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Group Rules

Please read these rules before submitting to the group! Thank you!

:bulletgreen: Submissions are set at 2 per week

:bulletgreen: Submit to the right folder! There's a folder for almost everything and if you don't know what folder to put it in, then there's a "other" folder.

:bulletgreen: Submissions for most folders are only voted on to ensure they're in the right folder, and aren't judged based on quality.

:bulletgreen: Submissions for featured are set at two per week and will be judged based on quality.
Note: Not everything submitted to featured gets accepted, and it's up to you to not get discouraged or upset over it. If it's declined and we haven't already given you some tips to improve, feel free to ask. Do keep in mind feedback takes some time though.

:bulletgreen: If your piece has already been declined from the featured folder don't submit it there again. Trust me, the decision won't change and we will notice if you do it.

:bulletred: Credits for resources used in photomanipulations and other pieces must be given.

:bulletred: Be kind to the admins and other members. Especially the admins, you'll face the wrath of an angry founder if you're rude to the admins.

:bulletred: Journals may be submitted to the journal folder only if they have art or literature features, or are advertising commissions, contests, or giveaways. No personal journals.

:bulletred: Mature content is not accepted. If we even have to question if it's mature content then it will be declined.

This means that we decline:

1)-- Artwork with overly sexualized poses, skimpy or lack of clothing, or vulgar sexual references, nudity, etc.

2)--excessive blood or gore.

3)--artwork and literature pieces that have excessive swearing, or insults that are known to be very offensive.

About The Group


Beyond The Art is here to help you grow and develop as an artist as well as give more attention to your art. We're here to collect art and show it off to the world.

Please read the rules before submitting here! (keep scrolling)

We aim to be a friendly and open group. We won't discriminate about absolutely anything, and all members will be greeted with open arms and treated with respect.

We're also here to encourage you to think more deeply about art and consider the concepts behind a piece. We're here to encourage you to look beyond the art. When Da Vinci made a painting, what was the purpose behind it? What was he trying to convey? When you see a piece that catches your eye, stop and take a second to analyze it.


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Gallery Folders

Soft by FlashW
EXCELSIOR! by Grace-Dupre
Ahri [K/DA - POP/STARS] [fanart] + Video by Yamaneka
Mysticaya StarRain- Glacial Realm by BrandonB-80
Digital Art V
Ghost Hunting by rinkledink
portrait yo by MrAJHunter
Horan's Mountains by Zianu
Kimi Gomuru by LilyandJasper
Digital Art VI
Arrival at the Nexus by Euderion
Noel the Death by KlenaLom
[OPEN AUCTION] honey you've got a big storm coming by forestfolke
Curious Lala (By KijonaiaArt) by VillainessArt
Traditional 4
Fakemon Showcase: Lusamite by McGlad292
yoshitaka fanart vampire hunter d by milkalexandra1234
yoshitaka flowers  fanart hd by milkalexandra1234
2. Watermelons by Szura69
Traditional 3 FULL
Portrait of Bazzi by lazy-brush
Portrait of a girl with a bouquet of flowers by lazy-brush
Commission by ponfabulous
A part of my complex Mind (Black and White) by Loggaa
Traditional FULL
Creepy skulls by ULarka
Mei from overwatch by AmyDrawArt
Spiderman by naanbreadd
Empire state building by alistark91
Traditional 2 FULL
VaraMessina, acquerello by freesoul93
Silent and Sightless by Myndrot
Mushroom spell by WeirdSwirl
Adopts, YCH's, breedables
OPEN Set price: Herbazoi 03-04 (USD/PTS) + CUSTOM by weirdosaurus-adopts
Open Adobtable by KyriE-studio
Mythic Arcanox - adoptable (open). by Noxeri
Adopt - CLOSED by assamut
Lovely by HaganeSora
Happy Birthday Sandy!! by BlueIvyViolet
Happy Birthday Dimi by BlueIvyViolet
Wide Awake. by Ozzkat
the un-dimension by enkrat
Les vases comunicants by gilly2727
Poissoneau by gilly2727
Contest Banner (Pony Version Check Description) by WarNightZollo
Artisan Crafts
Polymer Clay Sugar Skull Troll by Orang3Marmalade
Umi by KlenaLom
My Soul Calibur VI Character Shirayuki by CatCamellia
Digital Art III
Witchblade by ChristopherDeepspace
Digital Art IV
Rosina by jcorbari
Digital Art II
Chibi Fortnite Sun Strider Keychain by SodaPOPPO
Tutorials, resources, linearts and bases
August and MC - kitsune by Artep89
Co-founder and Contributor Use Only
Spring and Trains by FaydenDane
Sailor Healer_SailorMoon by Pillara
This contest has ended! Congratulations to:

