
Love always does win :D

Happy New Years to you dear Per

It fills my heart with such joy to see you and Sarah so in love. I am so glad you have found each other.

You have the most wonderful family Per :hug:
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Thanks a lot Lainy - I know I do :D

Happy New Year :hug:
rapidograph's avatar
... thanks Per, I'm wishing you and Sarah the same... in following your perspective over the past year in both your journals and in your work, I have learned a new meaning of the word "patience" and appreciate you for it...
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Thanks man...and yes; patience is a major part of our life. Sadly...

I am however greatful that our situation brought something good along; That you learned something that you hopefully can use in your own life. That is a great gift that we cherish :hug:
NeuralCord's avatar
Happy New Year my friend! I hope you and Sarah continue 2007 where you left off in 2006 - being amazingly happy together and with each other! :hug:
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Thanks buddy! :D

I hope 2007 will be a great year for you, and that you will be happy and in good health :hug:
NeuralCord's avatar
Thankyou very much Per! :hug:
I wish you the same, and more!
pebaline's avatar
Happy 2007 Per! :hug:
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Happy 2007 Susanna! :hug:
Keeran's avatar
its new years here in a few minutes :D HAPPY NEW YEAR

Happy you liked your gift
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Happy New Year sweetie! :D
arumdamour's avatar
Happy New Year to you, baby. :heart:

Thank you for being the amazing man you are, in so many ways.
Each day by your side is a treasure I hold forever in my heart.

I love you.
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Happy New Year my wonderful wife!

I am blessed because I am loved by you, and I love YOU! :heart:
onestar's avatar
Happy New Year, my friend. :hug:
Here's to a good 2007.
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Happy New Year Onie! I hope 2007 will be good for you as well :hug:
dutchshun's avatar
Happy New Year !

My best wishes for you & thanks for
sharing your art.
BeyondTheHorizon's avatar
Happy New Year, and you are most welcome! =)
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