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Happy New Year, yeh ol' yahoos!  I hope your holiday was a good one ^_^

{I stayed up until midnight!}


{Eeeeh who needs midnight anyway?}

I've been thinking about my New Years goals these past couple of weeks, and art, and design-life things.  One of the design principles I learned in school is that Big, Medium, and Small put together make appealing design.  I've noticed that's true for balance in life, too--I have to have my day job (big) and freelance (medium) and then stuff I do just for myself (small).  

So, think about the art goals you're making for this year, and group them into those three categories!  Then, post them below.  I'd love to hear them!

Here are mine:

BIG - Create 2 3-minute animatics for my portfolio.  {I've been wanting to do this for years.}
MEDIUM - Post more on my blog
SMALL - Practice drawing in some form for 1 hour every day {drawing, boards, speedpaints, etc}

I hope you all are doing well, and I have the best wishes for you all in 2015!
And front!  I'm both here!  lolol.

Hey guys.  I'm so so soooo sorry I've been MIA for over a year and half!  I think getting a job at Disney interactive ate me up!  However, I have the best intentions to keep up on this site.  In fact, I got a premium account here for a year!  So now I HAVE to keep up on it.  (Because I hate wasting money! lol)

Here's what's happened to me these past few months:

-I got on full-time at Disney Interactive, where I've been working as a story artist on Infinity 1 and Infinity 2 (which just came out last week!)
-I got engaged to be married!
-A month before the wedding, he broke up with me!
-I got thrown into jail for setting my ex-fiance's house on fire!

Hahaha.  Totally joking about the last one (though I wouldn't blame myself if I did.  Hee hee.)  Needless to say, it's been a crazy few months!  But I'm back at the grindstone and hoping to keep up better with DA and my other art sites.

This leads me to wonder:
Do you guys feel like DA is dying?
What art sites do you think a lot of people are heading to?

I have a poll down below...I'd love to hear your thoughts!
The animated short I headed up is live!…

The artists did a good job, didn't they?

Backgrounds - Ben Simonsen
Animators - Adrian Ropp, Aaron Mann, and Chad Erekson.
Music - Stephen Anderson
Audio & Mix - Jeff Meacham
3D train & Effects - Travis Deming
Animation producer - Joe Fowler

Such a talented team.  They were so patient with me.  Gosh I'm a lucky kid!
At the beginning of the year I made a goal to keep up on DA better.

WELP 5 months later, I finally show my ugly mug here you guys!  I'm despicable!!  You should kick me offa your DA lists!  You should send me angry emails!  You should set my house on fire!  Or at least set *someone's* house on fire...I'd hate for anyone to feel left out.

I've done pretty crummy with the speedpainting goal too.  And the goal to not do fan art?  I'm scratching my head over that one.  Dang it, I LIKE doing fanart!  Why did I want to do less of it?  I don't even remember.  I think my brain is dying.

Here are some good things:
-Still working at Disney...& I love it ^_^
-I made a massive book deadline...ON TIME (big deal for me)
-Had an ultra-sound to see if I had any cancer growing inside me (they have me on cancer watch, because of the tumors I had last year)...and I have a clean bill of health.  Hooray for no cancer!!


-I'm directing a project at my full-time job, it's only a 3-minute animated short, but still, definitely a humbling experience and I have a learned a lot.  The delivery date is tomorrow, wish me luck!  With good fortune it will be live on youtube next week in time for Mother's Day...I'll be sure to share the link.

I'm bummed because I haven't had much time to spend on art stuff.  I feel like I'm getting much better story-wise, but am going backwards with my art.  That scares me!  I need to spend more time practicing like I used to.

How are your guys's goals coming along?
Heya guys!  I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.  I sure did...I spent it with family and finally had the time to do some drawing for fun!  It was a great Christmas.

Now that New Years is coming, I'd better take down my tree...

Christmas Tree 2012

It won't take long.

2012 started a little bit rough, but it ended out really well for me, with no more tumors and the new job at Disney!  I feel so blessed.  Here are some of my goals for 2013:

-Update my blog more often, with more boards and original artworks.  (I love doing fanart, but I need to push myself in other areas I think.)

