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Jack Frost x Reader x Pitch 'You're mine' pt 15
The party went on as planed, and everybody was having a great time. People were chatting happily, and enjoying the quiet music in the background.
Jack felt a little uneasy though.
The main reason was that some guy had asked you to dance, and you were now being led to the massive dance floor. Jack wasn't much of a dancer, but he regretted deeply that he didn't ask you himself. He watched in horror as Mr.No name placed his right and on your hip, while his left took your right hand in a tight grip.
If looks could kill, your dance partner would have died at least 30 times already, by the look that Jack sent in his way. You could clearly see the rage and jealousy glowing out of the winter spirit, and people that was standing around him, took a few steps back in fear of him exploding in any given moment.
Jack felt a tap on his hip, and turned to see Sandman looking up at him with a question mark floating above his head. "I'm okay Sandy.....It's nothing" He said though clenched teeth, but San
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Jack Frost x Reader x Pitch 'You're mine' pt 14
On the North Pole...
North paced back an forth in the big hall, with a faint frown on his face. Everyone had arrived to his party, and yet you were nowhere to be seen. It was ten minutes since he asked Tooth to go and get you, which only gave the result of the Toothfairy giving him a message from you, which said that you would be ready in a few minutes.
Those minutes where long gone. North felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned to see one of his loyal yetti's, Phil, which pointed towards the big staircase, and gave him and thumps up. North didn't get the point at first, but it didn't take him long before the light bulb appeared. "Oh! She's ready, good" He clapped his hands together, before he walked towards the stairs and stood at the foot of it before he asked for everyone's attention.
"My dear friends. It is my pleasure to see all of you here tonight, to celebrate another year has passed. Though there is another reason for you to be here tonight." This made the crowd look at each oth
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Guardian of Bravery: PitchBlack x Reader 3 pt4
You smiled gently and began walking to your room, suddenly tired.
You set your new necklace down on your dresser and closed your eyes, sighing contently. You stretched your arms above your head, smiling when you felt your back pop. You brought your arms down and held your neck with both hands, tilting your head forward. When your neck popped too, you smiled again. You let your hands fall to your sides and opened your eyes. You gasped at what you saw in the mirror.
“Hello, my love.” Pitch crooned, uncrossing his legs and sitting up from where he lay on your bed.
You laughed, shaking your head as you turned to face him, leaning back on your dresser. “What are you doing?” You giggle, noting that Pitch’s robe is thrown over a nearby chair and that he lays in your bed clad only in his shorts.
Pitch frowns, leaping up and walking over to you, his golden eyes shining. “I came to see you.” He purrs, grabbing you by the hips and pulling you to his body.
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