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Black Orchid by DarkMoon17
Dance by DarkMoon17
Nick the Betta by Candyfloss-Unicorn
Exploration of the Soul (Nomy) by Aven001
Eyes of the Soul (Nomy) by Aven001
Nick the betta by Candyfloss-Unicorn
Sushi by LDFranklin
Ori by RenlyWilliam
Kai by BlueTigerDesigns
Guardian by ChocolateShiba
Vibrant by ChocolateShiba
Exploration by ChocolateShiba
Delta Tail
Rusty by RaidioactiveVampy
Moonstone by Little-Sionnach
Buttface  by Dogthatkills
The Silver One by OnyxBetta
Double tail
Phantom #2 FLASH ON by Tri-Linn
Apollo by GermanVolleyball
My new Boy by Treekami
Beauty Mark by Treekami
[Fish] Koi plakat by Splendenz
The Dave I speak of by RaidioactiveVampy
backwards marbling by ostfish
dark by ostfish
Little lady by RaidioactiveVampy
Amaterasu by RenlyWilliam
Marbles , Regina George, and Venus by Dogthatkills
Close by Rosalaine
betta art
Painting The Universe by angry-wolf-for-life
Twigs by TheLadyLiz
Dance by TheLadyLiz
Curious Betta by TheLadyLiz
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ComiQuarium Xmas 2016 by ComiQuarium
Betta Fish - Plush Pet by Oksana007
Fin-tasia by WyldeWyndWalker
Koi Fish - oil by Oksana007
members non-bettas fish
My Pet Fish by empresssixi
|flip| by Kadeba
Tanks by Splendenz
Betta Baby by Jullelin
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Siamese Fish *In Progress* by olenka168 Siamese Fish *In Progress* :iconolenka168:olenka168 38 8 Vladimir by BlackIcedTea Vladimir :iconblackicedtea:BlackIcedTea 10 4 Animated! Pixelfish Betta Breeds by thetauche Animated! Pixelfish Betta Breeds :iconthetauche:thetauche 246 155 CLOSED They Came From the Depths of the Amazon by thetauche CLOSED They Came From the Depths of the Amazon :iconthetauche:thetauche 64 97 Like A Shark(Curt) by BettaFreak123 Like A Shark(Curt) :iconbettafreak123:BettaFreak123 2 0 Betta fans only by AhmedWOLF Betta fans only :iconahmedwolf:AhmedWOLF 47 8 Betta Fish by metatetron-Stock Betta Fish :iconmetatetron-stock:metatetron-Stock 14 10 Curious Betta by wickedlygreen Curious Betta :iconwickedlygreen:wickedlygreen 295 44 leslie's betta by studpup leslie's betta :iconstudpup:studpup 80 68 betta2 by sandara betta2 :iconsandara:sandara 7,529 344 Crimson by pixelboundstudios Crimson :iconpixelboundstudios:pixelboundstudios 12 7 Emperor Angel Fish by youlittlemonkey Emperor Angel Fish :iconyoulittlemonkey:youlittlemonkey 26 38 tropical fish by karincharlotte tropical fish :iconkarincharlotte:karincharlotte 66 55 fancy fish by karincharlotte fancy fish :iconkarincharlotte:karincharlotte 166 54 Aquatic Mandala by karincharlotte Aquatic Mandala :iconkarincharlotte:karincharlotte 109 32 Fish farts by karincharlotte Fish farts :iconkarincharlotte:karincharlotte 735 156


As the title says Im looking for at least one moderator for the group to help with bringing some life into the group. By perhaps holding little challenges or 'shows' for the groups members.

Only requirements are that you have to be strict about our no featuring bettas in unsuitable tanks rule and will actually want to be a part of the group.

I feel its gotten way to stale here. Im not as into bettas as I used to be, I only have one at the moment compared to my 15+ a few years ago...

So if youre interested send me a note and let me know how you could help :D

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With this group I hope to attract all of the betta fish fans on Deviantart, whether is be betta splendens or other betta species. Here will be a place to meet other betta owners, ask advice, give advice, or just to hang out in general. This will also be an area to appreciate the betta artwork here on DA. We have a album that is dedicated for posting pictures of everyone's bettas.


Just click to be a member :D Everyone is welcome

Adding Images to our Gallery

Feel free to add as many images of your own artwork of bettas or even other fish, as well as your photos of your bettas and other fish you own. Also you are welcome to suggest any favorites to our favorite section!

Betta Forum

I would strongly suggest for the members to join this awesome betta fish blogg -> you meet great people and you can learn lots of great information and ask for advice :D

There is also -…
And for Australian members I strongly recommend -…


Aquabid is a site devoted to advertising various species of fish for sale from all over! Interested in show quality bettas? look no further! Here you can find some wonderful lines from many different breeders. It is also a great place to browse about looking at cool bettas :)



#1 Basic betta facts…

#2 Betta Diseases and Disease Prevention by :icondarkmoon17:

#3 Breeding your bettas by :icondarkmoon17:

#4 Does and Don't of Betta Care by :icondarkmoon17:

#5 Choosing Breeder bettas :icondarkmoon17:

#6 Betta Fin Types by :icondarkmoon17:








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ghelfaire Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
I'm not a member but I have a question if anyone can answer i'd really appreciate it. My betta (a female white veiltail) is sick. Her fins are closed, and every now and then she will dart around quickly and go back to hiding. She's also stopped eating so a quick answer would be great (i'm also going to the pet store to ask if they know).I change the water regularly and use a conditioner because i only have tap water to use :/ . I thought it was the temperature at first but it's fine and I changed some food to flakes to see if I can get anything into her but no luck. 
What could it be and what can I do? 
Blassue Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You pick the wrong page to get help, don't worry, i am with you.

The next time, try to find answers on Youtube
Good day friend!
ghelfaire Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2018
It's ok I found a fish forum full of people who are active and can answer specific questions. 
Blassue Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That's good to hear!, i hope that your betta it's okay!
(1 Reply)
NagiSpider Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017   General Artist
Thanks for the accept!!
bf5kid Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
Can anyone please help me with this?…

It'll be a big help to me
S4mSkhang Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Accept!
Liz-AAA Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi. I just bought an betta fish and I was looking around for an place that can show me and learn me more about Bettas. I would LOVE to talk to some one who can Betta fishes!

I am also interested to maybe by more, but that's more in the future when I know more about this fish.

I was wondering if this is the right group for me to join?
Hidden by Commenter
Hymnsie Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First up, I wouldnt get fish for them 'to chase', that just sounds stupid and like your asking for some fish to get attacked.. just get peaceful fish like corys and BN.
Ive never really had problems with my sororities. Sounds like youll have a big tank, which is good. Give them hiding spots and they should be fine. Theres always the possibility of getting a female whose overly aggressive, and maybe youd then have to consider that she should be removed. Chasing and nipping is fine in my books, but attacking relentlessly is not..
Im not sure what aquariums are like where you are, but here I very often see young shortfin males in with the females, so before buying up your sorority I recommend being able to confidently tell the difference between shortfin males and females, just so you dont accidentally get a few males who'll naturally cause quite a bit of trouble when they grow up.
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