-Stay better caught up on emails & DA & budget my time better

-I took a storyboard class from Rad Sechrist (a Dreamworks storyboard artist) and learned so much!  I would recommend it to anyone (he's opened registration for a new class, if you're interested:…)  (It may be already full).  Anyway, in the class I put together an animatic for my portfolio.  It needs some revising, so I hope to do that this next year and put together a nice portfolio (which I've never had).

-The poor speedpaint blog!  I had surgery then a second job and haven't contributed in ages.  I'm going to make an effort to post 1-3 times a week there.

-Become a better writer

-Become a better artist

-Become a better story person

The end :)

What are your resolutions??  Post them below!

One last question for you guys:  I often don't post a lot of my storyboards here on DA, because they're each a separate image with text inbetween.  So they work with my blog, but not with the format here.  I've been considering putting them all into one long image so I can post them here & on tumblr (I have a tumblr but have never used it) but I'm wondering if people would actually look at them versus the blog.  What do you guys think?
Hey all.  I'm finally up and running after the operation, and I wanted to thank you all for your kind words and prayers and food-channeling.  (Especially the food-channeling.  You know how I love my food ^_^)

SO!  I'm not going to share pictures or anything (gross) BUT after cutting me open and doing some poking around, they discovered not one, but TWO tumors inside of me--and not only that, but the grapefruit-sized tumor was actually the size of...


Ya.  I totally made that.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

I'm not sure how, exactly, it fit inside me without me looking super pregnant...I guess it was all just squashed around my organs or something.  The second tumor was a lot smaller, about the size of a roasted marshmallow.  It looked like a roasted marshmallow too, but like I said, I'm not showing any pictures or anything, so you'll just have to imagine it in your heads.  You lucky, lucky things.

The first week out of surgery was a little rough, but I'm getting better every day and hopefully soon I'll be back to marathon running, rappelling, and my usual parkour across the tops of skyscrapers.  Thanks again for all your kind thoughts...y'all rock ^_^

The tumor is benign.  HOORAH!!!!!!

I'm pretty happy about that.  Thanks everyone, for your prayers and well-wishes.  It means a lot to me :)

So, they're removing it tomorrow!  I go in for a laparascopy in the morning, where they stick tubes in my stomach and suck the tumor out


like that.

I'm looking forward to it.

What I am NOT looking forward to is that I am STARVING right now!  Today I've only been allowed to eat broth and jello and clear liquids like apple juice.  WTHeck?  That's sick people food!  Starting at midnight I can't eat or drink *anything* am so hungry right now I'm about to eat my own arm.  They'll be sorry when I show up to the hospital without an arm.

This is my arm right now.  I took a picture, just in case.

I had to register this morning, which is why I'm wearing the hospital bracelets now.  I've tasted them.  They need salt.


Will you all do me a favor?  Like right now?  I want every one of you to go to your cupboard and pull out a cookie or a piece of bacon or something and I want you to put it on your tongue and savor the deliciousness and then I want you to chew it and swallow it and as it runs down your through I want you to channel that energy TO ME.

Thanks.  You guys are good friends :D

Yurr yurr.  Ok.  So this past week has been amazing, and wrenching too.  I have some good news and bad news.  The bad news:  Last week I was in a lot of pain, and ended up going to the ER.  i thought it might be appendicitis (right side of my abdomen and it KILLED) but, it wasn't. turned out to be a TUMOR.  There is a large one inside me, over 12 cm.  I hope this means if they take it out, I lose some weight :D

Anyway, they referred me to a doctor who had a blood test done, and the results came back higher than normal.  So it could be cancer, or possibly not.  Everything is all very inconclusive right now, it's really frustrating.  (Personally I don't think it is, since I am young and will live forever.)  But this week I go to a specialist who i hope will answer some of my questions.  In the meantime, I don't think it's anything to worry about.  Mostly I just hope it doesn't mess up my work schedule!  This is because--

Good news:  I'm working for Disney Interactive now!  Egads!

It's the Avalanche division here in SLC.  They made the games for Toy Story 3 & Cars 2.  I'm only doing part time there, but it's a blast!  The people I work with are so smart.  I live in fear they're going to find out I can't draw.  But I already feel like I'm home there and already after just a week I've noticed my art skills are improving.  it's great.  I am a lucky kid :)
Man alive, it's 3 am and I can't sleep.  DA, you get my insomnia goodness!

I haven't been real active here lately.  I've been trying to spend my time working on my story portfolio.  I've always had a hard time with my portfolio, because I'm NEVER happy with any of my work.

