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Betta Tank by TessaAnka
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Note to members!

Please, do NOT submit pictures of bettas in unsuitable tanks! They will be denied. This goes for jars, bowls and tanks under 2.5 gallons.
We are more than happy to answer any betta related questions. I have done much research on these wonderful fish and would be more than happy to help anyone. Before you ask a question, please look through our care pages as they will most likely answer your questions.

To answer questions regarding sick betta's, its important you state what size tank they are in, whether its filtered and wether its heated (its should be heated! They are tropical fish). It is also useful to tell us information regarding water tests, especially ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings.

If we have helped you and you want to thank us, please just mention us in your journal, we are trying to promote the group! ^^

We would also love to see more people submitting pictures of their fish and tanks!

For useful tips and information, please follow the links below to previous journal pages. (It took me AGES to type up all this information!) Hope this helps!

Information pages:

-Questions to ask yourself before buying a fish:…

-General betta information:…

-Betta care:…

-List of equipment needed for set up:…

-how to set up a tank (for begginers):…

-Buying your fish!:…

-Common diseaes and treatment:…

Here is the betta care page:

Caring for your betta

- 5 gallon (20 litres) tank really should be the minimum. People do keep them in smaller tanks but if you’re starting out, bigger is better for many reasons. In a 5 gallon tank, a nitrogen cycle can be established which helps keep the water conditioned resulting in fewer water changes.
-Make sure that it has a lid/hood, not only does this prevent the fish from jumping out but stops all the water from evaporating out. It also keeps the air layer warm so the betta is breathing air that is the same temperature as the water.
-Make sure you use a water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water such as API’s StressCoat. (Do this BEFORE adding the water into the tank).
-Place your tank in a quiet area that is away from sun. It’s not a good idea to have tanks in kitchens as cooking fumes and temperature fluctuations cause stress.

-Heating is an absolute must! The temperature should be kept between 24 - 28ْC (75-82ْF). Colder conditions will result in your betta being weakened and being more prone to diseases.
-A thermostatically controlled heater is best preferably with a guard to avoid risk of burns.
-As a guide to the wattage you need, it’s about 1watt per litre in a heated room and 2watts per litre in an unheated room. (For example, if you have a 5 gallon (20 litre) tank in an unheated room, you will need about 40 watts so you would probably by a 50 watt heater).

-Bettas should really have filtration if you are to keep the water quality good. Cleaner water also means that you do less water changes so reduce the stress level.
-Choose a slow flow filter such as a sponge filter or gentle power filter or under gravel filter. Air powered box filters and hang over filters can also be used.
-Using activated carbon will remove heavy metals and help destroy some diseases.
-Using zeolite removes ammonia.
-Keep a low nitrate level. (If you have a very high nitrate level in your tap water like I do, you can use products such as ‘Nitrasafe’ which absorb nitates and are recharged in a salt solution.

-Use a specially formulated floating pellet diet such as Hikari betta bio-gold.
-Supplement with live food if you can (e.g., mosquito larvae or brine shrimp).  You can also use frozen foods such as bloodworm. Make sure you remove any uneaten food as it will quickly pollute the tank. (You can do this by using a turkey baster to suck up the food).

-Make sure that there are places for your betta to hide! They need a bit of privacy and a retreat.
- Make sure none of your decor is sharp as this can tear its fins. To test an object, use some old tights and sweep them across it, if it catches or tears, don’t buy it!
-Using real plants is a good option; they help keep the water quality good and if left to grow right to the top of your tank, they provide your betta with a great resting spot. Plastic plants have to be chosen carefully as some may tear fins.  Make sure you have a light in your tank if your growing plants.
-Use a fine gravel or substrate if you have plants so they can easily put down their roots.
-I find that if you attach a small plastic plant pot (that has been thoroughly sterilised using salt and boiling water) to the inside of the tank so that it is half filled with water, it makes a fantastic hiding hole and ‘bed’ for your betta. Mine is attached using string from the top and has a small plant growing inside it, my betta loves it!

Lets abolish keeping bettas in jars!

                            ----------------------Infomation, advice, art----------------------
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MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey, I have a betta question.

I have a male double tail betta named Angel (here:…). A few weeks ago he suddenly got incredibly aggressive towards my red platy in the community aquarium, so I moved Angel to his own tank. He started having some trouble swimming but I figured it was because the filter was a little too strong for the smaller tank. It was what I had at the time and it was better than nothing.

Anyhow, I had to go out of town for a week and my family fed my fish while I was gone. Unfortunately, my red platy died while I was gone of a mysterious illness that I didn't observe because I wasn't there. Since the other fish had shown no symptoms of illness, I put Angel back in the community aquarium because he was happier there. He get along fine with all the other fish (he just hated the red platy, so racist lol).

