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Please read these rules before submitting to the group! Thank you!

:bulletgreen: Submissions are set at 2 per week

:bulletgreen: Submit to the right folder! There's a folder for almost everything and if you don't know what folder to put it in, then there's a "other" folder.

:bulletgreen: Submissions for most folders are only voted on to ensure they're in the right folder, and aren't judged based on quality.

:bulletgreen: Submissions for featured are set at two per week and will be judged based on quality.
Note: Not everything submitted to featured gets accepted, and it's up to you to not get discouraged or upset over it. If it's declined and we haven't already given you some tips to improve, feel free to ask. Do keep in mind feedback takes some time though.

:bulletgreen: If your piece has already been declined from the featured folder don't submit it there again. Trust me, the decision won't change and we will notice if you do it.

:bulletred: Credits for resources used in photomanipulations and other pieces must be given.

:bulletred: Be kind to the admins and other members. Especially the admins, you'll face the wrath of an angry founder if you're rude to the admins.

:bulletred: Journals may be submitted to the journal folder only if they have art or literature features, or are advertising commissions, contests, or giveaways. No personal journals.

:bulletred: Mature content is not accepted. If we even have to question if it's mature content then it will be declined.

This means that we decline:

1)-- Artwork with overly sexualized poses, skimpy or lack of clothing, or vulgar sexual references, nudity, etc.

2)--excessive blood or gore.

3)--artwork and literature pieces that have excessive swearing, or insults that are known to be very offensive.

About The Group


Beyond The Art is here to help you grow and develop as an artist as well as give more attention to your art. We're here to collect art and show it off to the world.

Please read the rules before submitting here! (keep scrolling)

We aim to be a friendly and open group. We won't discriminate about absolutely anything, and all members will be greeted with open arms and treated with respect.

We're also here to encourage you to think more deeply about art and consider the concepts behind a piece. We're here to encourage you to look beyond the art. When Da Vinci made a painting, what was the purpose behind it? What was he trying to convey? When you see a piece that catches your eye, stop and take a second to analyze it.


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Gallery Folders

Yordi 04052020 by FG-Arcadia
COMMISSION. Ayatamii (Sweater ver.) by p1uvio
Spider-man vs Venom Into The Spider Verse by bat123spider
Anime Fangirl by nebai
Digital Art V
Cursed Frontier by Brillick
Training hard with Shido by himeRra
JGF843GFHS by saaros
6 Fanarts Challenge by E0nstar
Digital Art VI
Rapunzel by ShinoriChian

