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My deviant Art story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 2:55 PM

Yes, quite a magnificent title, but I thought I should take a moment and participate in the celebration :iconsmilieplz:

This first photo I choose to feature purposely, as a salute to the first artist photographer I started watching on deviant Art.  I think this was my first fave.

Half A Love Story by WildRainOfIceAndFire

The truth is I am having a very hard time choosing the images I should feature as there are just so many of them.  Yes, very cliché I know but very true. 
Many talented artists I discovered here, thanks to dA.
I like to watch artworks from photographers, traditional & digital artists and artisan crafters as well.

This second photo is one of the very first I have seen from Muse.  I think she carries her name very well.

I joined Deviant Art in october of 2009, so that's almost 5 years ago already.
This drawing below is among the first ones I faved.  I still find it amazing now.

Guinevere - Keira Knightley by akaLilith

And this very talented artist made me want to try drawing portraits with color pencils:

Melu by Briscott

And this digital painting is one of the first I faved as well.  Beautiful.

Skin Deep by arcipello

Dandelion by anyaanti

This last one I discovered recently.  I love everything in this photo ! :)

Happy birthday deviant Art !

*Skin created especially for moi by: Lost-in-Hogwarts

Away from my desk...

Sun Oct 14, 2012, 10:12 AM


It seems I have been away from my desk for a long time... but it is nice to be back ! Today, I am trying to catch up with some of my messages.  I loved all my birthday wishes, thank you so much :iconlovesplz:

I haven't even picked up a pencil since august...  No, I am not complaining actually, (althought I so looove to draw & miss it terribly), being busy taking care of the people I love is an amazing path of ups & downs and sweet surprises as well.  Never a dull moment !:icongigglenodplz:

I did get a beautiful set of colour pencils for my birthday that I can't wait to use.  So, I hope to download something new in my gallery fairly soon ! :)

Until then, I have a request to work on a very patient person asked for about 3 months ago (Oh my goodness... already !)

Another thing, if you like poneys, you should visit :iconlost-in-equestria:  My daughter Clarisse makes very cute commissions of people's OC, ponysonas and other poney things like that.  I don't even watch the show and I love what she does.
Check out my poney : Feather Blush by Lost-in-Equestria Feather Blush Parasprite Cheeky by Lost-in-Equestria
You can spam her with llamas too, she'll love that ;p

:heart::heart::heart: Thank you again for the comments and llamas and watches.  I am catching up and will answer you back very soon. :heart::heart::heart:


*Skin created especially for moi by: Lost-in-Hogwarts

Commissions by Celine

Thu May 17, 2012, 4:40 AM


Hello there!! :iconcocowaveplz:

Recently, I was invited (greatly encouraged :O_o:) to expose my art in my little town's gallery. It was a very pleasant and fun experience. My uncle who is also an artist (painter)  is the one who greatly encouraged  and kindly sponsored me.  :heart:
During that event, I was asked how much I would charge for a portrait by a few art aficionados and decided then that I should take commissions also here on :dalove:
Slots are open for three portraits.  

:bulletgreen: I only take Paypal not Dapoints. (sorry ^^; )

:bulletgreen:I will need a HQ photo of the subject(s)  

I will not draw anything nude below the waist, of course no pornography /!\

If you are interested, send me a note.  :iconflowerplz:


*Skin created especially for moi by: Lost-in-Hogwarts

July sweetness

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 4, 2011, 11:30 AM
l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Well, Christmas has come and gone... 'bout time for a new journal...
I tried to gather a few pictures from my favorites; the most difficult part is to pick just a few :

Keira Knightley by RoryonaRainbow Renewal - HQ by secrets-of-the-pen   Mona Lisa Smile by Briscott

:thumb210302690: Where Dreams are by Auriferous-art Fighting These Fears by ibjennyjenny

Delicate Violet Bells 7810 by AforAperture :thumb208220636: I want tomarrow... with you by Lost-in-Hogwarts

violet explosion by SabrinaCichy Runnin' blue by sumahli Mellow Meadow by Oer-Wout

:thumb211274964: :thumb89933813: slimaczek by AnitaSadowska

Peach Flowers Cake by The-Nonexistent Happiness by Naera Tinkerbell fairy Home Cake by The-Nonexistent

Taste The Rainbow Stamp by Sky-Yoshi We want your sugars by Droneguard :thumb152529978:

Thank you for all the comments and faves in my gallery.  It is always appreciated.*smiles*
Recently I adopted a new kitten.  I will post a couple of pix soon.  Oh and I cut off all my hair in April.
My daughter is on dA now, if you're a Harry Potter fan you might want to check out her gallery ::iconlost-in-hogwarts:
Aside from that, I haven't touched a pencil for awhile...


