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NEW CONTEST!!! The simple rules:
(los que no entiendan inglés, pregunten con confianza)

-Here's the canvas.Work ON TOP OF IT. You can use only BLACK and/or WHITE: Simple lines, solid areas, crosshatching, etc... (maybe some transparencies)

- If U can fit your crazy idea into the colors, better yet. That's the fun part. If you think about it, there are endless possibilities using just Black and White :omg:

-Of course, a separate layer is recommended for the process. "Multiply" and "Screen" also recomended.

-If you feel like it, you can rotate it (90, 180, 270 degrees) or even flip the canvas. No stretching, no cropping, no duplicating the canvas, no color editing.

-Abstract or figurative. No categories. Everything's allowed. Don't forget: just black and white art "above" the color deviation.

-Every entry will be favorited by me and put into this folder. [link] (Spoiler alert!) You can update your image anytime you want. :halfliquid:

-Place your link on this Deviation or in my journal.

:target: Deadline: October 21.
:target: Bronce, Silver and Gold Medal.
Free commision for Gold.
Free colors for Silver.
Free lineart for Bronze.
And a lifetime of fame. :giggle:

Be creative. :heart::horns:

Betteo Inc. Grand Jury:
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Oh, I just saw this now. Can I still do it? :D It seems fun.