:iconcraftsbyblue: craftsbyblue - 1st Place
:iconslytherclawpadawan: SlytherclawPadawan - 2nd Place
:icondanielaivanova: DanielaIvanova - 3rd Place

While we are not going out of business, we would like to close 2017 by clearing out our "inventory" of artwork. We have 6000 :points: up for grabs, so there's no time to waste! :eager:

Contest Begins: Friday 15th December
Contest Ends: Sunday 31st December, Midnight Pacific Time
:dalove: Help spread the word of our "Everything Must Go" Contest and the 6000 :points: up for grabs!

Everything Must Go!

ProjectComment galleries must be EMPTY come January 1st, which means, we need you to help us give comments on the pieces featured in this article.

Comments must be constructive and relevant to the artist:
  • Constructive: Useful comments to help artists improve! Don't just focus on the positive or negative, strengths or weaknesses - include both, expand your reasons on the why and how, offer suggestions for improvement, guide the artist!
  • Relevant: Specific details, specific to the artist, their skill level and artwork overall!


:bulletgreen: Constructive and relevant comments must only be made on the pieces featured in this article to count.

:bulletgreen: We are looking for quality and quantity to determine the winners of this contest. It's in your best interest to post brilliant comments, as many comments as you can!

:bulletgreen: Mention you are commenting on behalf of this contest in your comments. To do so...

:bulletgreen: Given loads of comments? Copy and paste the link to each deviation you've commented on in a reply to this journal! Batches of links are preferred.

Only Comment on Artwork Featured Here!

15 Points

Black Butler: Book Of The Dead | Episode 1 by ArcaneEnforcer 360 degree video template (room) by RetSamys New Crack Fusion Collections Coming Up
Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardoRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo
If you don't know what I'm talking about:
Steven Universe - Crack Fusions 1/? by CyberneticCupcakeSteven Universe - Crack Fusions 2/? by CyberneticCupcakeSteven Universe - Crack Fusions 3/? by CyberneticCupcake
Steven Universe - Crack Fusions 4/? by CyberneticCupcakeSteven Universe - Crack Fusions 5/!!! by CyberneticCupcakeSteven Universe - Crack Fusions 6/IDC by CyberneticCupcake
If you can get past the negativity on some of them (I tend to use artist's descriptions as journals), these have all you need to know concerning who these guys are, but I don't know if I ever told you how they started.
When I used to frequent Facebook, I wanted to contribute to Steven Universe groups, so I would do doodles of what I thought some random gems would become together, hence the crack nature of my fusions. I would then post a collection of the individual gems I posted on Facebook to Deviantart as a l
POM - Black Wings - Chapter nineteenChapter Nineteen – Revenge Served Hot
A wave splashes over my face. Alive. I’m still alive. I look up, and instantly regret it. The sun blinds me for a moment. Shielding my eyes, I search for my makeshift raft. I had no strength left to pull it up in the morning, and now the tide attacks it.
I dip my wings into the sea. The water is tepid but wet to the touch and salty to taste; not just a dream. Or nightmare. An escape from their verdict. Chills fight through the heat and down my spine. The guards won’t find me here. Nobody will. I'm alone.
I settle on a rock, scorched as everything else around. The sun’s burning without mercy, more than it had ever been back in Hoboken, or New York as well. This island, it can’t be so far… So what's wrong with the weather? I spread my wings and fan myself. Heh, at least some use for them. Other than rowing,

