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Heather Dixon
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My Bio
I like story and drawing and Mary Poppins ^_^

Favourite Movies
Mary Poppins, though I don't say no to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Court Jester, Emperor's New Groove, & Galaxy Quest.
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelPainter, AfterEffects
Other Interests
Digital painting
Hey all you crazy talented artists.  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!  I ate SO MUCH CAKE. First off:  I am SO SORRY I haven't updated this poor DA page in over a year!  I'm the worst. Second off:  I'm working at cleaning house internet-wise, and I'm sad to say that I will have to let DA be "that" know, the one that's in a basement that has spiders in it.  Not that you guys are spiders!  I'm not saying that!  I'm sure you have less legs than a spider!  I just need to be careful what I can keep up on. Deviant Art has been such a great place to make new friends, discover your beautiful artwork, and meet you all.  I fee
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Happy New Year, yeh ol' yahoos!  I hope your holiday was a good one ^_^ {I stayed up until midnight!} {Almost.} {Eeeeh who needs midnight anyway?} I've been thinking about my New Years goals these past couple of weeks, and art, and design-life things.  One of the design principles I learned in school is that Big, Medium, and Small put together make appealing design.  I've noticed that's true for balance in life, too--I have to have my day job (big) and freelance (medium) and then stuff I do just for myself (small). So, think about the art goals you're making for this year, and group them into those three categories!  Then, post them belo
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And front!  I'm both here!  lolol. Hey guys.  I'm so so soooo sorry I've been MIA for over a year and half!  I think getting a job at Disney interactive ate me up!  However, I have the best intentions to keep up on this site.  In fact, I got a premium account here for a year!  So now I HAVE to keep up on it.  (Because I hate wasting money! lol) Here's what's happened to me these past few months: -I got on full-time at Disney Interactive, where I've been working as a story artist on Infinity 1 and Infinity 2 (which just came out last week!) -I got engaged to be married! -A month before the wedding, he broke up with me! -I got thrown into
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do you like Disney newest novels. I'm currently reading HAPPILY EVER ISLAND where contest winners are first gets of Disney new interactive role playing resort where guest get to become favorite movie characters.

i also enjoyed Rapunzel Lost Lagoon

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen

Mouse Watch


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