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Labyrinth Tasty

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The movie "Labyrinth" is probably what being on drugs is like...and don't you try to deny it.

This scene is neat and so kind of weird. Apparently the girl got to keep the dress after they were done filming. Talk about LUCKY!
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U no who he reminds me of??
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I love this movie but it used to scar the shit out of me when I was younger
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ya kinda is actually. right up to the end where you only get away from all the crazy when you realize it has no power over you and you walk away. lol not that I would know *eyes dart around*.

Awesome drawing by the way, lol very fanciful and all that
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Hahaha, I like David Bownie's face :D
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i love how her hands are all dainty and his are so much bigger
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I love this movie.
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This film creeper me out a lot as a child...But brilliant art
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Heather that is sweet! I love it.
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eeeayaa!! my favorite movie!!! and i love this.
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ahah I can't stop staring at his face and his hands! this is lovely :)
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Oh my gosh!! Too cute! You're style is really neat!! :D
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im loling at his face sm omfg
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LOVE this movie.
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"Let's just be friends with sexual tension"
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Ah c'mon, I don't think drugs can be half as interesting as that movie. :)
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I love it!!!!!!!!
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This is amazing!!! I love the shape of her hair! It is a perfect mirror to the movie!!
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