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Detective Pikachu and Link

umm.. I drew #detectivepikachu and #breathofthewild Link LOLOL. I know it is kinda random. thought it would be a fun crossover XD 
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A crossover I never knew I want! <3
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but im different than all im HYAAAAA
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Is that patch of fur from sonic it looks like the spin in the trailer
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What if scenario: Sonic went Missing during Smash Brothers Ultimate. Someone asked Detective Pikachu (A Pokemon most likely) to go find him. Then meets Link ask him to help find Sonic. (not sure how mind you, Unless all characters in Smash Bros have a Pokemon translator or something.)(as a tracker or something.)          
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Pikachu finds the dots and Link puts them all together.
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This artwork made me smile.  I wonder if they are trying to find the missing link between the glass and Zelda's power. Okay, I'm done with the lame pun. xD
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So they found a sonic quill!? So many crossovers.
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I just realized that was Sonic's hair
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i jumped out of my chair when i see that blue thingy. out of the roof.
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Never would've thought of it myself, but damn this is a perfect crossover!

Nice work!
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Maybe he’ll know the link to that piece of fur.
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If you thought casting Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot was a waist a money, wait untill we hire Morgan Freeman as the voice of Link.
and for the last time, Samuel L. Jackson won´t be Newtwo.
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funny and cute.
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This is kinda cute
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Jim Carrey will save the movie
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