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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a Christmas tale...

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 19, 2010, 10:36 AM
"'twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring,

Not even a mouse..."

That little traitor by winged-bullet She caught it. by Frujike cat and mouse by xgreymousex

Sleeping with the enemy by hatefueled It's a cat's life 2 by aeonmistress Caught the Mouse by RyanMcMurry

:heart: Merry Christmas everyone !:heart:
:snowflake: Joyeux Noël ! :snowflake:


October Features

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 9, 2010, 6:48 AM

I will admit I have been neglecting my deviant page... :iconfishyplz:but I have been doing other things besides drawing since July.  Mostly a lot of needlework such as cross-stitch in my spare time.  And although I haven't been a very good watcher these past weeks either, I am still active in Sketchlines

I have been wanting to do a special feature to thank you for all the kind words and birthday wishes.
and there it is...


The angel of my dreams... by Sarkstica Skywise Stargazing by tapena
:thumb96102731: Piece Of Life by PhilippeGaravel:thumb181248536:
:thumb179260902: Flowers 2 by K-A-S-S-A-B One with the shoe by lioninspace
Flower3 by maminscris The Second One by JocelyneR:thumb182010489:
:thumb179484257: Softness by WALKING-GIRL FEZ-Sorcerer by janemini:thumb158702043:
The Hands of Venus by philippeL The Black Sea - Constantza III by BeBitzY Pip Style Cake by Naera

:iconlovelyheartsplz: Thank you !:iconlovelyheartsplz:

Also special thanks to PhilippeGaravel for his gift.
Merci Philippe ! J'apprécie beaucoup ta générosité.

September child

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 11:02 PM
:iconrose-plz: Friday is my birthday ! :iconrose-plz:
...and so, being the unselfish person that I am, I thought I'd share this absolutely important event with you...

   Chocolate Weddingcake by Naera

Day Dreamers

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 24, 2010, 11:38 AM

Fringe Glyph: Frog by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Leaf by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Apple by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Flower by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Butterfly by lzsays

Congratulations to curlyhair who won in the :icondaydreamersrealm: "Journal Header Contest"

:iconcurlyhair: Day Dreamers Header by curlyhair

Mogobe by curlyhair Surrender Monsterrr by curlyhair OrcHacker by curlyhair

Travellers by curlyhair New Born by curlyhair Green Fairy 2 by curlyhair BlackMagic by curlyhair

and congratulations as well to SquidGames the first runner up

:iconsquidgames: A Land of Fantasy by SquidGames

protect the human by SquidGames :thumb139400123: Naga Albina Update by SquidGames

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

Quote of the month: South of the Border by deviantdash
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."  ~Dr. Seuss

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About time for new features...

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 30, 2010, 9:15 AM

Fringe Glyph: Frog by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Leaf by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Apple by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Flower by lzsays Fringe Glyph: Butterfly by lzsays

Thank you for the support and feedback on my latest drawing.:iconbowplz:
I've decided to finish my little "Fringe" collection before I free my very short attention span on to other things ;p
I started a portrait of Anna Torv (agent Olivia Dunham) and Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) is next after that.
(See, no suspens this time... or may be I'll sneak a little surprise...):plotting:

First of all, a special feature for the very first to have left a comment:
:star::icondennissnider: :thumb168649164: :thumb167211187: :thumb166588444::star:


:bulletwhite:Artisan crafts:
Steampunk-Lady 2 by Leder-Joe Steampunk -ish book by TimBakerFX Small one by Santani
Reinette Sitting by AngelSamui Moonlight Flower by Faeriedivine Unique Sterling bridal mask by ElnaraNiall

REM by SachaKalis Crystal Gaze by AgniConnor I fell asleep by esstera
A Small World by GingerKellyStudio Chalice Well by ArwensGrace Vampir by Asuka-desu

Listening Wind For One Day by PhilippeGaravel Beste asMermaid by jazzrail :thumb169208715:
:thumb167301229: Curiouser and Curiouser by behindinfinity The white queen by ideea
:thumb162659062: Lafreinier Park Bunny 2 by SalemCat :thumb166227155:

