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Left 4 dead 2- Hunter

Hunter from Left 4 dead 2.

Here is my first hunter from Left 4 dead(1):

Here is my OC hunter:

and here is my best friend's OC hunter :heart: :

Hunter- Left 4 dead 2 (c) Valve
art by me

Do not copy, edit, or distribute this image.thx~
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Why is this so gross but so hot at the same time? .-. I'm so conflicted
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cool but i like the first hunter better. 
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What? YA gonna do everyone else too?
MichaelMyers1972's avatar
Okay, i'm not gay but imagine the Smoker's from both games shirtless...ew...
Martsuia's avatar
what does being gay have to do with that? 
epicyoshi21's avatar
Doesn't Hunter have no eyes? read that on its fourm
ulquijowwtra's avatar
I HEAR A HUNTER! *totally drops shotgun and pounces the Hunter* Haha! x3
HiddenDarkHM's avatar
Heh... the hunter between this pic and the L4d 1 hunter pic has developed a bit of a bulge :P And I don't mean the growths. That amuses me. GREAT pics though, fantastic work and imagining! Keep up the good work.
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HUNTAAAAA!! <3<3<3<3<3<3
Namyon's avatar
Finally I can imagine clearly what he looks like ! Hunty <3 (ok that's weird xD)
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this one is also allowed to pounce on me! :iconhunterrapefaceplz:
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elliotcamel's avatar
.....A female Boomer? Finally.....I don't need to be criticized about my weight.....F*ck you stupid charger ;-;
LinkHeichou's avatar
I have no words O.O
CerezaPoppygeist's avatar
oh does he get older in left 4 dead 2
MMDuser23's avatar
No . The hunter probably removes his sleeves to blend in hot climates . Or probably a different hunter in different infected cities .
Martsuia's avatar
why did i even comment this?
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