However, I noticed a few days ago that he was still having trouble swimming even though the water flow wasn't strong as in the small tank. He would wobble from side to side and had difficulty swimming down. His swim bladder was also swollen. He was still eating, though.

I moved him into a hospital tank with no filter/water flow, no gravel (to monitor his poo,) and a place for him to rest near the surface. I've been treating him with Melafix and I'm treating him for constipation (not feeding him for a few days and then going to give him a pea.)

Do you think this is the right thing to do? Do you have any suggestions?
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Now he's not eating. I gave him a pea but he didn't eat it, so I gave him betta food and he's not eating that either. :(

I hope he makes it... I just wish he could tell me what's wrong. There's nothing visibly wrong except a swollen swim bladder.
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Wait, he just ate a piece of food just now! Yay!:)
OnyxBetta Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, I'm not able to submit any pictures or anything. Little help please? c:
Kinda confused. cx
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I can't, either. It's kind of weird.
D-structive Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Uhh..Maybe you guys can help me?

I have a male betta. A crowntail.

When I bought him, few month ago, he was normal, healty and young.
He was used to swim around for the tank (a 14 gallons with real plants, heater at 26/27°C, filter  -matured for a month and setted for have soft water flow- and all.. ).

Now are two weeks who he's always hidden between the filter and the glass.
Or he's always close to the filter, anyway.
He's always there. He comes out only for eat -he still eats with appetite- then he returns to his place.

I'm scared he could have something like dropsy. Just I'm not sure about it actually.
The food it's a good brand (Btw I feed him two times a day. Just a little pinch every time. I have an apposite food for bettas in grains, red mosquitoes larvae -just bought them and he seem hate them- and even dry artemia shrimps.) and the water it's clean.
I'm not sure he could actually have dropsy. I mean..He hasn't any sign or else on his body, fins or eyes, so the only thing that pops out into my mind it's indeed the dropsy.
Just he suddently started to being apathetic.
I'm checking his belly for see if there's some swollen part or else and I can't understand if it's me who is paranoic or if he actually has something.
Still from what I know, if a betta stays still and hidden all the time, it's a symptom of sickness.
Maybe can you help me to understand if he's actually sick?
Here there's some photo of the tank and of the fish in question. (I added the values of the water that I know, cuz I thought it could be useful.)
What do you say?
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
If he's eating, doesn't have trouble swimming, he's not deformed or growing anything like a fungus or an infection, he's probably fine. Bettas often find a favorite place to hang out, often behind something or near something that will hold them close to the  surface. They're lazy, haha!

Just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't change color, grow anything unusual, stop eating, or start having trouble swimming.
lupinemoonfeather Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hi! Sorry for the late reply (Im in my final year of uni). Unfortunately it wont let me see the photo but from the sounds of it your tank is perfect! So nice to see that! Betta fish do like to rest near the top of the water, I dont think he is sick if there are no visible symptoms and the water is fine. 
How fast is the flow of water in the tank? Bettas like very slow flow so he might just be hiding in an area where he isnt in a current. I had this exact problem you are describing with mine! I had quite a fast flow so what I did was hang a very tiny plant pot in the top of the tank away from the flow, it was half in half out of the water so he could swim into it and relax as well as having access to the surface. Additionally I added some surface floating plants he could swim into. That seemed to cure it all, he loved his little pot! Bettas long fins make swimming  huge effort and if there is flow, they will usually go to area where it is slowest or even allow themselves to get stuck onto he filter intake.

Let me know how it all goes anyway x
D-structive Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
No problem. First things first.

Unfortunately, it was absolutely dropsy. I found him dead few day after I left this message here.
His belly was swollen and his scales were all lifted. He seemed like a pinecone.
So yeah. It was dropsy at the end.
(I discovered who the big part of the fishes who they sell in the shop where I had bought him, it's usually sick or highly stressed. So, useless to say who I will never buy a fish into there anymore.)

Anyway, after some day I bought another betta. From another shop, of course.
He's a red and light blue half moon. (I guess. Or halfmoon or delta. I'm not sure about it..)
I bought two females as well and they're happy and all.
They're calm too. No fights or else. They all have their places where to go to hide, in case..

About the water flow. It's always at the minimum, of course.
I have a filter who allows to me to chose if direct the flow in the surface, in the middle section or at the bottom of the tank. (It's a K2 Askoll filter. I don't know if you know this brand. It's an italian brand.)
I keep an half way between surface and middle section. In this way I have a really slow flow and still enough power for clean the water.
And I placed a piece of polystyrene on the surface. A place far enough from the flow and between the leaves of a huge plant.
Useful for both the bubble nest and as hiding spot. 
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm sorry to hear that. I just saw this message. :(

Yes, a swollen belly and lifted scales are definitely dropsy.
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