:bulletwhite:Digital paintings:
Nimue by Dianae Day and sunbeam by Quberon The Forest of the Whispers by dark-spider
:thumb166601445: Pegasus by YuliaPW ever green by phoenixlu
:bulletwhite:Pencil drawings:
OC - The Sound of Silence by Cataclysm-X Sketches and Revelations by Cataclysm-X Eye on Earth by Cataclysm-X      
MiuChu by paullung Juvenile Great Horned Owl by denismayerjr Everybody's Leaving by Zindy
Drops by Briscott Going under by Svera Springvesna by zeldis

Quote of the month::iconbutterflyplz:
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."  ~Judy Garland

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Comfort zone

Journal Entry: Wed May 19, 2010, 10:55 AM

:bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :star: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :star: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :star: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite: Comfort zone by BetweenAsleepAndWake :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :star: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :star: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: :star: :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite:

It has been a while since my last journal... but you don't really want to read about my little life, now do you ? ;p  
The good news is that I now have a really nice marble top table to work on, and I just received some new pencils !
yay !:iconfeelingfreeplz: pencils !  
I see the joy of this news isn't thrilling for everyone. he he !:eyes:
The bad news is that I have tendonitis in my left wrist these past three weeks and really had to slow things down for a while.  The pain is gone now, I had good medicine.*devious smile*

A few weeks ago a person involved with a horse training club asked me if I would be interested to prepare for an art exhibition in June.  (Of course for this year, it won't be possible, since I don't have the time to get any artwork done in time, or not enough.)
So don't be surprised if you see drawings or paintings of horses showing up in your deviant watch starting this summer...:sun:

Right now I am striving to finish a new portrait in graphite pencils.  And it is a man.  And he is an actor... no, no other clue for you.  But you know I like to surprise you AND I like variety.:plotting:


:star:A special feature to thank all who were brave enough to dare leave a comment on my latest deviation ;) :

:iconphilippel: Shy Young Artist by philippeL Sun Lover by philippeL Coquine in charcoal by philippeL
:icondennissnider::thumb164007197: :thumb162323123: :thumb163076205:
:iconliiwka: Winnie the Pooh by LiiWka Pissed xD by LiiWka The Last GoodBye ... by LiiWka
:iconaelindra: Lampadaire by Aelindra Amoureux aux bords de Seine by Aelindra Neko by Aelindra
:iconwalking-girl: Wild blossom by WALKING-GIRL Purple. For Selina by WALKING-GIRL .Blossom. by WALKING-GIRL

:star: and a feature for two devious artists that kindly featured me recently:

:iconangelstorm-82: :AYA UETO BRIGHT SMILE: by Angelstorm-82 :SUSAN COFFEY DRAWING: by Angelstorm-82 :HAYLEY WILLIAMS: by Angelstorm-82
:iconwildwoodartsco: The Doormouse by WildWoodArtsCo Strange Cats by WildWoodArtsCo Peasemore Steals the Pea by WildWoodArtsCo

Thank you !:iconteamoplz:

Quote of the month :

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.
~André Gide

Copyright Information

Art found in my gallery are © Céline L.P./BetweenAsleepAndWake. No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner (me).

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I hope you haven't missed all the fun on April 1st.  I know I won't forget my first april fool's on dA.
Thank you all for your comments and support... and for all the llamas...
I feel so llama loved, really :iconlovesplz:

Recently, I have accepted to be a co-founder in :iconsketchlines: and I would be very pleased if you were to join our group.

:icongoldendaplz:You are all invited.:icongoldendaplz:

and now, here are the features you have chosen:

:thumb152817595::thumb158575838: Toronto postcard by Aelindra

By Any Other Name... by Zarrianne Elven lancer by Lathron So curious by WALKING-GIRL

'rwy'n dy garu di mam'  love you mam by Garnet69Frost:thumb157646017: As mad as a hatter... by Dragonda


:thumb156694016: Waiting For The Better Days by PhilippeGaravel

:thumb121753309: Winter ball by lioninspace Rose trees never grow.... by paintedmagnolia

Close Encounter 3rd 05 by JocelyneR The Cutie of the Attic by philippeL The Circles by lzsays

:icongoldendaplz: Thanks to all who have participated !:icongoldendaplz:

and have a great Easter week-end !:iconpinkballoonplz:

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April features

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 27, 2010, 12:58 PM
Hi there! :iconteamoplz:
I would like to make a special feature for you.  Since I wish to give everyone (of my watchers) a chance to be featured, you have a few days (until April 1st) to choose a deviation (yes, just one) from your gallery that you really like.
Just write a thumb (: thumb158090562: ) in your comment.:butterfly:
Field Candy by WildRainOfIceAndFire

  • Playing: "Dragon age" (I love that game !)