Mature Content

DnD/Comm: A bit emotional by HronawmonsTamer
Entry LocaIEMT Contest by IDEGZ
The Test Mergroup by Lumi-Infinite64
Adopts, YCH's, breedables
Adoptable #19 [OPEN] by Villllain
Pride YCHS [OPEN] by 0NC1LL4
Chibi  Adopt Auction #49 (OPEN) by Ridory
Deep Morning Clouds by Gensotsuki
Red Ice Ivy Geranium by StopTimePhotography
... travitude ... by FlowerOfTheForest
Once we all lived on the first floor... by agevla77
A Dreaming Quarter by agevla77
chilling by omarhassan913
[G] the sun, the moon and the stars by DeadBlueHydrangeas
Pensive chrysanthemums. Color selection by AnnaZLove
Artisan Crafts
Gomamon origami  by marakiO
Wooden pin ych result for noworii by ShadowOfLightt
Patamon origami by marakiO
Hazbin Hotel - Pulaski Table by TheEmily1220
SET PRICE - [OPEN1/2] Gemini and Taurus by AppleOR
[ Mermaid AU! BNHA ] Mini-comics [ BakuDeku ] by 19wereWOLF87
Commission: Fresh Meat by LilyandJasper
ITLD- The Wolf's Veil- 383-384 by Respeanut
Adopt 163 : Sketch Mechamon IV | OPEN (4/4) by I5HIMARU
Polaroid of 80's by agevla77
Elphelt Valentine - Guilty Gear by Zer0Mechan1sm
The Voice - Chapter 1
Chapter 1“Man! I can’t believe you finally asked her to marry you dude!” My friend exclaimed. I had called him after I dropped Scarlette off at home.“Well believe it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I finally realized she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.” I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was talking to him. My gray-blue eyes twinkling from the recent excitement. “Are you really sure about that? I mean, you haven’t even had sex yet, what if she’s horrible in bed or some kinky motherfucker?”I chuckled at his concern. “Dude, you and I both know that both her and I are virgins. So most likely, well both be terrible the first couple times, and we can discover for ourselves if we want to be ‘kinky motherfuckers’ as you so kindly accused her of being.” I still had a smile on my face, knowing for a fact that he already knew that and was just messing around.“Pfft, yeah yeah whatever.” He scoffed. “You gonna wait till marriage?”“As of right now, I don’t know. I want to do it, but I need to respect her. I’ve built our relationship on love, trust, and respect. And if she wants to wait until we are officially married, then I’ll wait, no questions asked.”“Aww, such a sweetheart.” He teased.“It’s what I believe in. The strongest relationships are built on those three things I swear. Oh yeah, and communication. You should think about following it too Sept.” My old friend was the type to want sex a few dates into a relationship. I think because of it, it’s the reason he has yet to have a long term relationship.He sighed, “Maybe I just haven’t found the right girl yet. Or the right guy. You never know.” I smiled again at his mumblings. He came out to me a few months ago about being bi. I’m glad we have so much trust and love between us, I truly felt like in another life, we had to have been brothers. So I welcomed his confession with open armsDominik....“Hello?” I suddenly called out.“Dom? Everything ok?” Sept said worriedly.I looked around my room, I lived in apartment alone. So there was no way anybody else could be here. “Dominik?” Sept brought me back out of my thoughts.“Dude....I could’ve sworn I just heard someone calling my name in my room.”“Are you sure? Maybe you just need some rest.”“I don’t know, I heard the same voice right after I proposed.”“Dominik, you’re just hearing things. You had a lot happen today, maybe you just need some rest.” He said trying to calm me down.“Boy I sure hope so. I’ll talk to you later then.” I said defeatedly. “Yeah, you can always come talk to me dude. Let me know if it keeps popping up, we’ll talk through it together.” He said like any loving brother would.“Thanks, Sept, goodnight.”“Night.”We hung up as I brushed through my black hair with my fingers. With a sigh I flopped back onto my bed. Dominik...“No. I’m just hearing things, there’s nothing and nobody hear.” I mumbled to myself rubbing my hands over my face. I sighed again as I snuggled under the blankets. Immediately I started falling asleep....
Back Home from a Sad Circus... by agevla77
Commissions Info Open [2020]Under construction, but some options are available. Last update: 29.05.20 Hello! I can make a painting of your original characters, sonas, fan characters or characters from cartoons, videogames etc.  I'm comfortable with: - humans, all kinds of humanoids - anthro  - monsters Anything else need consideration, you can always ask me!  I'm open for new experiences. I'm fine with drawing something erotic or blood/gore to some. Don't be afraid to ask. I don't make artworks in art-styles of other artists. My own art-styles isn't stable, keep it in mind.   It's possible to split your payment - to partially pay in cash and partially in DA points. We can work with payment plan, but I would prefer to do it with people who already bought something from me, either it's an adoptable, a commission or an ych.  Prices below are for a single character. Second, third, etc. character will add to the price the same sum. If you want something different - just ask, preferebly in notes.  