Question:  Will anyone be at the CTN expo this November?


If you're an artist, you may enjoy this link--"How to Be Creative"…

It's a bit old but there are some good things there.

Hoping to stay caught up this time around!  Thanks guys #^_^#
Hey dudes.  I've been a bit inactive here & on my blog due to deadlines and stuff, but thanks for still sticking through it with me!  Been a crazy few months.

On the animation library front:

Added these babies to my library--Elemental magic 1 & 2 (a good resource for how smoke and clouds work & how to render/draw them) Noir comics (hoping this one will help me with shadows in my boards), lettering of the 40s and 50s (Good if you're into typography...I was hoping for a bit more design in it, but it still is good)  &  The Art of Brave (YESSSS!).

Are any of you on Pinterest?  I was on twitter & facebook for a while, but they never quite fit me.  But I LOVE pinterest, I feel like it's such a good place to collect picture files & references online.  I think it's a great place for artists!  Are you on it?  

My pinterest:

I have this recurring dream...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 8:27 AM

...where I'm in a library, or fancy store, or college campus, and I discover they have an entire ROOMFUL of animation art books!    So many of all kinds--the art of every animation, how to do stop-motion, anatomy for kangaroos...I mean like EVERYTHING.  (There's usually a dessert bar there too, so you can eat goodies while you browse.  heh.)

I always wake up from these dreams super depressed, because I don't know of any place in existence that has a library like this.  Pixar, maybe?  Even my college, which is known for its animation program, only has a shelf of animation books in their massive library.  So I feel down and get all wistful and stuff.

And then, it occurred to me...Why couldn't *I* make this library?  I already have a bunch of animation books...why couldn't I collect more?  

SO, these past few months, I've been setting aside part of my budget to get animation/art books.  My collection is growing!  So far it's grown larger than the college's & every library I've been to.  (I secretly wonder if my collection is the largest in the state, but I know that's wishful thinking.)  But the point is--by the end of my lifetime, I hope to have the library that I'm always seeing in my dreams.

I wish DA would allow pictures on these journal posts, b/c I'd show you guys what the library looks like.  Until then, does anyone have any good book recommendations?  I have a lot of the recent art-of books, as well as the Disney Archive series and digital painting & tutorial books.  But do you guys have any art books you can't live without?  Let me know--I want to make this library good.


Journal Entry: Thu Feb 16, 2012, 8:01 AM

Hey guys!  As promised I've started a speedpaint blog, and anyone can join.

I started speedpainting a few years ago and have been surprised at how much it's helped me improve with color, rendering, perspective and layout.  It's exciting to me & I want to share it & learn from others.  It will help you improve FAST.

Here's the blog:

Want to join?  Send me a note, or email me:

Thanks all ^_^

New Years Goals

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 4:19 PM
I looked at my devious journal entry for last New Years and got sorta depressed.  Some of the goals I don't even REMEMBER making, let alone accomplishing  (like writing a comic book?  What comic book?  I'm sure I knew what it was then.)  Obviously I need to make monthly/weekly goals just to keep on top of things.

Some art stuff I improved on this year:

-Learned AfterEffects pretty well, thanks to new temp job ^_^  Before I was just a flounderer.
-I've gotten better with colors & composition I think
-Improved with the flat/chalky artwork style

Some art stuff I could have worked on better:
-Painterly style (I was doing so well for a few years there!)

I have a long way to go, obviously.  But yay for bright shiny new year ^_^  I have year goals (speedpaint 4-5 a week, practice drawing at least 5 sessions a week (which is different than job or blog-related drawing)), but also I'll be making monthly & weekly goals.  The main goal, though, is to get better.

What about you guys?

** an additional thought:
Would anyone be interested in being part of a speedpaint blog?  Basically you post the 30 minute speedpaint you did each day.  The main goal of the blog would be to improve (which speedpainting has really helped me do), so it would be open to anyone who wants to get better.

My gosh I love this winter themed journal

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 15, 2011, 4:07 PM
The snowflakes are so pretty.

I hope everyone is having a happy holidays so far!  I have a little Christmas tree that is FOR REALZ, pine needles and everything and it smells great.  It's already getting dried up and charlie-brownish so I guess it's good Christmas will be here soon.  It's a cute little thing though, it even has a crooked star at the top :)

I think I'm done with most of my Christmas shopping.  This also makes me happy.

