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Welcome to BetterBases!
Before joining, please keep in mind that we ask all members to be polite, respectful, helpful, and honest. We also ask that you visit our :bulletpink:Rules & Regulations blog before asking any questions on the front page, and follow the rules given.


Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Base V2.0 by Lirael030

Mature Content

Eva Base by Jishin
Laona base by dontfoolyourself
Koyangii [base] by Chama
'Realistic' Bases

Mature Content

Bucky by Ahborson
Embrace by KAR10SA
Vicky by KAR10SA
Waltzing by JuliePM
'Chibi' bases
Creeper Base by KAR10SA
Chobbs, a Base by KAR10SA
Olivia Base by Rythea
Chimp base by KAR10SA
Original style bases
Angel Base by SqueekyTheBalletRat
Parasol, a Base by KAR10SA
Hero Base by Kahoola
Ladyboy. by SamuelHilton
superfantasticsexyfuntime dolls
Wardrobe by KAR10SA
Witch collab by KAR10SA

Mature Content

Michaboobs. by FallingThroughGlass
Batgirl by KAR10SA
simple shading or needs work
Signature Base by Rythea
minnismall by KAR10SA

Mature Content

Maguffen edit by grangerpixel
new: bloody cuts by TheThirdAct
make it floofy. .::a hair tutorial::. by valokilljoy
Fancy Picture Frames by Blue-Hawk-Dreaming
feb.2011 contest
Asterbell by Secrets-Of-Paranoia
A Contest Entry For BetterBase by ScorpionPixels
Contest thing by QueenofBees
Blue meets Violet by Bulldoggenliebchen
faded Rainbow by Bulldoggenliebchen
color palette hellbraun by Ka-Kind
color palette soft violette by Ka-Kind
Critique Me
Booty Base by SqueekyTheBalletRat
Chillin' by chapstiquefreak

Mature Content

Bong Rip base by Kali-Sedai
mermaid base 1 by Kali-Sedai
Portrait Base by swimmingfish
Girl 03 - pix vers by Lyra-bases
pixel props
pixel patterns - set A by base-o-holic
Anime or Manga style
Female Base by ZellaRoss


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Sailor Squad pt 1 by leviathen Sailor Squad pt 1 :iconleviathen:leviathen 192 17 Pinup Base 1 by Appledore
Mature content
Pinup Base 1 :iconappledore:Appledore 32 3
Pinup base 2 by Appledore
Mature content
Pinup base 2 :iconappledore:Appledore 30 5
Sailor Momo Base by leviathen Sailor Momo Base :iconleviathen:leviathen 673 104 Feature Presentation Base by ever-wishing Feature Presentation Base :iconever-wishing:ever-wishing 168 33 Bases - Pairs by Gurinn Bases - Pairs :icongurinn:Gurinn 466 51 Posa Base -light by TheHWord Posa Base -light :iconthehword:TheHWord 228 21 Nectar Base by TheHWord Nectar Base :iconthehword:TheHWord 774 97 Ilar Base 2 by Galadnilien Ilar Base 2 :icongaladnilien:Galadnilien 90 5 Niala Portrait Base by Galadnilien Niala Portrait Base :icongaladnilien:Galadnilien 79 2 Maike+Aisling Portrait Base by Galadnilien Maike+Aisling Portrait Base :icongaladnilien:Galadnilien 66 2 Jack Portrait Base by Galadnilien
Mature content
Jack Portrait Base :icongaladnilien:Galadnilien 103 3
Cupcake Bases by dilli-dalli Cupcake Bases :icondilli-dalli:dilli-dalli 93 8 Miscellaneous Bases 2 by dilli-dalli Miscellaneous Bases 2 :icondilli-dalli:dilli-dalli 390 14 Miscellaneous Bases 3 by dilli-dalli Miscellaneous Bases 3 :icondilli-dalli:dilli-dalli 269 9

Group Info

We are a group focused on providing better quality bases to the dollers of DeviantART. Pixel bases only. We also have categories for those who wish to improve-- don't be intimidated by the name! Learn and love the ways of the basemaker.
Founded 8 Years ago
Aug 1, 2010


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Resources & Tutorials

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Digital Media

327 Members
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I've been thinking about the folders. Should I change them? I mean, instead of sorting them by style, should I resort them into categories like male, female, unisex? or should it be by full body, portrait? I wish there were subfolders. xD;;

tell me what you want. If you like the folder system the way it is (which I don't. >>) or do you want something different? I'm open to any and all suggestions<3

I'd like to remind everyone that there are guidelines for what is and is not allowed in BetterBases, and if you ever have any questions about if your submission should be in the group, why your submission was declined, or any other questions, you can feel free to note the group, or me, valokilljoy.

