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I wasn't feeling that great throughout the week, so I focused on writing rather than editing/publishing.

It's easier to build [write] than to complete [edit/publish]. While writing "Eville Medical Move," there were three main parts that went through multiple revisions. I'm bad at writing characters descriptions because too much of it bores me, so I'm trying to break from that accidental habit of providing no visual detail by throwing in some quick information. Sili's tattoos were a last-minute addition. His name bounced around several iterations and requiring more editing still is a process I'm refining to avoid any speech sounding just like how I'd speak: Google Translating to obfuscate the word choice, grammar, and other factors.

I've been interested in the idea lately. If Sili is a Samoan character, shouldn't he speak in a manner that might seem more Samoan than Zombiepaperian? Of course, it would be better to consult with native speakers, so it's shaky ground, but I've always operated with the idea of pushing the limits of traditional literature, including writing things that could be controversial. Things that are just downright offensive don't really interest me much, but parts of "The Story" will contain controversial material, and as I write more entries in the Sammohini Arc of "The Story" that inch toward that controversy, it makes me wonder where the line is between NSFW and not.

I joke with co-workers that I write fiction about stuff employers wouldn't like me to share, like discontented employees.

1. Fielding critiques -- None yet
2. Writer's groups -- No effort put in yet
3. Commissioning artists -- No effort applied yet
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Quick update, since I let time slip away today, and tomorrow will be busy.

Now I'm trying to figure out how I can fit in editing throughout the week. I have time set aside in the morning to edit, it's just that too much brainpower that early in the morning can nuke the rest of the day. On Friday, I completed "Nothing To Do" - requiring a partial re-write for dialogue, cleaning up to fit 500 words, and publishing here, along with my main site, and my Wordpress backup, all in about two hours in the morning, but that nuked part of the rest of my day.

"Working Through Sickness" didn't need as much editing.

It also got some likes, so that was nice. Many of these short stories are inconsequential, but if I notice a particular trend that could be popular, or is, then I'll write more in that vein. Part of it is uncovering character traits. The first 80% of the story was written in one sitting, feeling sick but able enough to focus, with the next part written after getting through all that junk. I like the direction I took it in, and that's where I can leverage some of the split writing sessions.

1. Fielding critiques -- None yet
2. Writer's groups -- No effort put in yet
3. Commissioning artists -- No effort applied yet
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Good news!

I've figured out how to efficiently move over my fiction practice short stories building the Sammohini Arc. I was overthinking things. It'll be nice to have everything backed up here, as well as my Wordpress backup site, because hosting everything relevant here will help me focus my efforts. The aforementioned link, for example, has too many scattered sections. If each short story introduces new characters, how can I keep them in order? Right now, I just depend on my memory, and occasionally reading over old short stories to see where my intentions were for certain characters.

I can see deviantArt helping out with that.

I've drawn some character designs in the past, but only for leading pictures for short stories, and I'd rather spend the two or so hours it might take me to draw a full scene, instead, on writing. Still, I have no problem drawing quick sketches of character designs, and I'm always a fan of doing more than just focus on one area. If I just write, without flexing my drawing muscles, then I won't figure out the nuances of character designs, which is one thing that I don't spend too many of my 500 words in each short story writing about. Especially after returning to recurring characters, how many visual details should I repeat?

It's a tricky balance for recurring readers and first-time readers.

For now, I'll just focus on the intent of the Sammohini Arc, which is to practice writing fiction. It's a slower process for me than writing essays, because something like this is mostly inconsequential, and even reviews take time to formulate a proper argument. I've been writing fiction fairly quickly on bus rides, but when I try to go for more nuance or to really use the short story to help teach me about the characters or how to relay nuance with only a limited number of words, it's tricky. I imagine with another six months or year of practice, it'll be much easier, so for now, I'm just having fun with the process.

Why else would I do it?

Money and popularity aren't really a huge motivator for me. Both could make the process easier or harder. My goal here isn't really to make a whole lot of money in order to live the easy life. My primary motivation is to tell "The Story," and I am telling it through practicing all these short stories that build up my ability to tell short stories, build up the world of "The Story," and get me closer to the point in which I know for sure I can lock myself away for three months and crank out "The Story" on a recorded live-stream with an audience. That's the dream, anyways, as far as the reality, the more I write, the closer I'll get.