If you don't see a price for some option, you might get a discount as the first one who commossioned me with that particular option x) Or not, if I already have something in work. But don't mooch. I'll tell you about discount anyway myself x)   Cell-shaded B&W Lineart Portrait: [Base price: ] Halfbody: [Base price: ] Fullbody: [Base price: ] Semi-chibi fullbody: [Base price: ]  Chibi fullbody: [Base price: ]   Cell-shaded colored lineart Portrait: [Base price: ] Halfbody: [Base price: ] Fullbody: [Base price: ] Semi-chibi fullbody: [Base price: ]  Chibi fullbody: [Base price: ]   Colored and rendered lineart Portrait: [Base price: ] Halfbody: [Base price: ] Fullbody: [Base price: ] Semi-chibi fullbody: [Base price: 35$ or 3500 pts]  Chibi fullbody: [Base price: 25$ or 2500 pts]   Fully rendered semi-realistic Portrait: [Base price: 40$ or 4000 pts] Halfbody: [Base price: 70$] Fullbody: [Base price: 100$] Semi-chibi fullbody: [Base price: 40$ or 4000 pts] Chibi fullbody: [Base price: 30$ or 3000 pts]  Characters complicated in design (for example, wings, detailed clothing, very long or crazy hairstyles, big complex accessories, weapons) take more time, so price for them is higher.  Simple backgrounds are free, everything more complicated or specific will cost at least 1$.   I don't have specific limit for a number of characters on one picture, but probably I won't draw more than 5-7 detailed characters on one picture.  Completion time: sorry, can't promise anything. You always can ask me how the things are, what's going on and ask to show current stage of the artwork.     Have questions? Ask me in the comments or note me.   Some rules:  Personal use only. No prints or any other things for sale.   Usually commissioned artwork becomes a part of my portfolio. You can ask for private commission, but this option might add to the price if artwork is big or complex.    I accept payment in USD through Paypal or with DA points via commission widget.   I do refunds only if I can't finish my work. Exceptions are possible, but it will be partial refund depending on the current stage of work. Please be sure you are commited to get a commissioned artwork from me.   How to commission me:If you interested - please send me a message on DevianArt or FurAffinity user you can note me (or on with "Commission" ) with following form:Commission type: (for example "Black and white portrait sketch") Character personality and important notes: don't make it too long, please ^^ References: best result requires good and clear references. You can send me anything as references - photos, drawings, color palettes, moodboards etc.    What I want to see in the artwork: describe what you want - emotion, mood, atmosphere. Maybe you want just a neutral smile? ^^ Extra: just in case, you can leave this field empty Payment method: provide your PayPal e-mail if you want to pay in USDAfter this I'll send you few rough sketches and how much each cost, so you can choose which one you like more.After sketch approval I send invoice for full payment.  And after payment I start my work on clear sketch and painting.  Amount of big changes (for example, different pose) in sketch is limited, also I won't do major changes of sketch at coloring stage. Exception: I change initial sketch if it will help with composition.  Final result can be a little different in colors, but composition, mood and base colors are established at sketch stage and coloring stage before any render.  All commissions are stored in the Google drive, each customer have their own folder that can be accessed by the link only I provide! So don't worry about privacy. You don't have to have a google account to access your folder.  If I haven't responded to you for 2 days or more, PLEASE send note again or contact me via e-mail.  Working on: Syravene - Semi-Chibi Fullbody - 30% done - paid Xellia - Portrait - 0% - paid KaiElm - Reference Sheet - 0% - paid Pending:Nothing yetWait list:Nothing yetDone:Xellia - Portrait (2019)          Foolish-Hearts - Portrait  (2019)  Foolish-Hearts - Portrait (2019)    Syravene - Chibi (2019) Syravene - Chibi (2019) Syravene - Semi-chibi (2019)...
[OPEN] Commission!!Please read the information and rules carefully! Information & Rules All commission payments are prepayments through ~ I will update the slots on my DA page!~ I will do a rough sketch and show it to you first to make sure I will complete the order just as how you want it before I proceed to the final art~ If you wish to make any changes, please request only the minor changes! Friendly Reminder Please make your payment after I give you the clearance, and not before! This is to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding and refund process! Please don't rush me into completing the order. Sometimes the best result requires time!~ I would appreciate it if you can wait for me to deliver the best result I can to you!~ Let's communicate politely and be understanding! This is very important to ensure smooth transactions between us!~ What I can draw Male/Female HumanoidBionic HumanoidCouples (Male Female) / PairsOCsKemonomimi What I cannot draw NSFW/Mature/+18FetishesYuri/YaoiMechaSuper muscular/Old PeopleFurries/AnthrosComplicated VisualsCharacter from description If you want to make an order that is not something in the lists above, please ask me first and I'll see if I can draw it for you!~ Category Pricing [BUST/CLOSE-UP]Simple/No Background 7$Full Background 12$Addition Character(s) 5$ per character [WAIST-UP/HALF BODY]Simple/No Background 10$Full Background 15$Additional Character(s) 7$ per character [FULL-BODY]Simple/No Background 17$Full Background 22$Additional Character(s) 10$ per character How to order? Please fill in this form: Deviant Username: Commission category: Character(s) references link: Details: Pose, expressions, etc Background: No / simple background, fully detailed background? Current Waitlist! Cheri-Bomb ( )You can order by filling in the form and post it on the comment sections, or directly note me!On that note, Thank you so much for commissioning me!...
Sketch Commission 17. by ArtwithKA
Tutorials, resources, linearts and bases
Gwen Sketch Dump #1 by MbTheGray
Co-founder and Contributor Use Only
Deviantart loves us pt5 by Silerna