I've been thinking a lot about the last post, and the things I need to do to be a better person.  There are a lot of things (of course...I have a long way to go) but one of the things I felt I needed to do was get rid of my facebook account.  I always am checking it and after 30 seconds, decide to browse the rest of the internet and *snap*, 45 minutes are gone like that.  Most of the people I admire aren't on facebook much, and though I realize that's a symptom of their awesomeness and not the reason, I gotta start somewhere.  So if you were a facebook friend of mine, I still love you, all of you, your cute little nose and rosy red lips :D  I just needed a break. <3

A good thought

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2011, 2:03 PM
Hey guys.  It's been a while, so thanks for still checking out my stuff ^_^  I don't deserve DA.

Not much has been going on here, just working as a storyboard artist & such, working through deadlines.  I feel pretty grateful to have lots of work right now, especially through the holiday season.  I'm learning a lot.

Because I don't have a lot to say, I'd like to share the words of my digital painting teacher, Sebastien Gallego, who is one of the nicest, most talented people I know.  I remember that after class he would stay behind and help me on my digital painting projects, even though it would make him late for work.  I want to be that kind of person.

His words, in a message to us on the last day of class:

"Well, here it is, it's the end of the semester already.  I wanted to tell you what a great time I had being around you guys.  It was an honor to be your teacher and I hope I helped you become better artists.  Thank you for being so patient with my english! :)

And remember:  "Be a good person first, and a good artist second"

Don't be like Normal Rockwell, who spent his life in his studio painting happy family scenes and never spent time with his own."

When I read that I think of all the people who have helped & mentored me both in artwork and my life, I am reminded of how kind and humble and selfless they are.  They make me want to be a better artist, but more important, a better person.  I have a long way to go.  I'm grateful they've given their time to me so I know how.

Delsarte tutorial

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 7:11 PM

Hey guys!  I made a 3-part tutorial that I think is very helpful for artists and designers.  It's a crash course on Francois Delsarte's Systems of Expression, which was quite popular from 1880s - 1920s.  Basically Delsarte believed that you could symbolically show emotions and character through visual means.  

For example, blonde hair doesn't contrast much from a blonde's face (which is the logic zone of the body) and so they feel depthless...which is why we think blondes are dumb.

We think big, poofy dresses are romantic because they poof over the vital/body zone, distancing us from the form, but are tight over the heart/emotional zone, and so we relate to it better emotionally.

...and other really interesting stuff.  (I wish I could post it on DA, but I'd have to move all the artwork to a single page and retyple everything, and geez, what a pain.  Whine whine whine.)  I might do that if I have the time.  In the meantime:

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…

And here is the blog if you want to read them in a row:

Oo la la!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 5:11 PM

I've finally returned from monstro vacation of Comic-Con and Disneyland, and what a marvelous surprise to discover that---

...a mysterious person has given me a premium account!

For like a YEAR!!!


Sweet pete, what a great thing to come home to!!  I...I don't know what to say...Other than...thank you :)  Dear Anonymous Deviant, I...I...I think I love you!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Now I MUST become very active on DeviantArt...starting with this awesome skin!

Can anyone tell me what the boxy-letter glitzy-light Moulin-Rouge-ish style is called?  I thought it was "Bohemian" but when I search it, it doesn't pull up quite what I'm looking for.  Any clues would be awesome...

Also, :icontoonbaboon: toonbaboon is on DA!  This super talented guy was my director before he went to storyboard for Disney, and if you like the stuff I draw, you'll REALLY like his stuff--he's amazing!  Go check him out. :)
Are you going?  Will you be there?  Do you WANT to go?  (That counts too.)  I won't be doing anything special (I applied for artist's alley and didn't get it) (poo!) which is just as well...BECAUSE I LOVE SHOPPING THE BOOTHS!!!

Last year I bought about $217 dollars worth of hats with ears.  I have NO REGRETS.


I'm already starting to have nightmares about it (mostly missing the train, getting lost in San Diego, y'know, normal nightmare stuff.)  I'M SO EXCITED O_O!!
Finally I'm catching up on DA.  I know...don't like faint from shock or anything.

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for those of you who entered the coloring contest!  I loved ALL the pictures!  They were beautiful.  I am lucky to know so many talented artists  ^_^ <3

I think that's pretty  much it.  Man, I AM SO BORING!!