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Let it SparkThere's electric light in the sky tonightThe brightest storm there's ever beenA realm of electrocutionAnd it looks like I'm the queenThe thunder's roaring like this raging pain insideI couldn't keep it in. Heaven knows I tried.Whilst Anto has been off catching up with Ozai. His cohorts had been playing. Scratch that. Make it that they're seeking to play. They'd immediately realized crashing at the Spirit of Death's crib was zero fun.Anto rigorously commanded to stay put. Predictably the adolescents immediately gotten fed up with being 'grounded.' Loathing the fact they couldn't indulge in their traditional hobbies, including they couldn't bend in this universe. Princess Azula's fixation on becoming the most renowned firebender ever? It left her quite cranky, which everyone discovered not to get on her bad side.Azula remained a walking weapon devoid of morals or remorse. The Demon Princess wouldn't hesitate in employing lethal force on anyone. Its what made her the perfect choice to be Anto's champion.Anil stayed irritable from more then lack of bending. Airbenders, given their element, don't like being quarantined for an extended period of time. They must be like the wind. Free to go wherever it took them.Sitka persisted in being both an accomplished huntsman and seasoned warrior. Not having anyone to spar with nor anything to hunt and kill leaving him feeling extremely exasperate. Last time he'd been aggravated? He nearly assassinated Kenai. Therefore, being this aggravated made him all the more menacing.Lady Setsuna had it the most difficult as a noblewoman of high society. Neither a bender nor a warrior, vastly restricting her on abilities outside of the aristocracy scope. Long Feng spent his entire life grooming her for assuming the role of monarch. So again, nothing short of that was she any good at. It hadn't bothered her until now when she's bored out of her skull.Of course, Anto owned a Pai Sho board. Who didn't own at least one? Except none of the teens appreciated the game. They're ready to rip out their hair due to excessive boredom."Ugh! There has got to be something to do! Seriously? Why can we leave this stinky castle? I want to go hunt! Imagine how many monstrosities I could bag as trophies if we're allowed to ditch this loser's decrepit hovel!" fiercely hissed Sitka.He'd been utilizing the onyx slabs as whetstones. Needing to keep his weapons razor-sharp. Currently sharpening his blade. The same one he'd used on that mutant Kenai. Testing the blade, he chucked it at the wall. It hit dead center, going a few inches into the wall. "Well, at least this place is exceptional for sharping blades," he grunted as he retrieved his dagger.Anil took out a pair of panpipes striving to play them. However? The abominable acoustics of this deteriorating mansion caused everything to sound off-key. Snarling, the rogue Airbender raved his frustrations."UGH! I can't practice worth shit here! The only thing I'd over Aang was being a more skilled instrumentalist! Now my abilities are going to go rusty in this odious geographical area!""I don't like this either, Anil. There ain't a single handmaiden here! I've never resided in such primordial conditions! My uncle made certain I was treated like a princess! This location is far below my station! This isn't a place for a proper lady of the court to be stuck in!" Setsuna retorted, examining all her broken nails.Azula silently agreed with Setsuna. Again noting how disturbingly comparable they were. Yet the cursed child couldn't argue with any of her 'friends.' They needed to get out of this dead zone. They're going stir-crazy from being cooped up this long. There had to be something fun to do outdoors. There persisted only one solution. They had to sneak out for a few hours.Don't let it show, don't go too farBe the normal girl they think you areConceal your power in the nightDon't shine your lightSince time passed differently in the Spirit World vs. the Human World, they sincerely didn't know how long Anto be gone. After all, he'd made it clear-cut how unbelievably complex communicating Azula's father was. Over a dozen reasons that they'd zoned out on, nevertheless, they got the gist.Yet after a fortnight in Zan? They got fantabulous at anticipating everything to do with Anto. Particularly Azula given her status as his champion, plus unknowingly his female offspring's soul sister. Either way, Azula felt she could out-think him. The way she'd figured, they'd at least twelve hours to escape on Earth that would've been two days.Either way, they'd to get out. They'd been experimenting with employing Anto's spirit portals. They're numerous safeguards to impede ill-usage. However, as Azula remains Anto's champion, she'd the innate talent of bending it to her will. "Okay, I've figured out how to command the portal. It will take us where we most desire within the spirit world. It will open once more, about a half-hour