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Why I Hate Gym Class
When I was a kid, I loved playing outside. I couldn’t wait to go out into the snow, or hang out in the backyard in summer. And for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out when that ended. Through most of my growing up years, I’ve hated physical activity with a burning passion. It seems as though I’ve always felt like grading students on their ability to perform physical tasks is stupidity at its finest – a viewpoint I still hold.
It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve started to be a more active person, but it’s still happened while I was kicking and screaming (metaphorically) and crying (reality) the whole way. I’ve struggled with depression through puberty, and into my adult life, as well as with anxiety. I have been told time and again that exercise gives you endorphins, which help with your mood. I have resisted this time and again, and tried to explain to those who told me this that exercising has the opposite affect on
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I’m in a constant battle –
a battle for my soul
between what will make me feel good
and what will make me whole.
But whole does not mean healed,
and I can’t choose my fate.
I’ll fight the fight, make the wrong words right,
and search for love in hate.
My wounds have scarred and marred me;
I’m like a roughed-up piece of oak.
I feel charred and burned, and yet…
the embers stir in me... I awoke.
And now the flames burn brighter,
blocking out the sun,
and I can’t see my enemy
this war has just begun.
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I dreamed I was a horse,
with glorious mane and tail
of silky, black hair,
and strong hooves shod with nails
I dreamed I ran across the sky,
with nothing in my path.
I crossed the moonlight on the water,
dipping toes in for a bath.
I dreamed I was a tidalwave,
moving slow and sure,
I created death and destruction,
illness and a cure.
I dreamed all of my dreams,
but inside I am so small.
my body shakes and trembles;
the slightest push shall make me fall.
I dream I am at home,
with mother braiding my hair.
I curl next to the fire.
I am anywhere but here.
I dream my body is my own,
untouched my strangers' hands.
I am not a prisoner;
I am not in an unknown land.
I dream I can speak my mother tongue,
with family and friends.
I dream with my eyes closed,
for I am at the end.
I dreamed of mother's arms;
of father's sure, strong voice.
I dreamed I was in another place.
I dreamed I had a choice.
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Mature content
Mister :iconbeyond-the-pages:Beyond-the-Pages 0 0
Mature content
Damn: A Discourse on Profanity :iconbeyond-the-pages:Beyond-the-Pages 0 0
The 'L' Word
I speak my piece
into the empty air,
and God knows
how you hurt me.
And the silence is deafening.
I can't hear you
through the screaming
in my mind.
The touch of your eyes
caressing my skin
still lingers
in the air around me.
I know the taste
of your scent on my tongue,,
and oh!
how I miss it.
Dishes broken,
and furniture smashed;
in my mind,
I burn you in effigy.
I can't take this on alone.
I was so close
to the end,
only to see
the finish line
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71. Obsession
You are my
sensually stroking my
and we go
everywhere together;
I have your back.
I'll protect you,
watch over you;
I'll make you safe
my precious,
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70. 67%
67% of the time,
you make me feel safe.
But otherwise,
you terrify me
with your rages
and one of these days,
I’m going to be
100% sorry
I ever let you touch me.
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69. Annoyance
You irritate me
until I'm so desperate
to make you shut up
that I might just do
something I know I'll regret.
You should go away.
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67. Playing the Melody
You pluck my strings
with expert ease,
and I fall.
The song playing
in my heart,
an exquisite melody.
Come dance with me,
and we will soar
into our dreams.
:iconbeyond-the-pages:Beyond-the-Pages 3 3
50. Breaking the Rules
Don’t tell me what to do;
I know how to live my life.
Why don’t you take a look
in the mirror?
Follow your own rules
before you judge me
for breaking them.
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36. Precious Treasure
Rubies and sapphires and diamonds –
Oh my!
But all that glitters
is not gold,
and all that sparkles
is not treasure.
So beautiful,
but in the end,
so pointless.
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37. Eyes (Wide Open)
I stretch my sight
to see the truth of you,
peering into
the abyss.
With eyes wide open,
I take a stand;
I light the way,
and watch each step
Take my hand
and walk with me.
My cat eyes
can see in the dark.
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73. I Can't (Keeping Up Appearances)
“I can’t”
are words that
I can’t afford to say.
I have to try
to attempt to fly
on broken wings.
They drag me down,
pull strands from my crown
and leave me a puppet on strings.
But I’m not allowed
off of this cloud;
I have to stay.
I don’t know what else to say.
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I Am Switzerland
I am Switzerland
I have
No problem staying neutral;
I'll stand my ground. 
And you may hate me
With all your might
While I stand between you
And your fight,
But you can't move me. 
I am a mountain;
And you can keep trying
To cut stone
Or you can accept
What is out of your control.
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Dragon Egg by Beyond-the-Pages Dragon Egg :iconbeyond-the-pages:Beyond-the-Pages 1 0
Pictures, poetry, prose, oh my! :)

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Pretty pictures I would get if I could. :)



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Hello everyone. I know it's been a long while since I've posted anything on here, but I find it cathartic to do so and my life has been very hectic of late. I won't go into extreme details for privacy issues, but the bullet points are as follows:

1. My mother has been struggling with cancer for months now, and there's a good possibility that there's some in her bones. I want to scream and break things, but at the same time I feel numb. She can't walk without crutches and her leg is hurting constantly. She's also the kind of person who gets joy out of completing tasks, so it's very frustrating for her, too.

2. I submitted the novel I wrote last NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to a publisher, and was offered a publishing contract, but I'm not going to do it; I did some more research, and aside from the fact that this company wants me to contribute 3,300 USD (which is like 4,100 CAN), they don't appear to have the best reputation when taking care of their authors. I'm still going to pursue publishing, but I can't afford to pay for it myself, and I want to go with someone who is reputable.

3. I have been working full time at a K-8 school for the last 3 months and I love it. There's never a dull moment, but the business comes in waves, so it's not constant. And the kids are great. I feel right at home.

4. I applied for and have been approved for an apartment. I'll be moving at the beginning of February, so I've got a lot to prepare for. This is my first time living alone. I lived in dorm for a couple years, but that was different. It's nerve-wracking, but exciting. I already have a lot of the things I need, and a lot of other stuff I can get from my parents. I think about 1/4-1/3 of the items I'll have to buy, including a couch and a chair, but those aren't the critical things. The kitchen things are the most important, so that's where my focus will be first. I also want to get a crock-pot/slow cooker. It will mean that I can throw stuff together the night before, and then just turn on the crock pot before I leave for work. Then, when I get home, I'll have supper ready for me. It's a lovely apartment, in a pet-friendly building, and it's only a few blocks away from my parents, so I can drop my dog off there in the morning for them to watch.

5. On the holiday front, I got some great gifts, including an old-fashioned mechanical type-writer. I love it, and I have no idea where I'm going to put it in my new place, but it will definitely be on display. It was totally unexpected, too, but perfect.

That's all that I have on my mind right now, but the cancer thing is what's weighing on me the most. If you pray, I just ask that you keep my mother in your prayers, and that whatever the problem be, it be minor and fixable.

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