Spring and Sherlock Holmes...

Sat Feb 27, 2010, 11:51 AM
I am ready for spring. Does it show ? ;)  
Well, February has flown by... it's been a busy month for me, in both good and bad events.  I found out how to lose those extra winter pounds, though I wouldn't recommend this at home… It's easy, really: first you get the stomach flu, and then when you're really weak, three days later you catch a super cold with a sore throat that-really-doesn't-make-you-feel-like-eating-anything-sweet, and there you go ! B-)  
Anyways, I am all better now and ready to smell the flowers.

I went and saw "Sherlock Holmes" last night and just loved it.  Being a great fan of the character from the books, I was a little perplexed about Robert Downey Jr playing that role, but he really pulled it off really well ! He and Jude Law are a great pair.  If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it.

I am working on a new portrait now.  I like to surprise you, so I'll just say it is a lady this time… :eyes:

:heart: Thank you for your support and welcome to my new watchers !:heart:

:iconflowerplz:And now, a promise is a promise so… here are a couple of contests winners features::iconbutterflyplz:

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: Feature for "A Glimpse of the Daydreamers' Realm" contest for :icondaydreamersrealm::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:

:iconthankyouplz1::star:First Place:
Daydream by PunainenTaiteilija by  :iconpunainentaiteilija:

The seller of sweets by PunainenTaiteilija Stairway to summer by PunainenTaiteilija Welcome by PunainenTaiteilija

:star:Second Place:
The Lone Avator by topazlights by  :icontopazlights:

a woman's secret by topazlights Angelina by topazlights Dragon's Award by topazlights

:bulletyellow:Honorable Mentions:

Daydreaming. by nadhrah94 by :iconnadhrah94:

Poison of Beauty. by nadhrah94 Hiding. by nadhrah94 :thumb135756596:

:bulletyellow:and realm of the daydreamer by Ankaraven by :iconankaraven:

Dawn by Ankaraven lion portrait by Ankaraven tranquility by Ankaraven

:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple: And here is a special feature for the :iconbirds-club: "Icon Contest"::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen::iconbirds-club: by :iconjoanniegoulet: won with 127 votes :)

Nixes for Fay by joanniegoulet Silver Tree and Orange Skies by joanniegoulet The White Lord by joanniegoulet

:bulletgreen:Second place: Birds Club Icon 3 - Qi Xi by meihua by :iconmeihua:

Peeking Peking by meihua Elang Bondol by meihua Caribbean Teal by meihua

:bulletgreen:Third place: Birds Club Avatar by mydigitalmind by :iconmydigitalmind:

Wedding deviantID by mydigitalmind Berry Snack by mydigitalmind Colbert by mydigitalmind

:iconrainbowheartplz1: :iconrainbowheartplz2: :iconrainbowheartplz3: :iconrainbowheartplz1: :iconrainbowheartplz2:
Congratulations to all these talented deviants !:iconheartballoonplz:

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On to the next challenge...

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 30, 2010, 11:25 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

After, the blonde Cylon challenge, I just started a new drawing this afternoon.  So far, I like it.  Which means it hasn't ended up in the waste basket... yet. No, I am not going to tell what it is.
:heart:Thank you very much for your kind words and support.:heart:

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: I have been tagged by :iconbeccj: :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:
And so, here are 10 random facts about my so wonderful self… ;)

* I always sing while I am drawing
* I love high heel shoes
* I have lived over twelve years in the States
* I don't like to eat alone
* My hair is long and dark.
* When I went to see :heart:Depeche Mode:heart: in concert (Angel Tour), Dave Gahan smiled at me (yes he did !);p
* I am right handed
* I play baseball and golf like a lefty
* I hate politics
* I read books (novels, art…) and write critiques for authors and publishing companies.

