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I'm ready for Faeriecon this weekend! If you're in Baltimore, come and visit our booth!
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Hey ye all!

I've updated the Sketchee Doodle stuff on my website!
If you want to check it out, click here:
If you would rather go to my Blogspot site, go here:

Have a great time while you are there and comment on something will ya!
My posts look lonely with no comments!

Om Shanti
~Pat Ann~
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Introducing, Fresh off the presses the one, the only........


It's so new that the website address is at this moment:

But in a couple of weeks it will be!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy & Om Shanti

~Pat Ann~
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  • Reading: Scott McCloud's How to create graphic novels.
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Larry and I have just opened an Etsy shop named Whisper Willow!  At the moment it's just my work up but Larry will be adding his work ASAP!!

Here's the Linky… !

Om Shanti
~Pat Ann~
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Jibber Jabber!

Fri Jul 27, 2007, 8:53 AM
A few years ago, I ask the Great Void to make me busy!

Boy, did it ever respond!!

for Two years now, I've had my plate full!

I just got over three deadlines in two weeks!  And they weren't for simple illustrations either!!  I'm very happy that I'm this busy and having art directors seek me out for stuff that I really enjoy doing!

But there's an emptiness where once was something fullfilling.

I MISS WORKING ON MY OWN STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I re-arranged my studio space and discovered the true number of unfinished shadowbird art and other stuff that I started when I had the time.  

Not to mention what I want to do on line with my work.  Selling prints and such.  Responding to comments by other Deviants.  Especially all the friends I have made here!

Anyway, I guess I'm the type that is never satisfied.

That comes from my mother.

Thanks Mom!

Om Shanti Everyone!

~Pat Ann~
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A bit late........

Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:39 AM
but better late than never!

A bit of promotion and merchandising of Sagawood's very own Centaurina: Sage.

She's already for this year's Valentine's Day.

~Pat Ann~

I know, Zazzle has these wonderful flash links that advertise the products one chooses. Well, when I pasted the link to this journal entry, all I got in the preview was an emoticon jumbled in amongst of letters, numbers and whatnot.
So until I understand where I went wrong, I will just do this!
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Well, the beginning of next week, I can finally be a good little Deviant and start responding  to the comments and questions that other good Deviants have left on my site.  I have had a good six month run of steady work for which I'm over joyed as any freelancer could be.  However it left me a little unbalanced with only client work and very little accoplished anywhere else.  
So, for the remaining half of the winter, I'm cutting down the amount of client work to be taken on in order to persue some overdue ideas as well as sprucing up my on line presence.

For starters, I'm thinking about adding to the DA Prints site as well as my CafePress site.  Not to mention my own website.

As always, comments and ideas are welcome.
This site is well worth an hour of your time!!!

3 years ago Jeremy Adolfson e-mailed me and asked for wee freebee.
Normally, I would say no but his collection was so impressive I felt touched for him to ask me.

I couldn't give him a deadline and therefore it took me 3 years to get to give him 'Cerulean Poppy'.

Jeremy has been so patient that when he asked if I could post his URL on my DeviantArt Journal I didn't want him to wait another 3 years for the plug.

So check it out!

~Pat Ann~

Look Honey! We're Being Watched!!

Mon May 8, 2006, 4:29 PM
I thought I would head over to my husband's site to sneak a peek at his work on line. I don't know why I did this. I could have just sat with his book or one of his portfolios to peek at the wonderful imagery of fairy tale and fancy.

But I didn't.  
So while I was there I took a peek at how many people decided to "deviantwatch" him.  585 people.

I went back to my site and again, checked the number of people who deviantwatched me.

585 people.

A canny coincidence?



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Daily Valentine Deviant

Tue Feb 14, 2006, 9:15 PM
Woah Nelly!!

What a wonderful Valentine Message I found on my monitor today! Thanks for the Daily Deviant and all the wonderful comments that Sage received. Makes me want to take her out of storage and hang her back on the wall (We had to put her away when we noticed that there was no more wall space for new art).

     The first half of my February was not filled with happiness.  My beloved cat 'Keesha' who shared my world for 16 years needed to be put down last week.  Up to 3 days before her passing, Keesha was as active as ever.  Even going out into the snow to convince the squirrels that she was a ferocious wild cat on the hunt (never worked, the squirrels knew an old house cat when they saw one)!  However, her age and her breeding caught up with her suddenly with her thyroid speeding out of control and her kidneys deciding then to shut down.  
     The only humain thing my Vet suggested was to put her down and she told me this over the phone.  
     I couldn't handle it.  I just broked down and cried.
     My mother ended up taking the phone from me to make the arrangements.
     So Larry and I drove to the animal hospital in the next town where Keesha was staying. My Vet let me hold her for one last, saddened time.  I kissed her, told her that I will always love her and cherish our time on the earth together, then because she was in so much pain, I gave her back to my Vet and a chapter in my life ended.

     Sixteen years ago, I wanted a dog and came home from the shelter with a Russian Blue Cat with an imagination that can rival any fantasy writer.
     And somewhere in the Kenyan Desert, a Carcal Kitten is born, thinking about hunting Squirrel.