We do try and keep quality control in this group. This isn't meant as an insult to new basemakers or anything. It is what it is: quality control.


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LadySesshy Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know what a Pixel base is so I don't know if my base fits here or not.
tsukhood Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Student Digital Artist
is this group still accepting members?
Geilheit Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I please join?
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
so this is a silly question(but also why i have never strove to join this group) why is it you allow 'references' from stolen sources but not races from stolen sources? wouldn't it be easier to just not allow works made through theft? i would like to join but you guys have things that are from copyrighted material like the victorias secret bases and the winx base
FallingThroughGlass Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I am not the one who makes the rules in the group, but personally I think there is a big difference in using a reference and being inspired by a pose or by a model. (most images you find on the web are not protected under a copyright anyway, **they are reposted so much the website hosting the image and sharing it publicly is more of a problem** so there is not much legal standing). Tracing an image and calling it yours is literally stealing. If you choose to give credit, that is fine and not stealing, but still tracing. This is my personal opinion, not the group's opinion, seeing as how we all get on at different times and look at different parts of the group (I just happened to see this comment in my feed). I think tracing has a lack of effort and originality.

Let us say someone took an image of a VS model posing with another VS model and they traced it. They have copied it 100%. It lines up perfectly and it is almost an exact copy. When someone references that same pose, they have almost always changed it (not intentionally, it just happens at the hands of artists) at least 40-50%. So when you lay that base over the reference, the proportions might be off. . . or they could've changed the expression and hand placement. People who reference usually take the picture of the models/figures and break it down into simple shapes (or however they start their figure drawings) and redraw it, then they fill it in with their own styles. 

Almost every image is based off of something. Everything is referenced from something and there is a fine line between copying/stealing and being inspired and trying to recreate it with your own style.

Remember, the only way you know how to draw a hand is by looking at one. ;] 
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
there are two very big flaws with your argument that i would like to adress

1. just because you are not willing to look for copyright does not mean there is not a copyright. virtually all works, if you actually look, will have somewhere a disclaimer giving the details of the copyright and the creator's intention, where it does not there is an option to ask the creator. saying that something does not have a copyright just because you were too lazy to look is not only NOT an excuse it also means that you are stealing. you did not get permission that means you are stealing. it does not matter how you personally feel it /is/ stealing. that is irrifutable. it is a law in nearly every country on earth and my dear you can go look it the hell up it is called the berne convention and the universal copyright convention. if your country is on there it applies to you;…

second. a disclaimer is NOT consent and NOT permission. it is a violation of the terms of service of this site and virtually all other registered sites on the internet including those that only host 3rdparty content. it is called reading the terms of service and the rules, heck even da has a little faq on it;


if i take this image;

and i copy or trace it(does not matter which) and i do not ask for YOUR permission, even if i say it was originally by you i am not stealing, right? by your own admission everything in your gallery can be used by me without me asking as long as i give you credit somewhere. you can see where i am going with this correct?

stealing is stealing is stealing darling, it does not matter /why/ you stole, it does not matter /how/ you stole, it does not even matter if you /feel/ you are not stealing it, if you take something that does not belong to you without permission from the person it does belong to then you've stolen it and if they outright say you are not allowed to use it then no amount of crediting will make it un-stolen

remember, drawing your own hand is fine, drawing a hand you randomly found on google without checking to see if you are allowed is not.
FallingThroughGlass Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

:] Then don't use them.  

KohakuJSMA Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I do these too, but with my OC, with like a swimsuit, and call it "edits".

Like the ones you do, I call them "frames".
That's just me. :shrug:
mercykillings Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Wow! I just found this group and it makes me so happy! I left dolling for a few years (back when traced anime bases were getting big) and I am devastated to see that dA is full of those now...
Spudfuzz Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm happy I found this group too. I like to make anime bases, but out of my own work and I don't like them to be associated with any traced/ plagiarised bases from official artwork or screen caps. Seems there's too many groups that allow it or refuse to understand copyright law. 
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