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Charlotte White AKA Spindle - PL 10
Strength 5/3, Stamina 5/3, Agility 5/1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 10/5, Intellect 1, Awareness 4, Presence 2
Equipment 2, Fast Grab, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Skill Mastery: Stealth, Ultimate Effort: Stealth, Uncanny Dodge
Acrobatics 3 (+8), Athletics 3 (+8), Insight 4 (+8), Perception 4 (+8), Ranged Combat: Webslinging 8 (+10), Stealth 8 (+13)

True Drider Form (Activation: Standard Action)
. . Extra Limbs: Extra Limbs 4 (4 extra limbs, Advantages: Improved Grab)
. . Leaping: Leaping 2 (Leap 30 feet at 8 miles/hour)
. . Movement: Movement 3 (Swinging, Wall-crawling 2: full speed)
. . Web Cocoon: Cumulative Affliction 7 (1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 17; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Cumulative, Extra Condition, Feature: Can choose amount of dis/comfort target feels, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree)
. . . . Web Anchor: Move Object 7 (Alternate; 3 tons)
. . . . Web in the Eyes: Dazzle 10 (Alternate; Affects Sense: Vision, DC 20; Alternate Resistance (Dodge))
. . . . Web Slugs: Blast 10 (Alternate; DC 25)

Nimble: Enhanced Trait 18 (Traits: Agility +4 (+5), Fighting +5 (+10))

Senses: Senses 4 (Danger Sense: Mental, Darkvision, Ranged: Touch)

Strong as a Spider: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Strength +2 (+5), Stamina +2 (+5))
Equipment: 5 EP Towards Guardhouse, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Lock Release Gun, Undercover Shirt

Initiative +5
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 12)
Throw, +2 (DC 20)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 20)
Web Anchor: Move Object 7, +10 (DC 17)
Web Cocoon: Cumulative Affliction 7, +10 (DC Dodge/Fort 17)
Web in the Eyes: Dazzle 10, +10 (DC Dodge/Fort 20)
Web Slugs: Blast 10, +10 (DC 25)

Enemy: Spindle wants a word with whoever turned her into a drider.

Fame: Spindle is one of the Golders Green Guardians, known throughout Britain for finding things that go bump in the night and then bumping them right back.

Motivation: Acceptance: Spindle wants to show that driders are as capable of doing good as anyone else.

Prejudice: Driders are usually seen as up to no good, by those few who know what they are. This usually applies to those who first heard of driders from D&D. And there are arachnophobes, who see driders as their fear made manifest.

Transformation Control: Spindle must assume her drider form for 12 consecutive hours every week if she is to have any control over her transformation. Failure to do so will leave her in her drider form for a week.
Languages: U.K. English
Defense: Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 8, Toughness 7, Will 12
Power Points: Abilities 42 + Powers 65 + Advantages 8 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 20 = 150
Affiliation: Golders Green Guardians

Base: London, U.K.

Charlotte White was walking home one day when she was seized by something... unknown. She was blindfolded, bound, gagged and covered with something she didn't know the feel of. When she woke up in a near-empty warehouse, the first thing she saw was a mirror. When she stopped screaming, she saw that someone left a portable DVD player with a note saying "Play this to find out what happened to you."

When she played it, she saw someone who looked like what she was now. A woman with the lower body of a giant spider. She then explained that Charlotte was now a drider, just like her. The woman said that it wasn't anything personal, but driders could only reproduce by transforming others into more of their kind.

The second to last thing the woman said was how to assume human form again, and how to re-assume her new true form. The last thing the woman said was how to turn someone into a drider if there was a need to.

Charlotte was wondering what to do with herself when she bumped into Dr. Green. The kind doctor heard her story and soon recruited her, giving her a new handle - Spindle. Spindle has since become the team's stealth expert.
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