Mature Content

Momiji Mai Onsen Night Version by RadiantEld
Traditional Art NEW FOLDER II
A Puffin Sane by JesmondCat
Too lazy to put in right place
Digital Art NEW FOLDER
Hayasaka Ai Fanart by ryumikooo
Traditional Art NEW FOLDER
Quarantine - Victorian style by Cranash64
Art Contest Folder
Devious Folder 2

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Genius Loci: The Discordant Cities by Ranarh

Collection based on the Open Feature - Nature


Thank you everyone for participating!

The Colours In The Grass 0764.2 by DPasschier
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Eisherz by Xenaris A dream by sulgao Hyazinthara by Erdbeersternchen
Never Let Me Go by Yuukon
Blue Tit by PaulaDarwinkel
Ce qui fut n'est plus by Onodrim-Photography
sweet by lovemyscars
Peace by butterscotchbobSunset Arch by ScottaHemiPerfect Clear Pink Sunset by HaveFaithHopeLoveArt
desert by YoBarte
YCH Commish: Three of Wands by AminirusThe light that comes just before dark by jeristarlight 
Oh deer by KanahaniARTLeaves by CinnamonDevil
Stock-photo-evening-niederhorn-258468037 by orestART
Children of the Seed by VitaliaDiSunflower Zentangle by SavageFrogOsprey by Fuee
Waves after waves by GeorgeXVII
Tree beats stone by WolfDenOne -- Evolve -- by AshleyxBrooke
into the green... by tanares8
Caught in the Middle by Kitteh-Pawz
Field against the Sky by DevaPan
Red Mums 2 by JenX-Photo Fiery Forest by ReaperBunny The stone under the tree. by Myrrael
Breezy by JustinDeRosa
Rova Den by milkcupie
Winter Seashore by Pajunen
Perito Moreno 2 by Cansounofargentina
hello world by InsanityPants
Yellow by AnastasiaMorning
Leon Devenice , Original paintings for sale by leondevenice
Between light and shadow by Ellysiumn
Artwork By Robert Lukeman by SpectrumMakers
Salt River Twilight by PeterJCoskun
Sunset by Andorada

We should not take Nature for granted...

Warmth by Andorada

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

Hummingbird hovering by LoverPrints

Welcome to a new Common Feature, based on the Open Feature - Nature


More will follow
Thank you everyone for participating!