before Anto's due back.Therefore don't miss your return ride. I'm confident that old bag of bones has no qualms giving us a flogging for not following his ridiculous commands. So let's get going!" Azula instructed her trio of 'friends.'Let it spark, let it sparkLet my power light the darkLet it spark, let it sparkLet my magic make its markI don't care what they'll say about meLet the current flow. I'm not afraid of electricityThey'd decided to stay in groups of two based on gender. The boys went first, followed ten minutes later by the girls. Except the twosomes ended up in an entirely different geographical region. The boys got deposited into a geographical area chock-full of spirit animal guides, while girls ended up in a rainforest.Sitka licked his lips salivating from all the helpless prey before him rubbing his hands together in enthusiasm. "Well, take a gander at all that plump, juicy meat in front of us! Oh, if I could get their pelts?" giggling like a manic, "No one would challenge me for the chieftain! Let's start getting hunting!" pulling his prized dagger out of its sheath."Um, Sitka? Did you neglect to recognize I'm an Airbender? We don't exactly sanction the slaughter of animals. Nor the consumption of them," Anil reminded, which caused the Water Tribe douche bag to snort. Leaving the adolescent Airbender completely clueless about what the joke was. Finally, taking a big breath of air, Sitka replied snidely."You honestly expect me to accept you're a 'true' Air Nomad, granola boy?" he let out a harsh laugh."What do you find so ridiculous?" Anil demanded, irritated before Sitka spat it out,"You are so not Mr. peace, love, groovy times, squirt!" counting off his hand the several reasons Anil wasn't an Air Nomad."First off, you ain't a pacifist in the slightest. You relish hostility and warring. You've no qualms whatsoever regarding bodily harm to another. After all, you've proven your willingness to beat that Aang boy to a pulp!Secondly? You are so not composed nor speak civilized. You have a short temper and an even sharper tongue. The things coming out of your mouth? You're not even worried that your mouth will be washed out with soap!Finally? You don't give two shits about your so-called rule of "I don't eat meat!" Given you didn't hesitate for a second to eat that gross dinner, Anto served us. Face it, Anil! You're no more an Air Nomad then I'm a waterbender. You don't jive that way!"At first, the shorter male seemed rather offended. If he could've airbended, he would've done without hesitation. Suddenly he realized Sitka was right, so he nodded his head. "You've got a point, Sitka," which frankly astonished the Water Tribe boy that the shrimp agreed with him.Anil had an expression of revulsion on his features. Evidently, he'd been dying to confess forever. "I've never clicked with those ludicrous regulations. Once I get my share of the Shard's power? Well, I'll refashion the Air Nomads into a praiseworthy civilization! In my world, we won't be such wusses! Nor will we ever be wish-washy again!"Smirking, Sitka put a hand on the boy's shoulder, "I believe you and I will be the best of friends by the time this adventure ends!" And with that, the boys went about their murderous sport.It's funny how the thunder.Can drown out all my fearAnd a bolt of lightning lights the wayMy choice is crystal clearIt's time to let my power growTo flip the switch and let it flowNo hiding now. I'll let them seeThis is me!Elsewhere the misses were traversing through the muggy rainforest. Given this jungle geographical area virtually rivaled the Fire Nation, Azula felt right at home. Once again, Setsuna's high-society upbringing caused several complications for the adolescents."Yikes! How big do these damn pests have to be?!" she yelped as two enormous dragonflies whirred past her head. She hated the outdoors, given how unclean it was. Her high-priced apparel was shredded and covered in feces. All her nails were broken, and she smelled like dung. "How in the world can anyone like being out here? We're supposed to be civilized! We ain't stinky feeble-minded beasts who don't have enough brainpower to stay clean! Ugh! When I get my share of the Shard's power, I plan to do away with all this nature!"Let it spark, let it sparkI'm alive with energyLet it spark, let it sparkIt's a brand new life for meHere I stand, and here I stayLet the current flowAzula couldn't help but smirk while her companion threw her little tantrum. "Really, Setsuna? You've never been outside?""Not unless you count the palace's manicured garden! I thought as a princess, you understand!"Still smirking, Azula replied, "In the Fire Nation, we're bred to be tough-minded. I've strived my entire life to become the most distinguished firebender ever. I've dealt with my namby-pamby household for thirteen years.They've no sense whatsoever of what it rightfully means to be a Fire Nation citizen. They've all gotten soft. Thinking you need to be charitable, merciful, and