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Disney Princess Leia

Just for hilariousness. XD

UPDATE: Buy a shirt or a poster on Redbubble!!
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She is adorable.


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No, Leia is'nt like Disney princess because she didnt sings all the time and can fight and deal alone

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Keep up the good work.
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I have a pin of this!
I would love this for my daughter's (who is named Leia) princess themed room. Am I able to order a print of it to frame for her wall? Thank you and beautiful work. I love it!!
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Like, if this were made by Disney, she would haunt them forever! She never wanted to be one of the Disney princesses.
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I like how you put the Death Star in the background. :D (Big Grin) 
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I actually really like her! I could do without the petticoat but otherwise it's a very nice likeness! :)
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This is so cute. Now that people are posthumously petitioning for Leia (and thus Carrie Fisher) to be a Disney Princess, I hope it happens and we get a design similar to this.
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I hope not. That would a loss for Star Wars' identity and a complete piss on the character. Not to mention that Carrie Fisher would hate the idea.
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She would hate her strong, independent, fierce feminist icon of a character who is not only a princess, but a military leader being marketed as a role model for young girls around the world? Yeah, I'm sure she'd absolutely LOATHE the idea.
Thorberg22's avatar She would hate her character being reduced to an insignificant toy line after her character had been such an inspiration to the world of cinema. Leia isn't even meant to be a role model to just girls, but to EVERYONE. Leia doesn't even have any Disney princess traits. Not to mention that she's not even a Disney character. So yes, she would hate the idea of her character being a Disney princess and a cash cow. I don't even understand why anyone would take advantage of Carrie's death so a company could gain money from her character.
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I agree with you, but NOBODY can stop Disney from doing what THEY want to do. Think about it, they paid Gorge Lucas millions of dollars for the Star Wars universe! If they can't make Leia and Luke the princess and prince like charters, then why would they still be doing it? Get back to me on that one, Thorberg22.
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But Disney has no say in this matter. They don't make any creative decisions for Star Wars. They don't even include any Star Wars characters as Disney characters.
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But now they will. Anyways, they can (and WILL) make a Princess Leia doll for little kids.
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Not really. Even if they do, they don't have the right to put it under their own brand.
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I too couldn't resist the inspiration of your wonderful art for cosplay: so glad I found your picture here before I posted, hopefully I got you all credited right! Looove this picture!
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Wait, does that mean Luke is a prince since he was born from Naboo royalty?
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He wasn't born from royalty. His mother was a senator.
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But his father would of still of been King of Naboo even though Padmé stepped down.
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No, he wouldn't.
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