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Published: June 1, 2016
Hey all you crazy talented artists.  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!  I ate SO MUCH CAKE.

First off:  I am SO SORRY I haven't updated this poor DA page in over a year!  I'm the worst.

Second off:  I'm working at cleaning house internet-wise, and I'm sad to say that I will have to let DA be "that" know, the one that's in a basement that has spiders in it.  Not that you guys are spiders!  I'm not saying that!  I'm sure you have less legs than a spider!  I just need to be careful what I can keep up on.  

Deviant Art has been such a great place to make new friends, discover your beautiful artwork, and meet you all.  I feel so honored to know every single one of you.

This doesn't mean you won't see me again--hit me up on the sites I'm active on!
Pinterest -…
Instagram -…
Facebook -…
Tumblr (kinda active) -
Twitter (Only update to post storymonster blog links...twitter creeps me out!) -

And of course, my blog home:

And hey, just shoot me a message on any of these and say "I'm _____ from DA, let's be pals!" and I'll be a-followin' you back.

Many thanks to all of you inspiring, fantastic artists <3
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Comments (4)
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Jewel02|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man and I just found you and your amazing artwork!:( but thanks for the links!
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I'll surely miss your deviantart updates. :( Well, better keeping those links in mind...
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Thanks for the links! <3
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RoguishBard|Hobbyist Writer
Facebook'd. Because I'm not fond of Pinterest, I loathe Instagram, and I refuse to yield to the Tumblr of Morgoth.
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