Here are the updates on my three deviantArt goals:

1. Field critiques -- This will come as I find more readers, which will happen after I tell more people about my short stories, and as I advertise myself and my short stories more.
2. Writer's groups -- I joined Fair-Critique but I've been too busy writing and editing to give it any attention. Maybe next weekend?
3. Commissioning artists -- I think this will happen after I start drawing more concept sketches of the recurring characters in my short stories. No real rush here, either.

I'll try to upload more short stories here throughout the week.

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I didn't do much here this past week. Besides my primary focus of daily human compulsion to perpetuate existing efficiently and my secondary focus of doing well enough in my employment to remain so is my tertiary focus of writing.

I can write anywhere. This stems from a pragmatic understanding that I simply cannot dedicate hours of time to brainstorming and feeling out narrative constructs through writing, pausing, thinking, and then writing when I feel like it. Therefore, I write on the bus, on my lunch breaks in the park, or anywhere that I can sit for 20 minutes uninterrupted. It's easy because that first draft is never sacred. I just dump it all into my writing app, WriterP, and then depart from the bus, go back to work, or otherwise return to reality.

The editing process is where the short stories come to life.

In one short story I will publish here later on this week, Jane meets a character that in the initial drafts made her feel "uncomfortable," but after getting a reader to take a look at it, watching the reactions, and thinking about the character more - an extroverted "fashionista" - "uncomfortable" wasn't the right word. I thought about the word and story more so that when I get to the editing process - where I clean up the prose, tighten the sentences, and let additional moments breathe into my typically 500-word limit - it's much faster.

Ideally, I could write and edit anywhere.

I can easily pump out 500 words daily and have since May 17th, when I only wrote 404 words, and before that I only wrote 218 words on April 17th. The block point is in the editing process, in that now that I'm going through my short stories to re-read, ponder, and plan more, I need more time to get things looking just right. Not perfect, but good enough. I could - and maybe should - do some of the re-reads and preliminary edits on the go as well. Maybe I should find a second editing app I could use to read in more detail? Then the editing brainstorming could also be done anywhere, and a sentence or two of reading and refinement could be done anywhere...

For now, I have 17 [seventeen] drafts to edit and publish, 4 [four] of which are brand new short stories the Sammohini Arc of "The Story," in addition to migrating copies of every relevant short story over here. Since Deviant Art's text editor is clumsy, fails to translate basic HTML effectively, and does not behave the same as Wordpress or any legitimate HTML editor, the migration process is taking time as I need to manually correct each HTML tag before it looks right on Deviant Art.

That leaves the weekends to spend the time it takes to polish the short stories "for print," which even if I don't strive for perfection, is still a process that takes time. I do enjoy the writing and editing process more than many activities, so no complaints here. It's just a slow process when the work week is mentally busy and physically exhausting.

Finally, the search for those three main things:
1. Casual or in-depth critique of my work with the intent of improvement. -- The aforementioned short story with the "uncomfortable" character benefitted from two readers. Accepting criticism can be nervewracking, but eventually, I can see it becoming easy. 
2. Joining up with writer's groups. -- Fair-Critique could fit the bill. Just haven't had time to read over anything posted here to contribute.
3. An artist or artists interested in long-form collaborative commissions to help me visualize the short stories I'm writing and have written. -- The main browsing page of Deviant Art is full of pornography and things that exist, so it may take time to find the right visual collaborator.

My intention for this week is to upload at least one short story this week, if not more.
Check here for now.
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To introduce myself, my nom de plume is Zombiepaper, and I have the intention of writing a massive encyclopedic story I'm tentatively calling  "The Story," and I've published over 500 essays and 250,000 words over at (with a Wordpress backup) over the past two years to realize that ambition. This process thus far has been invaluable for building my writing discipline, and yet, these avenues have also lacked a social and critique element.

I am looking for three main things:
1. Casual or in-depth critique of my work with the intent of improvement.
2. Joining up with writer's groups.
3. An artist or artists interested in long-form collaborative commissions to help me visualize the short stories I'm writing and have written.

Over the course of the next month or two, I will upload every short story within the Sammohini Arc of "The Story," including ones that aren't published yet. This will probably take seven to ten hours to migrate successfully. I figure about one or two hours a week should suffice because after using that time for formatting and tagging old short stories, I will be caught up, after which time I'll build out more content, including character sketches, background designs for settings, maps, and more.

Start here.
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