other baloney like that.When I deliver my father? We shall return the Fire Nation to its former glory! Oh, how I dream of the blood-red skies! My so-called family's last breath! I've desired all my life to silt Zu-Zu's throat!No way that failure deserves to be the heir! He's weak and has no talent whatsoever! Plus, his idiotic friends and that damned sweetheart of his have ruined my friends!Because of those three? Mai and Ty Lee don't have the drive or heart to reach their genuine potential! They're as pathetic as the rest of my bloodline!" snapped the Fire Nation princess.Setsuna remained silent for a full minute before speaking. "Do I detect a slight case of jealousy?" Azula looked like she'd been punched. Yet, Setsuna pushed forward. "From how you speak regarding your cousin's girlfriend? I can plainly hear in your voice a lot of venoms.Therefore are you jealous of her? What's she got that you don't got? You're unquestionably a spectacular bender. Plus, if I may say, an incredibly sensual young lady. Consequently, what this lady friend got that you don't?" Azula didn't desire to answer the questioning. Leaving Setsuna to conclude, yes, Azula was envious of her cousin's girlfriend, whatever her rational motives were."Do you know if there someplace we can get a bath? I can't stand to have dirt on me one minute longer!" she complained loudly."Let's see if we can locate a lake or something." They traveled for twenty more minutes until they came upon a pool of water. The girls had no problems stripping in front of each other before submerging themselves in the water.My power spikes the air and tears into the groundThe thunder rumbles, and the storm is building all aroundAnd one thought splits the night sky in a blinding flashThe past is buried in a pyre of smoke and ashAt first, the girls didn't even pay attention to the others. Simply going about their bathing. However, it didn't take long for their lusting for each other to take over. Consequently, they got about as intimate as you could get under the circumstances.They're so caught up in the passion of the moment they nearly missed the portal to take them back to Anto's palace. The boys noticed their sloppy apparel, perspiring faces, and only smirked.Anto gave all four children a once over. He suspected something had occurred while he'd been gone. However, he couldn't put his talon on it. Instead, he shrugged it off before telling them they'd to start planning the next phase of their plan. Happy none of them been caught, they eagerly got down to business. Soon all their deepest desires would come true.Let it spark, let it sparkAnd I'll rise with the thunder's roarLet it spark, let it sparkI won't be silenced anymoreIn my new world, I'm strong and freeLet the current flow. I'm not afraid of electricity.
The Truth Is Always Blind - Chapter 4“Hey! This isn’t the best place to sleep, you know!”My eyes snapped open and looked up at the dark sky above, speckled lightly with shimmering silver stars, and a pair of scowling forest green eyes. A woman, maybe a little younger than I am, leaned over my head and glared at me like I had just personally insulted her by dropping to the ground. Her slightly thinner than normal lips were nearly white from being pressed together so tightly, and her eyes flashed with anger set deep into the sharpened features of her face. A few thick tendrils of dark hair escaped the loose braid that draped across her shoulder, the scratchy tips tickling the edge of my face. Thick rings of violet skin lined under her eyes, like she hadn’t slept well in a very long time, and her skin was very pale. Highlighting the twin points of red flushed high in her cheeks, and the greyish smears of dust smeared across her jaw.I have seen the most beautiful women of Myrr at their most dazzling, and they couldn’t even compare to this woman standing above me. My heart skipped and then thudded so heavily against my chest that it shocked my lungs into a surprised breath. Blinding pain lancing through my temple, and a flurry of images flashed in front of my eyes. The crimson battlefield, Morgan Le Fay with her glittering smile, and this woman. My soulmate, believe it or not, and she was robbing a booth.Perhaps Lady Fate found this funny, but I certainly don’t. Bracing one arm behind my back, I shoved myself to my feet with a harsh groan. “In the name of her highness, I command you to cease your actions.” “What? You don’t want us to work either? We do have to pay your taxes somehow, you know.” She crossed her arms under her considerable chest, one eyebrow arching nearly as high as her hairline as her eyes lingered on something just above my head. Of course, she was just working in her booth like anyone else would. How could I be so stupid? It must have been the air from the tavern, the smell of liquor had burned all good sense right out of my head. Then something rough scraped just over my left eye.My arm snapped up on impulse, instinct guiding my hand to grab hold of her