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Colour flash by Miacat-Millie Colour flash :iconmiacat-millie:Miacat-Millie 3 3 Fighter fish Beauty by Miacat-Millie Fighter fish Beauty :iconmiacat-millie:Miacat-Millie 3 0 Betta Fish by AmaranthineRain Betta Fish :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 21 13 Betta Merman by Namingway Betta Merman :iconnamingway:Namingway 208 22 Maroonyblue Betta by Froggiebuu Maroonyblue Betta :iconfroggiebuu:Froggiebuu 3 2 My Beta Blu by MONSTERENERGYLIZ My Beta Blu :iconmonsterenergyliz:MONSTERENERGYLIZ 18 11 betta pisces yin-yang by luvmegabyte betta pisces yin-yang :iconluvmegabyte:luvmegabyte 1,209 87 Curious Betta by wickedlygreen Curious Betta :iconwickedlygreen:wickedlygreen 298 44 Betta Boy 6 - Unnamed by Sandy02 Betta Boy 6 - Unnamed :iconsandy02:Sandy02 60 38 Betta Fish by metatetron-Stock Betta Fish :iconmetatetron-stock:metatetron-Stock 14 10 leslie's betta by studpup leslie's betta :iconstudpup:studpup 82 68 Orion Betta by danee313 Orion Betta :icondanee313:danee313 60 28 Crown Tail Betta Fish by The-Lioness Crown Tail Betta Fish :iconthe-lioness:The-Lioness 86 35 Eric the Betta by LarissaAllen Eric the Betta :iconlarissaallen:LarissaAllen 41 7

Gallery Folders

Betta variation 01 by Playboy1204
Betta variant 2 by Playboy1204
Betta variation 3 by Playboy1204
Emperor Kong by runninghorsespirit
Beta Fish in Glass Globe necklace by NoxidAssylem
Beta Fish in Glass Globe necklace 2 by NoxidAssylem
My pet Horton in Spore by Dweevilcake
Gentle Squeeze by MichelLalonde
Round tail
shiney scales by eminemelf
Fogo by eminemelf
Titan- Male Round Tail Dragon Scale Betta by equus1016
Shy Fish by dogatemymanuscript
Veil tail
Holga Filter iPhoneography CCCVII by LDFranklin
Walter Fishop by LDFranklin
iPhoneography DCCCLXIV by LDFranklin
iPhoneography DCVI by LDFranklin
Double tail
Hear me ROAR by pixelboundstudios
Apollo by GermanVolleyball
Newbie by dogatemymanuscript
Strike of Blue by clarinetplayer
Delta tail
Panda #9 by eminemelf
Jasper by Larafan2
Cupid #1 by eminemelf
Baby betta #5 by eminemelf
Half moon
Reflection by ChocolateShiba
Exploration by ChocolateShiba
Vibrant by ChocolateShiba
Crown tail
Betta Among Flowers Illustration by sansvertigo
Unagi 1 by dogatemymanuscript
Backlit Betta by dogatemymanuscript
Karackin by runninghorsespirit
Comb tail
Ryujin's new home 1 by jokersdraw
Ryujin's new home 3 by jokersdraw
Under water by jokersdraw
Black Butterfly Combtail Betta by pixelboundstudios
Wild bettas
Betta Imbellis by Phoenix-Cry
Mer bettas
the journey by faeriefaeria
Female bettas
Betta Fish II by LDFranklin
Aquarium - Sea Shrine by dogatemymanuscript
Betta Art
Temptation by EverIris
Betta Fish IV by LDFranklin
Dragon Scale
Galaxy by eminemelf

Fish owners!

If you want your fish listed here please send us a message!
:bulletblack::iconpedrothepie: owns a male veil tail named Ambassador Seaweed…
:bulletblack::iconorigamioverflow: owns 3 male veil tails Fortunado… Straasha… and Arioch…
:bulletblack::iconretazce-blade:owns 2 male bettas: and Zuko and one female betta named hiyori (pic needed)
:bulletblack::iconfantasyreaper:owns two male bettas named Kubota (pic needed)and Shinji (pic needed)
:bulletblack::iconmidori-no-bara-hai:owns one male betta named Mikuo
:bulletblack::iconsorrowgrave: owns two male bettas named Dory (pic needed) and Queen (pic needed)
:bulletblack::icondarkredtigr:owns three male betta named Grell, Sebastian
and chaos
:bulletblack::iconroadrunner01: owns one male betta named Diablo
:bulletblack: :icondogatemymanuscript: owns alot of bettas dogatemymanuscript.deviantart.…


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Group Info

A group for the purpose of loving and for the better treatment of all breeds of betta fish.
Feel free to join!
Founded 13 Years ago
Jan 8, 2011


Group Focus
Support & Cause

177 Members
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16,117 Pageviews
I am sorry if the last journal disturbed some.

Maybe this group isn't quite the place for a journal
such as the previous, but I had thought for the sake
of the animals being abused, I would share the story.
The abuse won't stop unless more and more people
demand the truth about what really goes on in these
films with animals partaking or filmed where animals live.
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mythrilflare Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you accept artwork submissions of creatures based off bettas?
bf5kid Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
Can anyone please help me with this?…

It'll be a big help to me
CommonCthulhu Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Way back on one of my old accounts several years ago I made this group. I just wanted to stop in and say how happy I am to see that this group is still up and running and How big it has grown! Thank you :D
horner735 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Question for the group (who ever wants to answer). I have had a betta with birth defects named Finley for a few years now… . His bottom jaw has always been crooked, but it has now gotten to a point where he can no longer open his mouth enough to eat. He strikes at the food but his mouth barely opens wide enough so he can't get it in. I've been crushing his pellets to make it easier but now even that is getting too difficult for him. do you think i should put him down? he's not exactly starving yet but it takes close to a half hour every day to make sure he eats enough.
Le-PineMarten Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Student Filmographer
can someone please help me! 
i think my Betta has Dropsy…

but he's not exactly bloated so hypothetically would i still use Epsom salt? 
what do i do or use?? Crying i've already lost one this week, i can't loose another
Dweevilcake Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I have a question... was my old pet Horton a plakat or round tail?
Libberachi Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013   Digital Artist
I know I shouldn't have gotten mad at him/her/whatever like that, but can we please ban *Storm137 from the group or SOMEthing? They apparently don't know how to behave themselves. -.-…
Ebony-Winged-Oni Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013   General Artist
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. 

This member has tried my patience time and time again,
and his/her final comment was the last straw.
Libberachi Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013   Digital Artist
LOL. Why does that not surprise me? Again, I apologize for that one comment I made. I really do wish DA had an "edit comment" option sometimes... >.>;; Thank you for your time, though! It's kind of sad that it had to come to that. Sometimes, though, you just gotta do what you gotta do. :/
Yumi-Kitten Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
You need a folder for Dragon scale betta's :3 
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