Wisteria by blumoonpanther
Secret Shack by Spiritofdarkness

Tiger in the water-oil on canvas by PeachtreeDandan
Moss Machine Falls by boldfrontiers
Old Gods by ShadeofShinon
Moose by NOORPOL
Mushroom Heart by HaveFaithHopeLoveArtEastern grey kangaroo joey 1 by Jokerfan79
Comic Page 14 by Super-ChiElepho by KimberlyW-Art
Motherly love by hermione-bagginsI'm Nebraskan by AlyssaStehle
Between cities - a diplomate and her wolfguards by vidal174
Hey artist let me in by Rathaloshunter16Songnisan by Cheralla
Life... Dreams... Hope... and some art by Azurelly
Peaceful Memories by MarieStars
FA/OC - A new bby! by Aer0Hail
Warmth - 08/2019 by Foxhardt
yellow coneflower by jennomat
Home by NecroMasqueradeGolden October by Bittersuesz
Robin by PaulaDarwinkel
Woodland Cathedral by Onodrim-Photography
Obsidian Flows by MoodyBlue
Outback Australia Skateboard Deck by dinoloverXX
Melody Of Autumn by LeonidafremovNo ordinary Rose by RI-Art
Chevaux de sable by Ellisis
Everything the Light Touches, is My Kingdom by TerrianJunkie-- Evolve -- by AshleyxBrooke
Red deer - Battle by BeckyKidus
Redtail Hawk by drgnfly4free
Stepping Stones by AnthonyH318
Ocean Ice Mountain  by jodi3330
Black And White Deer by EmilyArtPolandBlue Horizon 1 by AlexisYoko
Observation Tower by eegariM
Virgin Land by aerroscape
Summer Scenery by QuicksilverCatChibi totoro fishing - ukiyoe style by Syntetyc
Homecoming I - Cornelia by Azurelly
Birthday Butterfly by MEPArtz
Going by AshnoAlice
Injured Sun by Ashdei-sanLost In The Woods by AshnoAlice
Sea Turtle by Daviddiaspr
Slow Chill by GaryGuidrozArtsRonnie by sukinova777
Cosmic ocean 3 by Helsic
far, far away by midgardartNebula by agree-to-dissagree
Artume by BronzeHalo
Sustenhorn night by xrust
Star Maker by yuumei
Lion in Aurora by jkclayton

We should not take Nature for granted...

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

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Scream ( 1996 ) anime 90s style by SuuSlimeGirl  
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Hello, I opened a commission.

(Digital Commission) - OPEN!!Hello all !! I open commission for bust shot, half body, and full body digital drawingPayments using PayPalWhat I draw:- anime-styled characters- full-color charactersWhat I don't draw:- NSFW- Meccha- Furries (but kemono mimis are okay)- Fetish related artworks, and generally offensive artworks - Yaoi --COMMISSION RULES--- Payment method: using PayPal only- After you place an order, you'll receive a sketch in advance so I can still change something if you want it to be different. - The payments are done after you're happy with the sketch. - The price doesn't include the PayPal fee, so please remember to pay this as well!  - PLEASE SELECT: No shipping address needed. - - Please don't add any words that suggest the money is for a commission, e.g. no 'commission', 'adopt', 'drawing', etc. Just your DeviantArt name is fine. --ARTWORK RULES--- I will work on the commission as soon as the order is placed  - I own the artwork and can post it to DA and any other site. -  You may not resell my artwork, use it commercially, or for promotion of a commercial project.- You may not remove my signature from commissions.- There's an added fee for More specific and complicated backgrounds, also for extra characters as well. I'll decide on how much extra fee is needed. - If you are not satisfied with the piece I will not give refunds or redo the piece. However, if I have missed minor details that have already been agreed to, and you would like me to add them in, if possible without ruining the piece I will add them in -- COMISSION TYPES-- (please note me if you want) - BUST SHOT ($15 EACH DRAWING) - HALF BODY ($20 EACH DRAWING) - FULL BODY ($25 EACH DRAWING)-- HOW TO ORDER-- Fill in the following form in a note: Kind of commission Character names and information (please include links to reference sheets/pictures already existing/other information) 3. Pose/facial expression information. 4. Background information (Simple backgrounds) --Thank you for reading-- Sieg by Nii-juuAnderzen  

Platinum by Nii-juuAnderzen   Closure by Nii-juuAnderzen
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SB 1$
MIN 1$
AB 10$
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