wrist and twist it back. The rough leather of her gloves scraped against my fingers, nearly drawing blood, as I further twisted her arm up behind her shoulders. “What do you think you’re doing?” I hissed. ““It’s an easy way to get killed by carelessly touching a trained soldier. Don’t do that.” “Trying to keep you from bleeding to death.” Like she was some sort of leech, the woman squirmed in my arms, but I held tight. Her bones were thin, my fingers wrapping around her wrist almost completely, and felt so fragile that I could snap her bones like a twig. Then I noticed that the tips of her fingers were stained a bright crimson, easily cutting through the layer of slightly greenish plant stains lingering on the leather. “Would you stop please?” Her voice squeaked slightly in pain, her head twisting to glance back at me with those sharp eyes narrowed hawk-like. Then, like a bee struggling through spilled honey, her words slowly trickled into my head. Shit!“M-My apologies, ma’am.” I let her go, the woman eyeing me warily like someone would a mangy stray dog while she rubbed her wrists. My cheeks started to burn, the accusation in her glare nearly roasting my skin from my bones, and I turned away and started dusting the dirt off my pants and shirt. Her boots scraped against the ground as she walked away, sounding almost like the leather was almost broken through. I should slap myself for being so stupid. She was just attempting to help, it wasn’t like I needed to give her another reason to hate the Queen’s army by nearly wrenching her shoulder off. The rumors would certainly fly now.The jittery nerves in my stomach still wouldn’t let me forget all those images I saw, no matter how much I tried. It was just a stupid dream, it had to be. Nothing like that could be true. But then why were my hands still shaking so badly? Why could I still smell bitter blood in the fresh night air? “Here, this might help you.” A finger tapped on my shoulder, and I turned around to see the girl standing there with something small cupped in her left hand. One finger curled up and motioned me to open my hand, and like a puppet on a string, I followed her silent command. A small crystal vial filled with a clear fluid dropped directly in the heart of my palm, the glittering crystal lookinh almost obscenely fake against my filthy palms. Even though it was just the briefest brush of her fingertips against mine, a chill skittered up my arm at the graze of leather against my skin. It reminded me of something colder, like oil sliding through my fingers, but then it was gone just as quick as it appeared. I scowled, rubbing my fingers over the vial’s smooth sides. That was magic, I could feel that, but not enough that it triggered the telltale hum in my ears. “It’s just a mixture of lavender and chamomile oils, nothing too exotic and it’s not poison if that’s what you're thinking. It should help any migraines that might pop up after nearly busting your head on the stones. I use it myself and it’s very effective. I do think you should go see a doctor about that in case it’s more serious.” “Thank you,” I tucked the bottle away in the pocket of my trousers, and nodded my head. Her feet shuffled, the flashing light of her eyes restlessly roaming about like she was looking for anything other than my face to latch onto. The line of her jaw twitched like she was about to say something, but her spine suddenly straightened and she bobbed her head before scurrying away. “Wait!” The woman stopped, throwing a questioning glance over her shoulder. The One help me, why was my tongue so tangled? “What’s your name?” “Regina,” She chirped before striding off, the ends of her long dark hair bouncing with every step. “Regina,” The name rolled off my tongue. Regal and perky with a stubborn undertone, it oddly seemed to fit her. Only after she had faded into the night did my gaze drop to my hand, the tiny vial barely peeking out between my tightly clenched fingers. “I wonder if you know your fate?” I murmured to myself, shoving my hands deep into my pockets as I left the square. The return trip to the tavern was mostly quiet, my group of soldiers had left a wobbly trail of destruction back to the local inn. The smell of spilled liquor still lingered over the streets, and shards of broken glass glimmered in the moonlight here and there. It wasn’t long before I reached the inn, a homey little place with candles glittering in the windows and a hand carved sign hanging over the door. I stopped just short of the threshold and tilted my head to the side, catching the heavy thud of a soldier’s foot meeting the wall. Yes, I was in the right place. Compared to the cheery front, the withered little innkeeper sweeping the floor clean of glass shards with a hefty broom was the complete opposite. His face pinched like he had tasted something extremely sour, he nastily glared at me as soon as I stepped inside, more glass crunching loudly under my feet with every step. The air reeked like