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March Madness 2007
It's time once again to sign up for March Madness!
Here are the rules, in case it hadn't been sufficiently burned into anyone's gray matter last time:
1) Write twelve (down from the required fifteen last year) polished pieces of prose. There is no length limit, but what you right MUST be a short story - not an essay, not a sentence, but something with a beginning, middle, and end (or some alternative alien plot form).
2) Submit each one as either a Scrap or Deviation, send us a note with a link, and AnaisCortland or I will review it and add it to the March Madness Support Journal.
3) One of the twelve short stories must be a collaboration with another artist. Two prose writers can come together and write two different parts of a story and put 'em together, a poet and a prose writer can join forces for a prose-poem, you can tell an artist, "You create a piece of art and I'll write a story about it," or you can have an artist do illustrations oor character sketches for your s
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March Madness
Hey BE members! Time to start thinking about signing up for March Madness! For details, check the main journal and scroll down until you see the "March Madness" section!
Don't think it can be done? I'll be participating in March Madness right alongside you. It's a great way to improve your discipline and finish what you start!
Thanks for putting up with me,
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A Cure For Writer's Block? by bevelled-edge A Cure For Writer's Block? :iconbevelled-edge:bevelled-edge 0 35 TAda...the real one. by bevelled-edge TAda...the real one. :iconbevelled-edge:bevelled-edge 0 2 Bevelled Edge Newbie ID by bevelled-edge Bevelled Edge Newbie ID :iconbevelled-edge:bevelled-edge 0 1 BEpoll - yeh or neh by bevelled-edge BEpoll - yeh or neh :iconbevelled-edge:bevelled-edge 0 15
Whos your favorite proser
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Week 4- Finish The Story
-The First Paragraph-----------------------------------------------
"You really think you know what you're doing?" She asked me, tugging my ski mask down around my chin.
I pulled it back up just enough to expose my mouth, "Of course I know what I'm doing. How long have I been planning for this, Rubes?"
"I dunno – I guess a long time," Talking softly, her gaze moved swiftly from her feet and over the pile of clothes that sat in heaps on the motel bed.
"Remember, this is for you," I grabbed her face, sliding my palms across her cheeks and stopping them at her earlobes, "This is all for you."
Ruby's deep brown eyes tried to swallow my intentions, but her pupils fell with disbelief.
She pulled from my grasp and began to put clothes back into the suitcase...
-Now, you continue... have fun!-----------------------------------
-And remember...copy and paste the first paragraph to your submission!
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BE - Vote For Your Favorite by bevelled-edge BE - Vote For Your Favorite :iconbevelled-edge:bevelled-edge 0 24 Bevelled Edge ID 2 by bevelled-edge Bevelled Edge ID 2 :iconbevelled-edge:bevelled-edge 0 2