So as you can see, the Daily Deviant means an awful lot to me. It really put a smile on my sad, Keesha missing heart.

Thank you
St. Valentine's Day, 2006.
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'Prints and Stuff' for Sale!

Tue Nov 1, 2005, 4:53 PM
I've been getting notes from fellow DAs wanting to know about prints and other stuff.

Well, Here's a list of places where you can get "prints and other stuff!"
(Yes. I thought I would just go ahead and plug my wears!!!!)

Image hosted by…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by…

I also have prints for sale through the Duirwaigh Gallery:…

There is also a DA Print account however I only have two images up there so far, so if you would like a print or a poster of something that you cannot find anywhere else, let me know and I will see what I can do about it!!

~Pat Ann~

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A Work in Progress

Fri Oct 7, 2005, 10:31 AM
~Thought I would try to show the progression of a work of art that's on my drafting board (well, one of many, anyway) . This is for a client that wanted to purchase 'Feather Dancer' and didn't know that it was already sold.......

      So I convinced them to commission me to do something similar.  

Well, this opportunity gave me the idea of trying a work in progress for my new blog page and for my Deviant Art site.  Another purpose to try a 'work in progress' is to learn about my new blog page ( which I will show you where it is once I figure out  that myself!)  and to improve my Deviant Art skills.  

     So.... Let's get to work.  
Question number one:  Can I post a j-peg on the Journals section here?.    Hmmm, seems to me that I need to read the help section here.  Should of done that first!!!!   Darn!

Oh well.  I post my first image to my 'work in progress'  in the Scraps for now until I can figure how to attach an image to my journal section...

Ciao Bellas and Bellos!
~Pat Ann~

P.S: Please feel free to answer this and give some advice!
     I've had a few people ask me about the Shadow Bird mythology.  I thought it would be appropriate to explain this in a journal entry.

     Shadow Birds are the messengers of Day Dreams, intuitive and mindless wanderings, and that little thought that either makes one smile from the heart or spontaneously giggle.  Everybody has one and they spend their time flying from Sagawood, the place where ideas and thoughts are created, to their human companions (They tend to perch within 'mindshot' of you).  
     They also change form.  Most of the time, a Shadow Bird is a little song bird.  However depending on the companion's mood, the Shadow Bird can change to a stronger, larger bird so it can help out during difficult times.  
     However, when it's time for the Shadow Bird's companion to pass away, this is when the Shadow Birds takes on it's largest form and dons an elaborate saddle or sedan chair and waits to see if it's spirit friend wants to go to Sagawood.  Sometimes the spirit says no, but if yes, then the spirit's feathered companion takes flight with the him or her and becomes apart of the world where ideas and thoughts are made.

     How do I know this?....a little bird told me!  ;)

     When I come up with Shadow Birds, I just listen to sounds around me whether it be the tunes playing on my CD player, the sounds of the wind breezing through the Bruce Trail (the forest that I live near) or the music piped from a coffee house sound system.  I let them flow to my pencil and every now and again I need a little reference.  Who dosen't!  (Unlike the Feather Dancer, the mother of all Shadow Birds, she dances them out!)

~Pat Ann~
I woke up yesterday morning and while I enjoyed my breakfast, I thought I'd check out my Deviant site!  Wow!  I was flabbergasted at the amount of visits I received and then discovered that 'Lillan' was on the Daily Deviant feature.  

     Sooooo, I just want to give a huge note of thanks to TwoSilverStars for giving me such a wonderful day.  

I noticed that people are interested in seeing more work and are very interested in the story behind the Shadow Birds of Sagawood.  Well first of all, I'll try very hard to get more work up there, but please be patient.  As all coloured pencil painters know, it takes a hell of a long time to finish a peice (This is why my commercial work is digital.).  However, I do have about a billion unfinished works of art to complete, and I need to have an image ready for "The Endicott Studio Auction" (check out the Duirwaigh Gallery about this.  Apparently, there's going to be some really good stuff there!!!) .  Also, I've got the odd nibble from some influential mice on the Sagawood concept so now I think I need to stop watching television at night and work in my studio (I won't be able to stop watching Grissom on CSI though!   :P  )
     As for the feathery friends that live in the crevasses of my imagination, I don't want to give out too much information, well because you know.  I'm still working on developing that world.  I've been tinkering with Shadow Birds since 95, while I was a storyboard artist at Nelvana and I've just recently felt that I have enough work mature enough to show bits of it around.
     One thing I should add before I begin my day, is that both Larry and I have a new website in the works and you will be able to see original artwork and other merchandise on it.  Right now we have a Cafepress site that's not getting very much attention from both of us (we're bad website folks).  However if you are interested in checking it out, here's the URL:…
There's nothing of Larry's in there so if you check out his Deviant Site under his username 'bridge-troll' and like his work, please give him a reason to add a mousepad or a mug with his work on them to the Cafepress Shop!

Well I have a ton of work to do now and should reply to some of the comments as well as geting back to my freelance career.  So later folks!!
I want to thank everyone who visited my Deviant Gallery since the end of December.  This is a fun internet site and I enjoy surfing other Deviant galleries.  

I'm glad I did this!!!!