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Hey guys! :fish:
Just an update to let you know of a few things. :)

First of all, and I hope it's alright with the founder of the group, I've made an additional gallery folder for 'betta tankmates' - fish other than bettas that we keep with our bettas.  I'll be adding a few photos to that gallery in a little while but we definitely want to see yours in there soon too!

Second of all, thank you to our new members for joining in!  I'm going to personally sponsor a member invitation drive soon with a full-color drawing of your betta or perhaps several hundred points as the prize.  I'll post more information about this soon.

Lastly, on a mostly unimportant note this is my new name on deviantArt.  I was previously known as Tinintri and I'll perhaps go back to it for a few things but primarily I'll be using this account from now on.

Have a great summer, stay cool and keep your bettas healthy!
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Gallery Folders

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Betta Art
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Red VT by Playboy1204
Pineapple VT by Playboy1204
Karackin by runninghorsespirit
Karackin XD by runninghorsespirit
Obis - crown tailed beta male by runninghorsespirit
Ryu - dragon scaled crown tailed beta male by runninghorsespirit
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Decim by Prussian-Bettas
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Cherry Pop 3 by Tri-Linn
Double Tail Betta Fish by MonocerosArts
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bane sitting pretty by timburton-pirate
10446659 641763942583309 6969707458039458659 N by timburton-pirate
bane by timburton-pirate
turning by timburton-pirate
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tank by timburton-pirate
bad fish by TreborNehoc
rosey's place by TreborNehoc
Betta Tankmates
Nom-Nom fishy by Taka-Hardt
Female Ghost Shrimp With Eggs by DoubleVision107
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Welcome to Betta Fanatics of :devart:!

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:bulletblack: All submissions should feature betta fish in some way or another, of course!

:bulletblack: All submissions must be family and work friendly.

:bulletblack: No images or talk of harming (or dead) fish or animals will be tolerated.

:bulletblack: No images meant to purposefully insult or otherwise rudely poke fun at any other members, people or questionable subjects will be tolerated.

:bulletblack: Photos of bettas must be of decent quality, not fuzzy, and must show them in a suitable home, not tiny cups! Check out our journals and links for betta care to make sure your home is suitable! Betta Fish aren't ornaments -- they're living, tropical creatures.

Just keep in mind that we're all here to enjoy ourselves and help others enjoy themselves. As long as you use common sense and treat each other with respect (liking each other is optional, respect is not!) we'll all be just fine.


We're reserving the featured gallery for betta of the month contests when we get rolling with more members. Please remember to submit the the appropriate folder when submitting pictures! :)


:fish: Awesome Sources of Betta Info. and Supplies :fish:
_________________________________________________ :pointr: Betta :pointr: Tropical Fish :pointr: Aquabid - The Fish eBay :pointr: Betta :pointr: Tinintri's Betta Fish Blog


:fish: Betta Fanatic of the Month :fish:

Once this group starts picking up new members, we'll hopefully be able to host contests for people to submit the images and have a vote on who gets to be featured here.










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Le-PineMarten Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Student
can someone please help me! 
i think my Betta has Dropsy…

but he's not exactly bloated so hypothetically would i still use Epsom salt? 
what do i do or use?? Crying i've already lost one this week, i can't loose another
Yumi-Kitten Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
You need a folder for Dragon scale betta's so I can submit my photo of my betta :3  
Ebony-Winged-Oni Featured By Owner May 2, 2013   General Artist
Please help two sick fish!
All info is here: [link]
arbutusbreedery Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would my group, featuring aquatic and semi-aquatic animals be able to affiliate?
Hannaji Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012  Student General Artist
I need advice regarding Betta diseases. Information: [link]
lil-KiWiZ Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
looking for a betta fish breeder. looking for purple and black, and white and teal and whites.
CutePetLover Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Hello, can anyone please tell me why my betta fish fins are a bit ripped a the ends? I put him in a new fish tank with two female bettas but dont know why he is like that?
EviemarLionheart Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Male and female bettas should not be housed together. He should have his own tank and if you plan on only having the two females, they should also be separated. His fins are most likely ripped because of nipping and fighting with the females.
CutePetLover Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
Yea I put them in there own little place:D His fins are healing up though:)
UnknownDrake Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
May I recommend another website for you to add to your list? I've always gone to this site for advice and it has everything for new betta owners, as well as plenty of other information...
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