Mature content
Imagine To Kill :iconchiroptera:chiroptera 2 6
The last Argo by mistseeker The last Argo :iconmistseeker:mistseeker 2 5
The Time Before draft 5
The Time Before - a creation story
     Before Uithol, the Forger, created the planets and the gods, there was only energy.  He looked around him and knew that nothing could grow in the chaotic and unstable forces around him so he set forth to tame them.  Starting with the worst points in the chaos, he forced them into the shapes of planets and stars.  This was difficult for the energy was too strong and many of his constructions were destroyed as he made them.  Uithol persevered until not even he could count his creations.  With so much of the energy bottled up in constructs, the rest of the energy was considerably more manageable, but still nothing would grow.  For one of his newly formed planets he created air, water, plants and animals.  Though the chaotic forces had been reduced, the delicate nature of these new creations left them vulnerable, and eventually they were torn apart. 
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The Phantom Shitter
We called him the Phantom Shitter. To this day, I will never forget his trademark calling cards. I will never forget the signature stench before entering the bathroom to know that someone, from somewhere within the residence, had left a turd treat for me to discover. Sometimes it was in the toilet. Sometimes it was on the toilet. One time it was on the shower curtain, and crusted over because nobody wanted to touch it. Subsequently, nobody wanted to clean it because it had crusted over. The Phantom's shenanigans continued for quite some time, his identity a mystery, but he drew the line when he took a dump in a towel and handed it in to me for cleaning.
I'm a proctor. What this job entails is, basically, collecting towels and bed sheets every other week for cleaning. Everybody knows the routine. When Wednesday night or Thursday morning comes around, you toss your respective items into the pile and I take your name down. No fuss, no muss. There were never any problems with t
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The sun filtered through the blinds, onto the bed I was lieing in. I enjoyed the moment, knowing it was wednesday and i had that day off.
I was startled out of my revire by a large MIOW!this was unexpected since I didnt own a cat at the moment since Baraby died a couple of months ago. I sat up in bed looking around for the source of the sound, it was coming from the window..but that was imposible! my bedroom was on the second floor. But another distinct miow caused me to jump out of bed and roll up the blinds. And there it was a beautifull tabby, it had three stripes running form its eyes to its tail, which gave it a striking apperance, its cucumber green eyes, looked at me with much interest and inteligence.
I stood there for a few moments staring at it in confusion. How did it get onto my window sill?? It pawed at the glass and miowed again. I took the hint and opened the window. It jumped in and setteld down on my bed as if she ( i noticed her sex when she jumped) had lived
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The Dysfunctional Conversation
The Dysfunctional Conversationalist
By the time the car had pulled into the small car park on the cliff top, it was already growing dark. The sun had faded into the sea, melting and extinguishing daylight. There were some cars already parked up there, invisible in the dark, and with the vast sky overhead we felt totally alone.
I turned the engine off. Silence.
I felt tired as my eyes slowly surveyed the horizon: glittering lights of boats and oil platforms twinkled far off; and close by, the dull orange glow of the north east industrial works turned the sky to marmalade and masking the stars. It was a view I had seen so many times before but it looked new tonight; I felt different and removed from it. Perhaps I had been away for too long this time. Instead, I turned my attention to you as you sat there saying nothing, watching the same tired view.
"Are you warm enough\" I asked, feeling too hot. I didn\'t mean to say that. I didn\'t mean to say that as all but it was the only thing tha
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Cavort With Death
I stood in the doorway, staring at the room before me. The party was here indeed. The room seemed to echo the maddening cries of silence. I somehow knew my eyes were screaming, flowing with the melody of eternal slumber. This comatose state of thinking seemed to afflict everything in the room, not only myself.
Finally this morose slumber was broken as the rustic grandfather-clock chimed. It was 3 in the morning, I was alone. Yes, the party was here. Adorned in my best attire, I was determined to have the last dance of the evening, and I would.
I made my way into the room as my infatuate rest was slain by the eternal chiming of the clock. It\'s own little reminder, my time wasn\'t quite here yet.
As I came to the center of the room, the lights dimmed. My eyes were closed, shut of from the sinful desires betwixt me. The music had began, a soft, slow melody. A depression reminding me I was alive. I began to hum the notes. Chanting the notes of the song, alone, to myself, I was reminded of
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Black Beginnings
Black Beginnings
She watched the black paint spread, taking over and creating that ominous feeling. It seemed to take on a life of its own as it slid down the canvas. She delighted in the effect the black had on her painting. The painting, like herself, had been a source of joy and light once. Now, both had gone cold, masked beneath a dark exterior.
As a girl, her favorite color had been purple. Purple was bright and happy – not quite as cliched as pink, but girly nonetheless. Color was often a subtle way in which she expressed herself. With time, her favorites shifted to the cool colors: blues and greens. Although blue still appealed to her, black and blood-red fascinated her now, slowly creeping into her wardrobe and her thoughts. People didn\'t understand what she was saying via the rainbow. When she felt good, she dressed in bright colors. Inevitably, something awful happened on those days. Most of the time, at least one article of black clothing adorned her perso
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Junkyard Dreamers- Story One
Junkyard Dreamers
Story one

Amongst the pavement was a seemingly plopped down brick building. It stood parallel to the Twin Lakes Mall and was next to a drive- thru ATM.
It was called, "McFee's Royal Burgers" and it housed the best in greasy potatoes and soy-packed burgers…

"You remember when that stupid ass guy pissed in the fry grease? And then these old people came and ordered a large fry and we watched them eat them? That was the nastiest shit I have ever seen, man…"
His blue eyes searched mine for even the slightest hint of remembrance followed by disgust. I gave the face to him so he would leave me alone. I had to mop the floors. And I could still see unswept trash around one of the dining booths. I looked for a broom. Tonight I had to close; it was the worst thing about working in this hellhole. They scheduled your life away, closing at midnight and working the window.
But the worst thing of all was havin' to work with Kyle. He was the one that stood by and watched
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a short story group
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