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“Hej! Jane? What is the strangest thing you’ve ever encountered while working here?”
The aloof mover’s eyes drifted from the book she was reading on advanced computer systems toward the driver of that afternoon furniture run, Kaja, who would occasionally pick up hours when her ex-husband had the kids.
“Nothing noteworthy.”
“In yesterday’s run, we found knives in bags! Nobody was injured, but we were lucky. The owner had no idea how to pack everything!”

“Really? That’s strange.”

“You’re telling me! I worked with Ruckus. Of course, he was more than a little upset. He did not say anything rude, but then I had to take care of all the bags.” Jane’s attention drifted away from Kaja’s story, while watching the dark yellow hues of the sunburnt fields on the north end of Eville through the moving truck’s windshield, to the book on Scribewise W100 networking. “We still ended everything without a problem, but it was still a violent reminder of how easily we could be hurt in this work if we were not careful.”

“Yeah, it can be rough out there.”

Jane found her place in the book: while remoting into the Scribewise console with an administrator- “Hej! Jane? What’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered while working on a computer? Maybe some weird pornography or something illegal?” She put her book away and looked over at Kaja. “Nothing noteworthy. I didn’t really work on people’s computers during college, but because my degree is in General Technology rather than General Networking, after graduating, could only get boring entry-level help desk gigs.”

Kaja slowed down the truck as they encountered heavy traffic.

“I’m sorry, I do not know exactly what you mean. You can translate?” Jane blushed a little, realizing she was being standoffish again. “Oops, sorry. I, uhh, guess I’ll start at the top, and let me know if any of it doesn’t make any sense.” Kaja looked over, smiled, and returned her gaze to the windshield. “OK, so there are two main paths to go down when you get into computers. The customer-facing side and the side dealing more with technology.”

“Dobrze, dobrze.”

“I wanted to go into the technology side, so I got a General Technology degree, along with, at the time, my g-ood friend, Sammohini, well, we’re still friends now, but-” “I know what you mean. I have many friends at home who are d-obrzy.” Jane felt a little less flustered. “Sammohini would naturally just talk to people and got along just fine working on people’s computers. I’d be more likely to stay in and study dry stuff like this.”

“Maybe you should talk to more people?”

“Yeah, wouldn’t hurt… People are strange… I don’t really understand them as well as I can understand how a computer works. If something doesn’t work on a server or console, then it’s because I gave it the wrong command… oh… oops…” Instead of looking lost, Kaja looked like she’d figured something out.

“People are the strangest part of any job!”

[[Quotes: None.]]
[[Sources: Kaja Keto was a randomly generated name.]]
[[Inspirations: We’d have to worry about sharp objects in thrift store donation bags, otherwise, there wasn’t much external inspiration here. Just fiction practice.]]
[[Related: Somewhere in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.”]]
[[Written On: July 23rd [1 hour]]]
[[Last Edited: August 7th [0 minutes]]]

Sammohini's friend Jane and Kaja wander around a strange topic.
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Submitted on
August 7, 2018