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Great stuff! Reminds me of both Giacometti and Modigliani a bit.
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Aprobado con sobresaliente!
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No se que me parece más cool, si la imagen o la descripción :clap::clap::clap:
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ahha I can't stop laughing with the owl!
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very good, i like
lemus79's avatar
MUY PADRE!!!!!!!!
JOEYDES's avatar
Amazing! I love the abstract forms that make up something so familiar. I'd hang this on my wall.
PaperIz's avatar
This is wonderful! I love it a whole bunch!
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Love this playful style Brett! Cool Take on some Watchman!
minifi's avatar
such an awesome piece! love it :)
lOvesiick-znd's avatar
:heart: !!!! magnífico!!! :D
sausage-of-joy's avatar
Oh man, comics! This style! GOOO! 
Skull-the-Kid's avatar
I'd prefer Nite Owl to be a little bit overweight but it's a glorious fanart to say the least!
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:D I loved the film =) and, naturally, this little piece since it reminds me of it - nicely done!
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Strategically placed Rorsasch. xP
betteo's avatar
The middle man, of course. Frail
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Aww, look at their tiny feet! ^^ excellent work!
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Awesome, I love when you do comics characters!
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