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Evening Flight

Playing around with watercolour. This one turned out horribly and needed to be rescued digitally.

I haven't worked in watercolour in such a long time and I'm discovering that I'm am more than just rusty!!

How's the saying go: "If you don't use it, you'll loose it!

I'm going to keep trying though. I enjoy working in paint and I like the idea of having more than a couple of well developed skills under my hat.

Om Shanti
~Pat Ann~
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Zanizaila's avatar
Very pretty. :)
Love the light, and the colors, and the wings, and the...
Carles's avatar
Your feathered creatures are always amazing. And the general tone of the sky in this one gives the piece a very delicate softness. A great piece indeed.
AltairSky's avatar
I love all your gallery! Your artworks are so soft and dreamy!
FaerieShadows's avatar
i think this piece is beautiful!!! well done and lovely!
primulatook's avatar
a lovely little bit
mdandree's avatar
Excellent! I love to see the use of real paint instead of all digital once in a while! This is very well done! :)
sketcherjak's avatar
what a light piece! No pun intended... I love the bird's expression.
dancerflying's avatar
Great job! My children were standing next to me while I looked at the image and they both loved it.:heart:
Rita-Ria's avatar
Pat, I just love your style - and this is sooooo lovely!
AndyIomoon's avatar
Well saved then! I can't see where the digital work has been done at all. I concur with Ben, too. The fabulous angle of those legs gives this little scene so much drama!
aaronpocock's avatar
Regardless of how it came about... it turned out beautifully. Wonderful work.

ps, Not sure if you've ever seen my gallery, if you feel so inclined, feel free to stop by for a look.

Keep up the great work! Kind regards,
Catsarah's avatar
Would you like to take a water colour course with me at our favourite art centre? :)
puimun's avatar
Well I can't tell that you've lost anything!
ironhenry's avatar
Pretty great Pat! It's a real joy seeing how you expertly handled the bird's wings and legs. Those lovely sideways-balancing legs bring most of the life to this piece.
Sophia-Christina's avatar
Oh yes please use them there water colors again ;) though I have to say the digital rescue is lovely as well
Mimi1317's avatar
cool. the sky is perfect:)
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