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Werewolf - more man than Beast

I wanted this to be more human, hence no hair etc... not that it looks human, but you know what I mean. I was in a REALLY bad mood when I painted this. Something I rarely experience!
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I know you haven't been on this website for five years now, but if you ever come back, this is wonderfully grotesque and I love it for that. It's earned its place in my collection of depictions of truly terrifying monsters.
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Looks brutally barbaric. I like it. Nice job.
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Fantastic painting. Great job!
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Creepy and savage.  Nicely horrific!
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I love those eyes and teeth. :)
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this wonderfully beastly artwork has graced my journal!![link]
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I find humanlike monsters to be creepier than their more animal like counterparts, which makes this beast even better C:
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Love it!!! It is totally different than other werewolves. Very original!!!
spoofdecator's avatar
shows the mood well! nice textures and skin work!
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Sometimes angry works, my own Mr Scary [link] was done at a time I was seething with anger. It was something of a catharsis for me, ironically its become my most faved piece of work, go figure.

I think youre doing this more humanistic werewof makes it all the more gruesome and terrifying a monster, because now we can actually see the twisted humanity of the thing and thats so much worse than dealing with a pure monster. Beautifully rendered man a truly great piece of dark art!
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Stunning, stunning, stunning. Damn, being in a bad mood definitely works for you :D because your art turns out incredible (thought i haven't seen anything else from you yet. lol so i can't compare but WOW). I love the fact that it doesn't look too much like a dog or wolf. because humans and dogs aren,t the same species so the Werewolf myth doesn't really makes sense. But what you did there... WOW thank you for sharing it. i wish i had tha5t talent when i'm moody lol
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Amazing work, the textures are outstanding!
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More human??? Well can't see human, but I say yeah not Mr. Fluffy. You know what you should have called it.... "THE DEMONIC POSSESSED NAKED MOLE RAT!!!" MUHAHAHA!!!


I thought that would have been funny, but hey thats my sense of humor. By the way LOVE it, really!
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Whoa! If i can be a werewolf i want to be like this! WONDERFUL! I love it!
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I adore the detail you've gone into with the teeth and chin hair here! The colours are perfectly suited for this creature. Definitely within my tastes for a stiff faving. :nod:
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What a great creature!
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so original idea, it´s disgusting, i mean, exellent.
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that's scary ... nice job :)
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That's amazing. Too bad you're not in a bad mood more often.
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*shivers* Excellent!
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nice job, it seems more human indeed.
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Brilliant! Scary..truely..i wouldnt want to be face to face with that thing...
Nice work on the shades and colors...brilliant ^_^
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