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Shinji from Evangelion.

I think this express well what I feel.
Isn't it depression when everything around you just seem so...

Depression: song by COЯE THE CHILD
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I’ve actually been just feeling this way all day every day... some days are worse than others... I can totally relate to Shinji on this one... BTW great art, I love Evangelion!
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I feel that way sometimes.
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That's how I feel right now.  

Really good job on the picture though.
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Reminds me of myself.
I love this work! thank you!
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...he kinda looks like me...
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I can't say I haven't been there
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Nge and eoe were all about suicidal depression
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Yes..depression is grey with no white in sight...
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Some people really hate on Shinji, but all this considered he handled things remarkably well.
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I kind of this way never ends
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When life knocks you down.. Calmly get back up, smile, and very politely say, "You hit like a bitch"
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really great, this is speaking to my heavy head
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Can i use your art for my school project plz and thank you.
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yes, and misery does love company,i agree
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misery loves company
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amazing! it experss what I feel too. so nice...
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thats me right now, you captured it very well.
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I hope you get better!
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