soured beer and old body sweat, a lingering aftertaste of the tavern, and the neatly spaced chairs around the carefully sculpted stone fireplace were smashed to bits. A second row of windows facing the right side of the room were gone, broken completely out, and a dark smear of dried liquid decorated the floor. My shoulders drooped in a heavy sigh, a steady stream of muffled snores coming from the floor above, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from spewing a stream of curses. I had a very good idea of just what happened here. I wouldn’t blame the innkeeper if he threw us all out on the street. Bloody fools, all of them.The innkeeper’s razor sharp eyes tracked my every movement, the glass shards tinkling slightly from the steady rasp of the broom, and I crossed the room without blinking. Just before climbing the stairs to the upper floors, there was a small endtable placed right at the corner of the doorway. Perfect. Reaching down to my waist, my fingers slipped under the edge of my purse and pulled out a few extra gold coins. One by one, all five landed on the table with a slight twinkle, laying there in a silent message of gratitude. My foot had barely brushed against the first step when the quick but light footsteps padded across the floor, the corners of my lips quirking up in a small smile as the coins let out a small clink as they felt into a warm hand. My father’s money certainly does have it’s uses sometimes. My room was one of the quarters at the farthest end of the hall, the slanted edge of the roof partially taking up one wall above the headboard of the sturdy iron bed. A filmy colored quilt stretched across the sagging straw mattress, and a small scarred table held up a two armed candelabra beside it. A puddle of wax still littered the table top, a leftover from when I had left it burning too long last night.Locking the door behind me, I didn’t even kick off my boots, only taking a moment to slip off my jacket and belt to hang it on one corner of the bedpost before flopping down on the mattress back first. The old mattress screamed in protest, shaking up and down so hard that my teeth rattled in their sockets, and folded my arms behind my head. A few harsh thumps from down the hall echoed out, sounding suspiciously like a hefty fist slamming into wood, and another stream of curses even more foul than mine widened the wry smile on my lips. They sounded like Mikota and I when we were young. Always fighting about something, usually he stole my books and I was trying to get them back. It’s a wonder we survived as long as we did. Before magic stole his life. Just like that girl in the vision. Regina, she called herself. A sudden stab of guilt twisted deep in my stomach, and I shook my head. I’ll never sleep if that dream, or nightmare, starts to come back. Maybe if I read something, it might help clear my head. I didn’t have anything in the room, not even an worn out book, but I know what would be available for me to read. Rolling over to my side, I reached out and snagged the pull of the small drawer hidden at the bottom of the table. The bare wooden surface inside was empty except for one thing, a book so worn that the black leather cover was nearly cracked in two, and the golden letters on it’s spine had long faded into dust. Although, one lone sentence still stood out on the cover.The Grimoire Of The One.No matter what inn, tavern, or other lodging I had stayed at anywhere in Myrr, a battered copy of the Grimoire always rested somewhere in the room. The holy book chronicling how the world came to exist under the One himself, it’s been a long time since I’ve read those stories. Or just anything beside a military correspondence, but the name Morgan Le Fay. There was something about that name in there, but I couldn’t remember what. The mattress springs let out a sharp squeak as I shifted around, tucking one leg beneath the other, and spread the weathered pages across the quilt. A few shreds of pale moonlight filtered in through the tiny circular window above the bed onto the creamy pages below, each one yellowed with age and the paper was so soft as it brushed against my fingertips. Almost so fragile that I half feared it would fall apart with the weight of my touch. The dark ink had also faded slightly with age, more of a charcoal grey than the true black of fresh ink, but the easy flowing words were still simple for my tired eyes to read.Many years ago, when time was only a flicker of space and the world was endless, the One was the only existence in the world. All powerful, the mighty being grew lonesome of existing solely and breathed life into the dusty shell of the universe. Myrr sprung up in its wake, the land growing lush and stretching from jagged coastlines to scorching deserts and everything in between. Life soon followed, birds, fish, and beasts of every kind imaginable took residence in this land except for one. Man. Man was the only being created by the One in his image and given the greatest gift of all. Magic.