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WBS Weekly Races (Maiden)
Horse: MHS Of Mice and Men



Mid-day on Pangea Isles, everything was covered in snow. What a day to start a fresh colt in his maiden race. Though Alexia wouldn’t have rathered this special colt start anywhere else, than the racetrack of her sister stable, White Blood Stables. Of Mice and Men, a gorgeous black splash sabino stallion was beginning his career on this day, it was practically a white out. The weather was predicted to be a snow storm later that day, but that hadn’t known that until earlier that morning. Alexia made this trip with her horse, Mika and Charlie, the jockey and groom. Mika was to start working with Shep, though Alexia would most likely assign him a new jockey down the road.

With the heavy snow fall on it's way, the team of three began preparing Shep for his race. He’d seen snow many times, but this was a bit more than he was used to. This would be the true test to see if he had what it took to be apart of the MHS Racing String for this year. He surely had some large hooves to fill. Shep’s color is what got Alexia from his birth, reminding her of an old draft of hers, very close to her heart.

“He’ll be a winner.” Alexia spoke gently, gently stroking the stallion’s muzzle. His soft eyes and gentle disposition just melted her heart.

“We’ll see. He still has yet to hit the track for an actual race Miss Rose.” Charlie chuckled, though he knew what she meant. The groom saddled up the black and white stallion, cinching up his girth.

“Ya ready boy?” Mika asked as she walked around the corner, dressed in her silks. “Ya know.. These aren’t very warm, so lets burst through the snow on that track and get back in where it's warm.” She laughed gently, patting the horses shoulder.

Shep simply snorted and tossed his head a bit, reaching around behind him and rooting Mika in the side; which caused her to laugh, “Hey! That tickles!” She giggled.

Alexia simply smiled and shook her head, watching her little team interact. Soon enough, they were loading him up in the starting gate.

“G-god it’s cold!” Mika mumbled as they loaded up, Shep was a bit antsy but they managed to keep him fairly calm.

The stallion danced around a little bit, waiting for his chance to bolt out of the gates. As soon as the gates opened, he was off like a shot, kicking snow behind him. Right about the time he got out of the starting gate, the snow started to come down heavier and heavier. This was going to be one interesting race. Alexia watched, quiet curiously along with Charlie the groom and a few other people. Alexia was timing him, she wanted to know how well he could do under these circumstances.

A few times, she and Charlie held their breath, the snow falling even harder. Soon it was almost impossible to see him at the other end of the track through all of this snow. About the time he rounded the corner, the snow lightened up a bit. Snow had gathered on his face and Mika looked stone hard, though Alexia couldn’t tell if she was just cold or extremely focused, but the reality was probably a combination of both things.

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