He he ! Now, I am supposed to tag ten deviants, so... watch out, you might get tagged next...:eyes:

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: And here is a devious feature::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:

Male Pine Grosbeaks by JocelyneR :thumb149353104: Her Valentine by zilla774
:thumb145470622::thumb144176357: Believe by Crimefish:thumb148631204:  
:thumb149435912: december flowers by skladsznurowadel Green Like Hope by Lilyas
T'as de beaux yeux tu sais by morvandelle :thumb149412288:
Front Yard From Fantasy Island by Aisii The Girl in the Fireplace by naturalshocks The Letter by yaamas
Taylor Swift - Fearless by Rajacenna :H O T: by Angelstorm-82 Light Sculpture by cfigue20:thumb143458390:
:thumb97151207: Red Riding Hood by mwford swanmaiden by CearaFinn Iridiscent Colors by Ultramelodic  
Red breast by Slinky-2012 :thumb139351816: A bird in the hand... by freixas

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Blue and blonde...

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 13, 2010, 3:06 AM
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Hello there,:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
Well, now that the wave of New Year journals has passed... I thought I should update mine as well.  You know the expression... save the best for last B-) (Well yes, I am in a overall happy mood.)

I am very impressed and feeling intimidated at the same time by a lot of artists here on dA.
My main goal as far as my art goes, is to keep drawing and working on my technique.  Also, I don't know if you have noticed but...there are no blonds in my gallery. *roll of the drums*  This year I decided to work on that.( I know, ooooh fascinating for some.) ;)

Thank you for your comments and support.  I have been here on deviantArt for 3 months already and I am liking it, thanks to all of you.:heart:
(I especially love to see my work end up in some awesomeness collection):iconswingonastarplz:

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Here is a galopping feature this time:

Bodicea by ValkAngie Let the Battle Begin:Version 1 by GingerKellyStudio Forest Unicorn by Ironshod Moonlight Unicorn by Ironshod
The Stormhorse by GingerKellyStudio   Forest Mistress by roxaralu   Pastel horse by LittleMissRaven
Fae Friends by GingerKellyStudio   White Horse by Anina-Bird   Mind Games by Kennelwood
Shire by caldwellart  :thumb126780153:  :thumb146731594:

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:and I decided to feature the very talented: :iconjagienkaa: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Violet Fern Flower n by jagienkaa The Dark Side of the Moon... by jagienkaa Turquoise vertigo by jagienkaa
Victoria's Sister by jagienkaa Fern Flower brancelet by jagienkaa Black Pearl 2 by jagienkaa

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: I am a member of:



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  • Reading: (any suggestion for a good book to read ?)
  • Watching: The prisonner
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Open the gate

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2009, 3:09 AM

:snowflake::xmas::snowflake::star::snowflake::xmas: First of all : Happy holidays to all of my watchers ! :xmas::snowflake::star::snowflake::xmas::snowflake:

Just when I was thinking about doing a bird feature, I find this lovely journal skin.  It reminds me of one of my favorite songs.  Since I am sure I am not the only one who might be overly shy around here, I thought I'd share just one paragraph with you:

"Step out of the cage
and onto the stage
It's time to start,
playing your part...
Freedom awaits,
open the gate
Open your mind,
Freedom's a state..."

Freestate, Depeche Mode
(You can listen to it, if you wish) :)…

:snowflake: I don't know if it is snowing where you are, but here we've had a few flakes.:snowflake:
:heart:I am not submitting anything lately and that is only because I am working on Christmas gifts.:heart:

:bulletblue: Recently, I have joined the DaydreamersRealm :icondaydreamersrealm:
I thought that was appropriate, considering my deviant name...:bulletblue:

Feathered Feature

:thumb108354135: :thumb134322308: Little one by kazzdavore
:thumb144936899: :thumb146023436: :thumb146022819:
resting pretty by ariseandrejoice A way of life by PhilippeGaravel :thumb138073671:
Close encounter 3rd - 02 by JocelyneR :thumb132746507: :thumb144367632:
Tawny Owl by Heliocyan Barrred Owl portrait by Heliocyan The Red Kite by Heliocyan
Hawk 2 by KSPhotographic Closer won't be easy. by 00Tiger00 Sierra by DeniseSoden
Under My Command by DeniseSoden Eagle by Guard-of-the-Citadel Where eagles fly ... by Leitor
Semir's wallpaper by woxys:thumb144352817: greywing by zaphod66 Redwing Blackbird 2 by KSPhotographic

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About Christmas spirit... (already !)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2009, 8:00 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

:snowflake::bulletred::snowflake::bulletred::snowflake: Christmas is in the air already... isn't it ?:snowflake::bulletred::snowflake::bulletred::snowflake:

I love that time of year that brings families together and so, I am not even going to dwell on the whole materialistic side of Christmas that just makes me :bleh:... please, focus on the things that REALLY MATTER.
:heart: I am one of those who prefer a gift from the heart.:heart:
(Anyway, enough on that subject.)