“The greatest gift? More like a curse.” I mumbled under my breath, skimming through the pages of how the early humans wandered and settled the land until one familiar name caught my eye. Merlin, the youngest boy of a poor farming family, was under attack by a mighty dragon and his own magic was barely enough to save himself from death. Praying to the One for a way to save his family, the One granted him all the powers of every element alive. Fire, water, earth, wind, and light. With this magic, he slew the dragon and it’s massive skeleton dried and formed the base of the Stralk Mountains. After that, Merlin was celebrated as the mightiest magician in Myrr. Hmm… Interesting. Very interesting, but still not exactly what I was looking for. I flipped a few pages over, well… more like a few chapters chronicling Merlin’s adventures across Myrr as he aged up into an adult. Traveling from the edges of the sea to founding the kingdom of Lyquirz, Merlin was quite the busy man, even going so far as to cross the Damaskian border and meet with the rising emperor there for a treaty of peace. That particularly one didn’t last very long, or we wouldn’t be at war with them now. When I finally reached the age where he was around forty or so, the name I had been searching for suddenly reared her head. Morgan Le Fay, a woman of exceptional magical talent. She came to apprentice under him at the tender age of 22 years and gained talent far beyond her measure. My fingers slid down the pages with a snail-like crawl, my eyes tracing over the swirling curve of every word, until I found what I was looking for. A woman of exceptional beauty, Morgan Le Fay enchanted many with her finely groomed features and willowy figure as much as her charmed magic. The boundless waves of hair the color of fresh chestnut reached past her shoulders, eyes the color of a clear sky sparkled with the powerful magic contained in her veins, and her hands were delicately boned. So dainty that they didn’t seem fit to bear the massive weight of her powerful magic. A raven dark as the moonless sky save for a peculiar white marking on its breast served as her familiar, a creature almost as unusual as Morgan Le Fay herself. “That’s her!” The woman from that dream, or vision. Whatever it was. That was her! But why was she appearing to me? That’s what just didn’t make sense. I had no relationship with her, or anyone in my family that I could remember at the moment. So why? What would be so important about me and that girl that Morgan Le Fay’s spirit would rise from her grave?A frustrated growl tore out of my throat, my hands roughly raking back through my hair as I barely bit back a snarl of confusion. The silver moonlight dulled briefly, and then brightened again on that little book, like it was a signal from above to keep reading. A heavy sigh rippled out from my chest, and I turned back to the pages. This time they flipped even faster under my fingers, the tale of Merlin becoming jealous of his younger apprentice blurring in front of my eyes. Then it moved on to explain about the charms of a seductive water elemental only known by the title Lady of the Lake, and that it was her who tempted Merlin into scheming against his apprentice to steal her power and also that of the One himself. That’s where the tale turned darker, turning into the blood soaked tale of the Tethering. While the scheming duo were drunk on their greed for power, they nearly killed the peaceful Morgan Le Fay in an ambush attack high in the mountains. She barely escaped with her life, dragging her bleeding, broken body into a temple of the One and prayed for a way to stop them. The One granted her wish, granting her his blessing of mastery over all the elements and with it, war came and devoured the land into a barren wasteland. It concentrated most in a particular canyon where the Lady of the Lake was killed, and Merlin vanished without trace into the wind. The part where Morgan Le Fay took over as the founding ruler of Lyquirz was just as I remembered, and where she performed an ancient ritual that would no longer let anyone reach that heights of power again was sealed with her own blood. She ruled for a great many years, longer than any of her descendants, and she was buried in a marble tomb on the highest peak of the Stralk mountain. Patrolling the lower base of the tomb was a popular assignment for new cadets, one that I remembered from my blood nearly freezing in my veins and I still can’t feel the tip of my left big toe. However, this still didn’t tell me what I wanted to know. Tap-tap The hesitant brush of knuckles across my door made me lift my head, my eyes narrowing through the dark at the slight shadow of feet drifting along just under the seam. “Who is it?” I growled, closing the Grimoire with a flick of my hand and hastily shoving it under my pillow. It wasn’t much of a thought, but some small voice deep inside my head told me to keep the book away from prying eyes. The door started to creak open, a muscular young man still dressed in the cadet’s uniform quickly stepping inside. Sometime prior to his arrival, a smear of blood had swiped across his brow, and the sloped line of his shoulders still shook with every one of his rattled breaths. “What do you want?”