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So yeh im into Korean movies like mad.

Just saw Ryoo Seung Wan's newish film 'Jjakpae' I waited in anticipation cause they were gonna use some cool style martial arts, especially cause it had himself (Finally) and Jung Doo Hong both as the stars. The film was good i thought, or maybe i like it JUST because its one of Ryoo Seung Wan's films i dunno.. The fighting was good but affraid to say that the the camera angles are too close to the actors when they fight so you cant exactly appreciate the moves they pull off, many industries are falling into that trap, (need some old school influence). A shame but atleast Seung Wan doesnt get tooooooo cought up in it. The story was cool, not too deep like his other movies but it might actually be my favourate lol

Well anyway, the reason for this journal is to show off the poster campaign, i really like some of these pieces, kinda like Frank Miller / Kill Bill dash other genres but they are cool, i like korean poster campaigns because of the rawness of the images, and these are a bit more arty than usual and create a nice blend of photography in a graphic way :D

Hope you Enjoy

Since i was small my friends and i (Mainly Narv and Errol and a few others) have been desperate to get into the martial arts film industry and show off our choreography. We love kung-fu and recently we kinda thought Kung-fu films especially in HK have either died off or just been made BADLY.

Well i saw SPL and a few other films recently to bring back my motivation to keep creating new fights for different styles of films.

And this morning i woke to find a link to a couple of you tube pages, and THESE GUYS have totally brought back my inspiration and motivation and they're sooooooooo young too!!!!!

Gwaan i say to them and if you like kung-fu choreography you shouldnt miss out on these!!!

Fantastic, better than any professional choreography out there at the mo!! OLD SCHOOL!!!! THEY EVEN DO MONKEY KUNGFU!!! :D :D……


Their website -
Hasta be done!!!

By Damn it hasta be done!!

My cast would be these peeps.

I know many of you might not have gotten into the series. Ive almost finished the fourth book 'Wizard and glass' and im totally hooked on them, big fan so far (Me thinks).

So heres my fantasy film cast for some of the characters in that world, (Will update more characters soon)

Roland Deschain- FRED WARD… : At the age he is now.. GOODNESS ME!! I think he was born for the role!!

Eddie Dean - NICK STAHL , RYAN PHILLIPPE , SHAWN ASHMORE , AARON STANFORD One of the four anyway lol.

Susannah Dean - Hmm, maybe NONA GAYE , or ROSARIO DAWSON , the latter more reasonably chosen.

Jake Chambers - Hmm not sure, maybe SCOTT TERRA , NICHOLAS BRAUN

Tick-Tock Man - JEFF KOBER Indeed he is says I.. Perfect!!

Gasher - TED LEVINE… How he was in Wild Wild West (Bloodbath McGrath)

Cort - JAMES COSMO , hahaha down to a T!!!


Sheriff Avery - BRUCE DAVISON

Rhea the Witch - CLORIS LEACHMAN

Young Roland - Bit too old but BRANDON ROUTH , DUSTIN INGRAM (the nose)

Young Alain Johns - ROBERT VITO?? , LUCAS GRABEEL?

Young Cuthbert Allgood - A bit old but JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS?

Susan Delgado - Hard one, erm, DANIELLE PANABAKER blonded up? lol

Let me know what you think, remember these are just a few ideas, if you have any other opinions id be happy to hear them, im gonna be doing a few drawngs of the characters soon also. Show ya when they done :D



For Jonas, i just watched Tremors 4 (Haha, never seen before, not bad for a low Budget prequal mocie hahaha) and the actor BILLY DRAGO plays Black Hand Kelly. I think hed do a great job!! :D
Lol i was tagged by :iconkesha67: ;)

10 persons/pleasures what i like - *Pleasures, hmm gotta be careful here ;) *

1 - Waking up 3-4am (when i eventually do sleep) and making a big fat Fry-up whilest watching anime!! Mmm
2 - My gf (Erm, comes under persons or plea....... :O .........Persons ;)
3 - Drawing, writing, creating, fight choreography (Hey, thats all one thing :P )
4 - The Lord and my family, without them id be a bum on the streets, Lke Bling Bling!! HAHA
5 - Friends are tops!! :D
6 - Music
7 - Undercover activities (Erm, careful enough? :O )
9 - Watching anime,movies, KOREAN movies are smahing it for me at the mo lol
10 - Sleeping

5 things what makes me happy *out of order*

1 - Eating
2 - Sleeping
3 - Spending time wid fam,gf,friends..... Well, ad sum bums on the streets, let them know that after finishing uni i could have been one of them too :O But i fought for my room and and TV.. hahahahhaahahahaha
4 - GAMING, id be considered a nerd or otaku for games if it werent for my gf (Aska) Well, she still calls me a pervy nerd so, guess that didnt work.. ok, plan B, but how would i wipe my ass with no hands??? :O lol
5 - Creating drawings,stories and fight scenes :D

10 things what i hate *Out of order*

1 - 'The Eye' im sorry, that comes first, terrible film to claim as scary, disappointed bigtime!! Theres person out there i havta prove this to, u know u who are Deep ;) haha
2 - Liars, back stabbers and cheats! Well, allow cheats hahaha, i chip everything i own lol
3 - Nasty Beer and lager
4 - People who act bad when they not, well, the bad ones too lol
5 - Egotistic, jealous peeps
6 - Nadia from Big Brother, cause she looks like Monica Belluci :(
7 - Gone off milk
8 - Racism and prejudice
9 - Being woken up when ur bate tired, especially when done with cold water :O
10 - My love-handles, aiya, need to train and get fit again :D

3 things about my name

1 - Julian: Refers back to Julius, well, it derives from Ceser, Was used before by a famous pope in 337 - 52, and then a second after him. Polish and italian in decent but many jewish use this name noweredays :D heh, interesting, im 3/4 black and 1/4 white, But my names mostly derive from origins other than my black roots lol

2 - Green is a family name that goes back to jamaica, havta find out if from there it goes back to Ireland or to more jewish roots, need to research, some say german, but interesting, my mum is half white and black, she has german family on her white side also, maybe my dads and mums sides both reside in germany? :O wahhh, need to find out lol...

3 - My middle name is - Delain, which comes from Delainé: Its from the nickname l'aîné 'the oldest', denoting the firstborn son of a family. Hehe, yup thats me, i wonder if my parents knew that when they named me it lol.

2 things what i'm waiting now

1 - For Halo 3, Ps3
2 - Dinner Time ;)

4 thinkings

1 - Eat food
2 - Buy Kim Hyung tae's oxide 2 book while im in Korea
3 - Wipe my ass when i use the bog in a few minutes aha!!
4 - Need to improve art so i can be atleast a tad proud of my skills lol

Music what i'm listening now - compilation music of different games, movies,anime.. Mostly Junichi Nakatsuru's tracks, reall cool, soul calibour, ace combat.. Also Hans zimmer and Michael Giacchino... But who nows, what the next 10 minutes may bring :O lol

People i choose now

:iconmablox: :iconcandeku: :icononiphoenix: :icondeepone: :iconwillbill45: