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Some sample pages of comics i've done in the last months...

Strange fact: Comics are not really my thing. Doing commisioned work just gives me HARD TIME. The solo-shit works better for me... But I prefer illustration above all.

Anyway, I hope u like them ;)

1-2: Commisions (R.Tonatiuh/A.Ozanam)
3-4: Me
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Your range is incredible! And they're somehow loose and neat at the same time, this is great work!
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Nice nice niceee!
nice ! style of draw and color are uniques !
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Good work! Maybe it will be interesting for you. I develop online interactive stories and comics making tool. Beta test is coming soon. Subscribe on to become an early adopter.

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Love the variety of styles!
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so nice.. do you need a comics flatter?
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These are really cool,I really enjoy the top two!
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Nice! very well done!!
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Love the graphic execution on these!
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cant read spanish .-.
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Good style.
See ya
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love them, first one is great.
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nice love the styles
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This whole everything is ill.
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great uNF uNF uNF ...ect...
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I love all of them! ;A; the art is so amazing.

But I like the 4th one especially. It's so simply drawn, but it's really high-impact. Wonderful job!
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