I have started on a new drawing and I still have ideas for more things to come.  (Of course, if you have suggestions, I am all ears.) :)  
All in all, I am in a pencil kind of mood...

:star: Featuring deviousness at random and in varied mediums:star:
(Be careful as some may just appear to be photographs...)

:thumb134582041: :thumb144936899: :thumb144847370:

Tiger by paullung All the things I love by esstera Frozen - Close-up by Raipun
Portrait by Nataly1st comfortably numb by esstera :thumb140147849:
The Candy Store by JeRoenMurre Second Wind by kayceeus Death Eater by michellemonique
Nightwish 1 by SawSomething Stalker by ibjennyjenny deepen by Grafilogika

Hello there by WALKING-GIRL Love by mstargazer Paint it red by ScorpionEntity
Last Moments of Daylight by Andrea-Reyes Close encounter 3rd - 02 by JocelyneR   Catch the cloud ... by Grafilogika
The guard of the Golden forest by woxys:thumb139121116:
:THE SOULCATCHER: by Angelstorm-82 Jensen Ackles - Dream Brother by Cataclysm-X  :thumb144369344:

:rose: Thank you to all my watchers and visitors, for your comments, :+fav: and your thoughtfulness.:rose:

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Pencil projects...

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 18, 2009, 6:30 AM


First, a big THANK YOU ! to my watchers :blowkiss: especially :iconyourownmind: who was the first to welcome me on deviantArt.

:rose:En français: Un grand MERCI à tous mes visiteurs, et je sais que certains d'entre eux ne sont pas inscrits sur deviant.:rose:

Lately, things are smoothing down a bit.  I am starting to manage with my schedule and find time for drawing.  Something I haven't been able to do much these past two years.
I am in a happy mood and feeling confident enough to think of more projects with my faithful critériums.

I have found a few people that posted a self portrait in their gallery.  Now I know what you're thinking, but noooo... I am not going to do that exactly; rather I have (and will) send notes to ask "permission" to draw them.  Well... except for one person which I know won't mind a surprise. *devious smile*

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: If you would like to have a portrait made, you may note me. :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:

And now... a Feline Feature this time, in varied mediums : (be careful, there might be cuteness involved in some of those pictures.  You have been warned.)
MyBelovedFriend_ARGUS_final by cmg2901 - Smoothy - by JNoOoN My Paintings by cmg2901 the Beast by woxys :thumb137640068: After the shooting by hoschie Haldir, the white lion by woxys Anya in Shadow by DaytonaBlue64Impala Sleepyhead by Zindy red beauty by mangakasan Bewitching by Wild-Soul :thumb140916028: Bagheera? by woxys lion portrait by Ankaraven Gateway into the Soul by balaa Snow leopard, sweet baby by woxys

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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 2:25 AM
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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2009, 9:57 AM
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A week has flown by and I pretty much spent all my free time visiting many artists's galleries. And the most addictive part, is that, of course I love what I stumble upon most of the time, and there I am stuck behind my computer...!(again)
So far, I've submitted a few drawings.  I am working on another one and I have three more projects waiting for me after that.

D'ailleurs, quelques uns de ces projets ont déjà été postés dans ma galerie sur  Juste pour démontrer que je fais attention aux critiques, (même si mon ego prefère les compliments), je vais soumettre quelques dessins revus et corrigés.  Certains avec plus de couleurs d'ailleurs (Feary des glaces, Aux secrets de l'ombre, Silvernight et son dragon noir.)

Sorry, back to english: I hope you'll like what's coming :love: *sends kisses out*

Here are some pictures I picked from my favorites:

    Innocence by esstera    small witch by uriko33   :thumb140341790:    Autumn Ethereal by alexandre-deschaumes     Half A Love Story by WildRainOfIceAndFire :thumb67893877:

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