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The beginning... here: [link]

The story continues.

(10) -Well, well... if it is my favorite niece! What a lovely surprise, my dear!

(11) -You're a bit... different, Aunt. What's all this about?
Narrator: Bernardina can't hide her deception.

(12) -Different? I'm not the one holding a gun, darling!
Narrator: Aunt was right about that. *cluck*

(13) -But no matter... It looks good on you! Here, I'll loan you Jacinto: he's my best cock.

(14) -Look! Your uncle is alive, honey!
Isn't it wonderful to have a magic cock?

(15) Narrator: That was just too much. Run, Bernadina, run!

(16) Narrator: She thought she knew the house like the back of her hand, but she was wrong.

(17) Narrator: Suddenly, a mysterious portrait catches her.
-Damn... I've never seen that one before!

(18) Narrator: Stupid, stupid Nina... You shouldn't have stopped.
It's much too late to stop the spell.

Many-many thanks to ~Thelios (10) and ~Grevola (11-18) for the nice translation.
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You're incredible!!!