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Book Cover:

You have written a book or other story? Looking for your own individual cover that fits your story perfectly? You like the covers in my premade folder, but they just don't fit your story? Then commission your own, individual cover

You have your own pictures that you want to use? No problem, we can do that.

You don't have pictures and aren't sure where to get any? No problem either. I can help you find the right ones.

Contact me at and we can discuss everything.

The price of the cover depends on complexity of the design and the price of the images we want to use. Tell me your ideas for the cover and I can make you a price offer. Or, if you do have a price limit, tell me how much the cover can cost and we will find ways to make it work.

You can find examples of my covers 


Are you looking for graphics representing your own, individual characters? Wonder what you would look like with angel or fairy wings? Or would you just like to have the color of someones hair changed in a picture? I can help you with all of that. Tell me what you are looking for and I will help you get it.

prices: The prices can vary, depending how complex your wishes are and how long it will take me to make the graphic for you. Send me an e-mail with your ideas and I will make you a price offer:

example prices:
- changing skin color, hair color, color of clothes, etc: from 5-10 US $ (depending on complexity: lots of individual hair strands for example take longer to change ;-))
- changing eye color: about 3 US $
- adding wings: from 10 US $ up (depending on whether I have to buy images to make the wings look just the way you want them and how much those would cost)
- removing a background (for example around a person): from 10 to 25 US $ (depending 
on complexity: lots of individual hair strands make it harder, several people take longer, too)

Example of a more complex manipulation I made: 

Lorraine Karras by BettySchmidt

Other graphics:

You are interested in commissioning other graphics? Wallpaper, Facebook banner, header, bookmark designs, CD cover, flyer layouts, postcard designs, icons or something else? Contact me at and we can discuss everything.

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Not really sure how these journal skins work, but lets try it ...

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Book Cover Art:

I am going to show my book cover art here. It is either for already existing books or premade designs. If you want to purchase a premade book cover for your own book, contact me about it through e-mail: 


You may use some of my manips to make fanart, like for example icons, banner, wallpaper, as long as you don't earn any money with them. I will add under each manip, if you may use it. If I forget to add it, please ask first.
Don't share your art (which is based on mine) without crediting me (my deviantart or and the source of the images I used. The source is always listed under the manips. Have fun creating. If you have time, I'd love to see what you made. :-)

Banner, Icons, Wallpaper & similar art:

Feel free to use them wherever you want in a personal manner. Credit me (my deviantart or and the source of the images I used. The source is always listed under the graphics. If you aren't sure if you may use my art for something specific, please ask. Don't edit my art without my permission.

Stock photos:

- All stock images in my "free stock" folder are free to be downloaded and used by anyone. There are no rules or requirements. You can use them in any designs you like, personal and commercial. Have fun creating! ;-)
- A fave would be nice and a link back to my deviantart (for example from your credit page) appreciated, but it's not a must.
- Just don't claim an image as your own or sell it "as is" (without any changes). It is meant to be free!

What you can and shouldn't do in general:

- If you like my art, a fave would be really nice. I love comments, too. They make me happy and keep me inspired. :-)
- Do NOT edit my art unless I give you permission. Don't just take my Cover Art, edit it and use it for your books or something else. That would be stealing.
- Always check what I write under a graphic. I might give you permission to use it for private or even commercial uses there.
- Do NOT hotlink my art.
- Don't claim my graphics & stock as your own.