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Fifth Gear

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Driving like this may look unsafe, but don't worry, if she gets in an accident she's prepared with her own personal airbag!

Itsuki Nakano from Quintessential Quintuplets for Chapter 4 of Undertaker33's Five Buns Full fic, which can be read if you follow these links:

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Gorgeous, love the pieces with big girls in cars. Love how a bit of her belly is poking out. Nicely done. Regarding the title, however, with her bulk I'm not sure the car could go fast enough to warrant said 'fifth gear'.

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That‘s the order that makes everybody fat right?

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Its the order that kills all the jedi

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Jedi? Aren’t those the three guys that visited Jesus when he was born?

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No. I’d say I identify with The Riddler more than The Joker.

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Yeah i think i should keep memes out on weird shit in deviantart

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Isn’t a meme that thing where you add a bunch of numbers together and then divide it by how many numbers you added together?

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Absolutely love it. Belly against the wheel, seatbelt pulled to its end, thigh engulfing the center console. :love:

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Hope the car's certified for that weight-limit. ^^;

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She is like a salami lid, won't fit
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I love when girls are so fat they can't fit into the car :XD:

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When I used to work mcdonalds drive thru a lady would come by every once in a while so big her fingertips barely touched the steering wheel because she had to sit so far back. Not sure how she was even able to drive but I always like seeing her come through.

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Man, you were so lucky to get to see such a beautiful, obese lady.

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Excuse me what the fuck

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Why are you replying to me of all people XD

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beatiful really nice

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Something to surpass metal gear.

Trying to change the gear into park.

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Ho does she even reach the gear lever?

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Tonight on Bottom Gear an Obese lady crashes the fockin car m8s
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Bottom Gear memes were the last thing we had before the group was banned. Thankfully we still have bloodyshedmanposting

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holy fuck thank you for commenting this

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