“S-Sorry to d-disturb you, s-s-sir!” The boy blanched pure white, further highlighting the bloody swipe like some sort of garish makeup, and his shoulders nearly sank to his knees with the force of his spine relaxing. The hem of his ebony jacket twisted between two fisted hands, almost tearing with the force of his white knuckled pulls, and my eyebrow arched high against my hairline in silent expectation. “B-but the night patrol j-just returned with new evidence of the N-Nagas. A field of s-slaughtered cattle, s-sir!” What? My eyes widened nearly half the size of my skull. Rolling off the bed and to my feet in a single fluid movement, I snatched my belt and jacket and quickly slung it around my shoulders. The sword scabbard bumped into my hip, the buckle fastening with a few quick flicks, and then I was done. “Rouse the others, no matter what you have to do, and saddle the horses! We can’t waste a moment!” “Y-Yes, Sir!” The boy saluted sharply as I shouldered straight past him, a rising tide of adrenaline soaring through my veins, but deeper still. I could feel something colder like dread, opening up a deep pit in my stomach. It whispered on silent wings, barely a breath in my ears that nothing would ever be the same after this night....
I'm back and I'm wack!Hello everyone!Ya it me, here again, still alive and kickin'! First of all I'm sorry for leaving dA(again!) for almost 2 years! Every artist has that leave right (...right?) where they poofed away unknowingly then one day just popped up again? I hope soThe story was, I wanted to give my absolute focus on finishing my degree. I'm almost done now! Just a few weeks more~ But then at some point I really miss drawing stuffs and sharing them with you guys~ and also looking at your arts as well!I wanted to draw again so here I am I hope everyone is still here with me and if you're not, hey I don't blame you. I wasn't here for a long time either. But I wish we can keep in touch with each other like we did before~ , Also I have some exciting news!I am currently working on a manga project with an author, and I'm in contract with a publisher who will publish the chapters as well~ It's a really fun new thing for me to explore and I'm really excited to share this series with you!It is call The Mystery of Tokyo Bay.I hope you will enjoy reading the manga when it's out!I'll be posting stuffs related to this series over time as well~Regarding my own manga, Grand Reign, I'm continuing the chapters where we left of as well,but since this series is also contracted to the publisher, they said that I won't be able to post new chapters until they finish publishing my previous chapters:1 chapter is posted every 1 month so.... yea 7 months... I'm sorryIf you still haven't read my manga yet, or just wanna revisit it, here is the link:Grand Reign Project and you can enjoy any other arts that I post while waiting for new chapters as well~That's it for now!,

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The Colours In The Grass 0764.2 by DPasschier
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Eisherz by Xenaris A dream by sulgao Hyazinthara by Erdbeerstern
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Oh deer by KanahaniARTLeaves by CinnamonDevil
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Artwork By Robert Lukeman by SpectrumMakers
Salt River Twilight by PeterJCoskun
Sunset by Andorada

We should not take Nature for granted...

Warmth by Andorada

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

Hummingbird hovering by LoverPrints

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Wisteria by blumoonpanther
Secret Shack by Spiritofdarkness

Tiger in the water-oil on canvas by YueZeng-MN
Moss Machine Falls by boldfrontiers
Old Gods by ShadeofShinon
Moose by NOORPOL
Mushroom Heart by HaveFaithHopeLoveArtEastern grey kangaroo joey 1 by Jokerfan79
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Woodland Cathedral by Onodrim-Photography
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Melody Of Autumn by LeonidafremovNo ordinary Rose by RI-Art
Chevaux de sable by Ellisis
Everything the Light Touches, is My Kingdom by TerrianJunkie-- Evolve -- by AshleyxBrooke
Red deer - Battle by BeckyKidus
Redtail Hawk by drgnfly4free
Stepping Stones by AnthonyH318
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Black And White Deer by EmilyArtPolandBlue Horizon 1 by AlexisYoko
Observation Tower by eegariM
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Star Maker by yuumei
Lion in Aurora by jkclayton

We should not take Nature for granted...

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

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