10 Points

  DFC 2016: 3 - Amistad by cholie DFC 2016: 1 - Enigma by cholie  POM - Black wings - Chapter fiveChapter five: With a touch of caution, please!
The morning had brought another promised martial arts training. I'll win today. Surely! Kowalski couldn't have been more wrong when he had said we'd never come to use our training in practice. Sometimes it seemed our commander was a magnet for the threats we now and then got from the Hoboken zoo...
"Have you stepped into a puddle of glue or what?" Skipper’s voice snapped through my thoughts. He was watching me, wings crossed over his chest, kicking at a stray popsicle stick. His last kick sent it into a lamppost and clinking into the bin under. "Come on, we don't have the whole day!"
"I'm sorry, sir." You could’ve let me think for a tiny whil
Male!Halo!Spartan!Reader x Star Wars - PrologueMale!Halo!Spartan!Reader x Star Wars
Author's Note: Check the description for an explanation as to why I've been gone for a while. 
Onto the story! Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I do not own and nor do I claim to own anything other than this story. Star Wars, its characters, planets, factions, and the universe it is set in is owned by Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Studios, and The Walt Disney Company. The Halo franchise as a whole is owned by Bungie. You are not owned by anyone. I simply own the story.
Prologue: Last Man Standing
Third Person POV
It is July 25, 2557 and the location is what is officially known as Forerunner Halo Installation 03, or just Installation 03 for short. A squad of SPARTAN-II commandos have set up camp in one of the ring’s desert areas, along with a team of scientists which the team was ordered to protect.
This squad in particular, known as Fireteam Spartan: Black, or just Team
WIP Undertale Animation - 2nd preview (READ DESC.) by Thelightsmen Lavender 43 by Laylabelle97 Asgore Trident - W.I.P scene preview by Thelightsmen Commission: Overwatch Retraining Required by EduartBoudewijn Commission: Overwatch Retraining Required Alt by EduartBoudewijn Art Trade: Pokesona by EduartBoudewijn A typical day part 3 by Peace-In-Violence 

5 Points

  Personality by AuburnZero :thumb712358031: Remembrance Pg 12 by Untraceablemystic Burai, the Dragon Ranger by therogueone Lizardmen 3 by Eternal-Shadow-S  Nikki with a Tophat by ConnerWithARailgun Collab  Merry Christmas (Ft. Bluefirewolf2003) by jegarwoods  Sending p5 by ocalliemymallie Fan Art - Mysterion by NegativeDrawings Lavender 43 by Laylabelle97 New Yorker by ThePurpleGriffin Share, Please. by MyOCz  Resting by StarSketchMEH MorganaFrame2 by F1R35P1N Cloud Reflex by jegarwoods

Scoring & Judging

Pieces for you to comment on are grouped under separate point headings. So, if you post an amazing comment on a piece of art under the "15 Points" heading, you will get up to 15 points maximum! If you post an amazing comment on a piece of art under the "5 Points" heading, you will get up to 5 Points maximum!

Please note, this is a sliding scale. Those who comment with little/no effort will only get 1 point, not 5 / 10 / 15 points.

At the end, all points will be tallied up to determine the winners of this contest.


As you know, we have 6000 :points: up for grabs! Winners will receive a minimum of 1000 :points: each, while those who put in great effort may find themselves the recipients of some :points: too!

:note: Want to donate a prize?
Note ProjectComment now. We appreciate any and every support given! :la:

Final Note

  • :+devwatch: ProjectComment for updates on this contest.
  • This article is regularly updated with artwork! Once a piece has received a constructive comment, it will be removed from this article.
  • Comments made on behalf of this contest can't be used for the group gallery, but can be used for Nominate a Commenter + Win 100 Points!
  • Finally, join Project Art Discord Server today to make friends, share art, get feedback, and more! :eager:

Don't forget to link us to the deviations you've commented on in a reply to this journal!

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you have fun! If you have any questions, concerns, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you! :love:

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