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Too Cold for Hope
He stares out the window. It's a quiet night. He can faintly see the snowflakes falling in the darkness, peppering the ground with white. His breath fogs up the glass. Silently, he takes in the scene. She's not coming back, old man. There's no need to keep waiting for her. She's gone. You're here by yourself. No use hoping otherwise. He glances at the digital clock beside his bed. The time shines bright red against the surrounding gloom: 2:15 AM. He doesn't have to be up for another four hours. Should he go back to bed and try to get some sleep? No, probably not. There'd be no point. Slowly he steps away from the window and walks out of his
New Prey. 1
 The warm sun shone on our backs as we loped between tall pine trees in pursuit of a new kind of prey. We had never smelled their smell before, but we guessed they were mammals. The camps they made indicated intelligence, something we hadn't faced in many lifetimes. The thought of a challenge thrilled us, filling our minds, and thoughts with schemes; plans to catch the strange new prey. We always enjoyed hunting, but the deer, and even the bears were hardly a challenge. They made no plans, and few were strong enough to put up a fight. Even in groups, they could not share their thoughts. They could not act as a single being. They were nothin
Farewell Summer
Sin of Passion
+dr Seuss+ On a train
I'll dissolve when the rain pours in
The Great American Horror Story
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Stress, DA Readings, and Sexy Ladies!
What a week! Let's vent about some silly stuff, eh? Believe me, there are quite a few intellectual subjects that I want to write right now, but it's pretty hard to focus with a headache. More thoughts on beauty, ideas about science fiction, excitement in response to the advancing technological leaps of our world, even ideas that I've been pondering about Allen Daughtry in regards to some suggestions from a fellow Deviant! I even need to take some time to put down my thoughts on Allen and what he means as a character and as a traveler in his own world. But for now I simply do not have the energy for any of that right now. Instead, I feel lik
Beauty - According to People
Several months ago, I came across one of those inspirational memes on Facebook which targeted young girls. If I could recall where I saw it, I'd link to it. It's not necessary, though; the basic premise of the meme was simple enough to understand: men (and people in general) can describe a girl as cute, pretty, sexy, and even gorgeous, but to describe a girl as beautiful implies that they convey all four in one. I was already intrigued by the implications of this meme when I first saw it, and as time's gone by, my interest has grown - after all, both on a linguistic and cultural level, such a statement actually made sense. But why? Each of th
Challenging the Pleasure of Visual Art
It's been ten days. Time for another go at the journal thing. And there's a reason why it took me so damned long to get back here: nothing physical, mind you. And there were some excusable chores to be done. But the heart of the matter can be drawn back to a sort of internal quandary that I was suffering: a serious mental frustration that I wanted so hard to express out loud on these proverbial pages, but that my uber-polite superego would not allow. I wanted to take the cause of that frustration, pin it to a wall, and throw filth at it for all (the future readers) to see, then compare its failure to something of beauty to rub salt in the wo


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Thank you so very much for adding Letter IV to your collection and for the critique as well :-)
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