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By betteo
Going up, going down... ©Nexos
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© 2010 - 2021 betteo
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Me encanta tu trabajo
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The message is so obvious and the execution so very simple, maybe even economical. I like this.
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Agreed! "Economical" is such a great way to describe this piece. It gives another level of depth to its meaning.
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your art is very peaceful ,and relaxing it
ophelia-immortalitas's avatar
Brilliant. Love the colours and the composition, relly interesting :)
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crinine's avatar
the colours are purely amazing
zoowerkz's avatar
i like your style
silene-acaulis's avatar
Such simple design and yet such elaborate concept...or it's the other way round? :)
Love it!
ShapeShiftShuffle's avatar
Really fascinating ... like an architectural pH scale ... ^___^
betteo's avatar
A society thermometer... *__*
apocalyptica-lover's avatar
oye en seri que es muy buen trabajo me gustan mucho tus dibujos sigue asi
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This is awesome in more than two ways :dummy:
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beautiful. I love the digital-yet-watercolour feel and the soft lines. simple and elegant yet interestingly detailed.
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this is soooo nice.
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buen concepto, los colores y todo bien llevado.

realmente cuando veo la sima me da esa sensacion calidaaaa.

Es realmente viva la ilustracion.

Siempre quise hacer ilustraciones asi pero bueno ya no tengo tiempo para ese tipo de arte u.u
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sin palabras..Bellisimo
unshakentomato's avatar
To be realistic, I think the disparity between rich and poor could be even more exaggerated, but nice idea and execution. For some reason I really like the star.
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Indeed! Agree :)
I forgot to pay big attention to the luxury--- Decay is always more enjoyable for me.
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